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The question you’ve all been asking.

Cogitating on all night long.

Pondering, musing, mindcycloning about:

But what IS a Leonie?

Take heed, I have heard your cries.

And I present to you:

Leonie: The Infographic!

what is a leonie coloured SML

leonie is made up of coloured SML


Creative Task: What are YOU made up of?

You should TOTALLY do a pie chart of yourself. It’s PHUCKING PHUN!

That’s a REALLY good idea, Leonie!

So much so I made a template for you to print + do your own on! Colour/collage/whatever it in! It’s rather delish!

And if you share it on social media, tag meeee so I can seeeee pwetty pwease!

Click below image for big file!


blank personality pie chart leonie dawson

SQUEE!!! Can’t wait to see!!!

Love + bongo drums shaped like bums,

P.S. Have a bloody delightful day, dearest!


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Last Chance + A Pyjama Planning Party!

by Leonie Dawson on April 28, 2015

last chance

Hola petunias!

Important updates!

We are nearly SOLD OUT of 2015 Create Your Shining Year in Life and Biz printed workbooks.

We won’t be printing any more for this year. If you’ve been sitting on the fence, grab one now. You’ll be one of the lucky last in the doors who get to change their life + business over their next year.

If you use them, your dreams WILL manifest faster, you WILL receive more abundance + you WILL feel more on soul purpose.

Six years of producing these workbooks and gathering the results of them has taught me that, through and through.

We have super limited stocks left, so jump on it now if you are ready to make this year incredible.


AND! If you do buy one today:

You’ll get an exclusive ticket to a PLANNING PYJAMA PARTY where me and my Chief Operations Officer Grant will be sharing behind-the-scenes insights into our company + all sorts of good business wisdom.admission ticket SML



Confession time: We haven’t done our 2015 planning yet. And it’s nearly MAY.

So… given that we are close to half way through the year, is it okay that we’re doing it NOW?

too late SML


NO. Of course it is not.

It’s NEVER too late to do planning…

EXCEPT if you don’t do it at all.

There’s plenty of really good reasons why I haven’t done planning yet.

We moved from the very top of Australia to the very bottom. It’s taken me a bunch of time to get myself settled enough and grounded enough to start looking forward into the future again. And I had to wait for some team stuff to fall into place (i.e. waiting for Grant to say yes to joining the team!)

And I’m sure you have your own reasons.

One of my mentors who works with a number of seven figure business women told me that many of her clients aren’t even thinking about year planning in the first quarter of the year. It’s just not the right season for them. Especially this year. Maybe it’s astrological. (I always like to blame things on the planets! HA!)

Even if it’s not January… even if we are nearly in May…

If you haven’t done your business planning for the year yet…

it’s okay.

As long as it gets done.

She decided to make pyjamas BORDER SMALL

So that’s why we’re having the planning party. To get OURS done.

And we can all pyjama it up together.

  • You can ask us biz plan + growth questions.
  • We’ll share how we’re planning out the company’s year.
  • You can peek into how our brains work together (Hint: powered by gigglesnorts + ridiculousness).
  • You can have your workbooks open at the same time and either fill it out (if you haven’t got it yet or haven’t started!) or review it (if you already have because you’re obviously more organised than the rest of us! GO YOU!)

yellow star

So… in summing up:

  1. 2015 workbooks are nearly sold out if you be one of the lucky last owners!! ORDER YOURS HERE
  2. ALL workbooks owners (whether print or ebook) and Academy members will get an exclusive ticket (*snigger*) to a PLANNING PYJAMA PARTY where me and my Chief Operations Officer Grant will be sharing behind-the-scenes insights into our company, give you time to fill out or review your workbooks + share all sorts of good business wisdom.

Pyjama party will be in a couple of weeks so you have time to get your book if you order it today.

watercolour hearts

Okay! That’s all love!

I joke about this, but I’m super serious… ONLY get the workbook + use it if you want to be happier, have your dreams fulfilled + grow your business like a wildflower.

If you’d prefer for those things to NOT happen… DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.

HA! #seriouslythough

Okay, I’m off! Miracles are waiting to be birthed and these hips were made for creative birthing!!!!

Love + bear hugs,

im the last

Leonie’s Not So Secret Success Tips

by Leonie Dawson on April 27, 2015


Hey petunias,

A video to share with you today – an interview I did for Total Life Success video summit.

Shit I talk about during it:


Press play to learn it all!

If you feel like it.

If you think watching some more cat videos is gonna make you more joyful or abundant, do that instead. HA!

Have a great day sugarplums!


Maker Notes:

Want to know what we use to create what we create?

Tech Tools:


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