Hola womens who groove to the music!

Sticking with my theme of Video All Da Way this week, I’m answering an Ask Goddess Leonie question by *gasp* video. Holy revolutionary batman!

This Ask Goddess Leonie is the quickest 10 minute Space Clearing 101 intro you ever did see. I have sooo much more to share about this! Space clearing rocks my rainbow world.

I hope this brings beautiful new space clearing ideas, magic & genius-ness into your life…

Ask Goddess Leonie – How to do Space Clearing… from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Passing the Talking Stick

As always, feel free to take the talking stick and share about your own stories or questions about space clearing in the comments circle.

Until then, I’ll be dancing to Bette Midler in the kitchen.

Not kidding.

Love you long time,


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