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The Letter That Made Me Cry

by Leonie Dawson on March 31, 2012

Gorgeous ones!!!!

Have you made your mind up yet?

Decided to say YES or NO?

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I wanted to share with you some beautiful words… this amazing letter I just received from a woman I’ve never met – but who has done the Creative Goddess e-course… who hadn’t made art in YEARS… but has now gone onto become a successful, prolific artist.

(And oddly enough – it turns out we both gave birth in exactly the same room! What are the chances?)

Anywaysies, her letter made me cry so much… so many happy tears.



Melanie Lotus Rees runs Daisy Mabel :: an online art + fair trade store.


Since discovering and taking part in Leonie’s Creative Goddess e-course, my life has transformed and simply blossomed! Thinking back, I hardly recognise the person I was before that course. Leonie, her gorgeous, loving, kind and wise spirit has touched my life in so many ways.

I arrived at the Creative Goddess e-course as a lost and insecure soul. I was spiritually stagnant and creatively stuck. I felt the energy of an artist deep within me, longing to express herself freely yet I didn’t know how to set her free. I stumbled across Goddess quite by accident…or so it seemed. [:)]

It is so clear to me now that this ‘accident’ was no accident at all but a vital, life altering part of my journey toward creative freedom I once wondered if I may never find.

The Creative Goddess e-course opened the flood gates which fuelled that stuck, frightened artist and creative soul in me to come forth and create with joy and freedom. I can honestly say, I am forever changed as a result.

The Creative Goddess e-course was like nothing I had ever experienced. It made me look at creating art in a completely new way. There were no hang-ups on technique or following instructions. I was free to explore the inner me and create from the depths of who I am. I always felt loved, supported, and safe as I journeyed through the course.

Leonie helped me spread my creative wings and feel brave and worthy enough to fly and soar and bring art into the world.

I transformed from being a person who was afraid to share her art to someone who went on to open an on-line shop selling my art for a living!

Leonie has given me so much more than my creative wings though. She has given me unconditional love and acceptance and with that came the freedom to do anything I dreamed of with confidence!

As I write this, I am planning and growing a new dream, building a new business supporting my family of seven through doing what I love, and supporting people in need as I do it.

Thank Goddess for Leonie! She is a shining white light of loving energy that touches people’s lives all over the world. I am forever grateful and forever changed.

I loooove youuuuu, Leonie!!! xoxox


My tears were so happy reading her words.

Happy tears that she said YES. Happy that that she made the choice. Happy that she can share her gifts with the world now.

Hand on my heart, happy heart sigh. I am SO grateful to be doing this work… to be leading women into their own greatness + gifts.

(Those words just came to me, and they gave me delicious soul goosebumps. Yes. This is true.)

I remember last year, going through the depths of PND, I saw the art that Mel was creating and was so healed by it. I’d helped her heal her creative blocks… and her art helped my mama-heart to heal. I looked at her art and thought:

This is a woman who knows what I have been through.

And I covered my world with her prints (you can see them in my house here). It was the most perfect of healing circles.

That’s the REAL thing here. The big thing. I so deeply want to help you unravel your creative blocks and create WILDLY, JOYFULLY, ABUNDANTLY… so you can do the thing you were born to do. Create whatever is inside you… so it may go out and heal the world.



It’s the FINAL day to enrol in the Creative Goddess e-course

Be quick, dearest heart!

Let’s make miracles happen together!!!

SO much love and miracles,

P.S. The Creative Goddess e-course comes ridunkulously applauded upon by the 3000 goddesses who’ve taken it and gone on to change their lives and businesses and souls and happiness… through sharing the gifts they were born with. Please take up the torch and shine your light. The world is waiting for you.

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Brand new FREE e-book: How To Be A Domestic Goddess

by Leonie Dawson on March 30, 2012




(And WOO!!! Added bonus! Link now working!!! Download away!)

Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

A brand new sparkling e-book

freeee for you

to devour, take notes &

become the ultimate Domestic Goddess.



This is EVERYTHING I know

about how to do it ALL ::

be a mama, artist & business owner

while keeping all the laundry folded.

Handy hints + secrets galore.

It’s like the love child of Martha Stewart + Louise Hay.

Pretty sure this e-book will change your life.

Just sayin’!



Please do share it along to dear friends & sister goddesses who need to hear this message.




P.S. Handy hint: please don’t email me telling me the book is broken or there are any pages missing. I promise you, it is perfect & whole. Just read on. There’s a wee joke in there. I promise you, it does *mean* something. It’s like an onion… layers!!!! Big hugs & giggle snorts!



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Who Is An Artist + Who Is Not

by Leonie Dawson on March 30, 2012

Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Once upon a time, in a cubicle job long long ago, I invented a job for myself.

I would spot interesting people who worked on my floor (there were over 200 on my floor, so plenty to choose from!)

And I’d interview them – about their lives, their passions, what made their heart sing, where they travelled, what they collected and sometimes I would even ask what they actually did for work.

And once upon a day, I asked a young dude my trademark question:

“So, what makes you awesome?”

And this lovely guy grinned shyly, and said:

“I do paintings.”

And in my usual, calm, graceful way, I *shrieked*:


And at the sound of the “A” word, he backpedalled.

“Oh but I’m not an artist or anything! I haven’t SOLD anything you know. I just do paintings.”


The Words I Hear Way Too Often


“Oh, but I’m not an artist! I haven’t sold anything!”

“Oh, but I’m not an artist! I can barely draw more than a stick figure!”

Since when was ARTIST ever about being an occupation or a judgement, not what we are in our deepest soul?

We were each born artists.

When we were kids, fingerpainting gloriously, and someone told us “Oh! Look at you, you artist you!” we would just nod. And smile. Because that’s who we were. We just made art because it was fun and it made us happy in our hearts.

When did we decide the only person who could ever call themselves an artist was the one who painted full time as their source of income, sold their artwork and galleries, painted their fine art on an easel with nice brushes and made it look completely realistic?

At some point some of us did.

At some point, some of us were mistaken.

Here’s the big, ginormous secret:

The only person who can ever truly call themselves is an artist needs only one requirement:
They were born.

What An Artist Is Not:

Your art does not need to LOOK GOOD in order to be ART.

It does not need to BE SOLD to be ART.

It does not need to be POPULAR to be ART.

It does not need to be SHOWN IN AN ART GALLERY to be ART.

It does not need to be LOVED BY OTHERS to be ART.

(I wish to have a petition against that sentence to refrain anyone from ever, ever saying it again. “Don’t give up your day job” – ARGH! What would be a good response to this? “Well, don’t give up your day job to have fun, be wild, laugh like a kid again or follow your dreams either then!”)


What I Want To Hear You Say

“I made this artwork. It was incredibly freeing and therapeutic for my soul.”

“I made this artwork. I have no idea what it is, but gosh darn I love it.”

“I made art. It was the greatest healing experience of my life.”

“I really needed to make this piece of art.”

“This art – just as it is – I am so proud of it. I am so proud of me for doing it.”

“This artwork came out so EASILY! Such a JOY! Like I was a channel for Great Spirit.”

That’s what I want you to say.

That’s what I want you to FEEL.

I know it is all possible


The Truth About Art

It’s never about: Looking Good and Being Successful and Making Money.

That’s not the point or value of art. Ever.

The point of art is it being freeing and therapeutic for the soul.

The value of art is that it serves us, our souls and our dreams in a thousand miracle, rainbow ways.

The point of art was to create it, to let this amazing river of spirit and ideas and texture and colour and imaging flow through you.

The point of art is to feel like a Creative Goddess while you do it.

Create like a Creative Goddess, and your life will never be the same again.

And that will be a very, very good thing.


I believe in magic x a gazillion


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