Free Download: 2018 Mini Goals Planner For Kids!

Hi treasures,

Here’s that thing that came as a wild fangly idea a week or so ago that I told you about, that thing that made me leap up from my morning peppermint tea to get started creating straight away.

I’m delighted to share with you a wee goodie for the wee ones in your life…

A mini goals-workbook for 2018!

It’s black+white (fun to colour in + cheap to print!) and if your kids adore it, they can also upgrade to the full 2018 Life Goals Workbook (lots of party peeps use it already with their kids + teens… this is just a bonus gift!)

This has been requested SO many times over the years. If there’s enough demand, it may grow and bloom into a full blown bookywooky, but for now, it’s a beginning piece.

It’s small but mighty + will lead your magical munchkin through:

  • journaling the best + worst bits of the last year
  • the top 10 things that make them amazing
  • what they would like to learn over the next year
  • sports and hobbies they’d like to try out
  • what adventures they’d like to have
  • how they want to feel
  • + books they’d like to read.


Just pop your name + email in here + it will come flying its way to you on rainbow wings!

With love + gladness,

Birthdays, Leunig + a festival of free webinars…


It was my 35th birthday on the weekend.

I don’t particularly know yet how I feel about it… maybe because I haven’t written about it yet. Things get clearer when I do.

Firstly, I’m not concerned about getting older. My grandmother taught me many good lessons, but one of the big ones was that it is an honour to grow older when so many don’t. Another being that “old” is very much relative. At the age of 97, she would often call people in their 70s “young whippersnappers.” To her, 35 was positively embryonic.

Plus, I figure that for a woman to have a freakout about turning 35 is a reflection of patriarchal bullshit, so I refuse to spend any time as a mirror.


What I do feel however is a certain amount more surety in my bones, and a greater understanding of the weight of my decisions. I believe these are good things.

And it’s also juxtaposed with worrying whether I will get too jaded, cynical, worn out. Sometimes it feels like growing older is wading through a checklist of tragedies and pain to experience.

So THAT is what it feels like to have a friend’s husband commit suicide. Stunning. Painful. Restless sleep for days. Breathless with helplessness. Scrambling to do anything I can to can, knowing that I can’t fix the one thing that is most needed. How does one sing a body back to life again?


At 35, my wish for the coming year is to become more stoic. To deepen my emotional resilience. To rise, and rise again. To grow my roots further into the earth. To not be blown about quite so much. To learn how to create and share with the world without it breaking my heart.


I am 35. I am a mother of two: a sensitive fae who took years to arrive in her body in the world, and a courageous elf who arrived fully present. I’m a wife of one: my Scorpio twin I have loved almost exactly half my life, a man who is in my eyes both almighty Zeus + trembling human. I currently spend most of my days homeschooling, with slivers of time carved out to build businesses. My heart lives in art + writing. I haven’t done much of that lately, so immersed I have been in the world of my kids. I know the pendulum will change though. I will never regret devoting my time to them.


Last night, as a birthday present for the two of us, I surprised my love with tickets to see Michael Leunig speak.

If you don’t know who Leunig is, allow me the joy of introducing you to his lyrical, irreverent, delicious work:

2017 really does seem to be my miracle year for being able to witness some of my favourite creatives in person: James Taylor (I wrote about meeting him here), Amanda Fucking Palmer + now Leunig.

Leunig is one part writer, one part comic, one part philosopher.

He shared so tenderly about what it is to be a human and a creative, and how so much of his personal questioning is summed up by Winnicott, a psychoanalyst:

“In the artist of all kinds one can detect an inherent dilemma which belongs to the co-existence of two trends; the urgent need to communicate and the still more urgent need not to be found.”

And despite being “just a comic who draws ducks”, Leunig has copped so much criticism and hate mail over many of his comics, especially for his stance against wars.

When it came for questions, I got up:

“Michael, thank you for your art and words. How do you keep turning up and sharing with an open, vulnerable heart when you have had such a massive amount of shit thrown at you?”

This was his response:

Afterwards, I consumed vast amounts of mini-quiches, invented a truly horrific wine and orange juice concoction, and snogged Dawsy on the balcony overlooking a Canberra so stunningly picturesque I could have sworn she was trying to seduce us both.

I feel blessed by these moments of great clarity. To sit at the feet of someone who has created fearlessly for 50 years, through sun + tsunami + wild winds, to share his heart anyway.

In other news…

I’m in the mood for sharing + teaching about essential oil magic this month... so I’ve created a bunch of free webinars for you to dive into their magic… specifically about productivity, immunity, cooking, lo-tox skin care and lo-tox cleaning.

How to get my free essential oil webinars!

Just jump into my Essential Oils with Leonie Dawson Facebook group to find all my free essential oil webinars happening this month. (You can find them under the Events tab.)

The first one is in 12 hours from now… would be so lovely to see your faces <3

And… new free gift coming for you this week!

The goodie that is coming has been asked for again + again over the years and I’m delighted with how it’s turned out… so I’m muchos excited to share with you.


In the meantime, there is handmade chocolate mint fudge to consume, vast quantities of herbal tea to imbibe + some The Good Place to binge-watch.

Talk soon!

With love + joy,
a brand-new 35 year old!


2018 Workbooks Are Here!

Dearest souls,

Annnnnnnnnnd they are up.

2018 goals workbooksGolden and glittering and sparkling.

You can now buy the printed books on Amazon:

Biz printed workbook:

Life printed workbook:

If ya love ’em, I’d gratefully love a review.

Digital ebook versions available here:

It’s a joy to see them emerge into the world, into your waiting hands and loving hearts.

Frequently Anticipated Questions:

But… the diaries! To do list pads! Wall planners! WHERE ARE THEY?

Sorry poppets, but I’m not producing them this year for a few reasons. You can read about those here.

Do you sell the printed books in Australia anywhere but Amazon?

Sorry, no. I’m hopeful that when Amazon opens here this month they will stock them, but I have no clue whether that will happen.

Will you re-open the Workbook Facebook group?

Not at this time.


And then a story about Emergency Room Zen Monk Insights…

Last week we’ve had one of Those Parenting Weeks that included so many doctors appointments and x-rays and an emergency room wait so long that I feel like I was at a Zen Monk Initiation Ceremony.

(We’re all okay now thank the Great Goddess AND the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster!)

But in a startling insight… probably one brought about because I’m an initiated Zen Monk ordained by Her Holiness The Emergency Room… I’ve decided I probably just need to start creating and sharing again. Because it’s a bit fucking boring not to be, and I create and share because it’s good for my soul first and foremost.

So this morning I was up at buttfuck o’clock with the kids, and leapt out of my couch where I’d been drinking my peppermint tea and my husband said “What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

And I said: “I HAVE AN IDEA!” and ran for pens and paper and started drawing and writing away. And he just watched and smiled, and I could tell behind his eyes, he was thinking “About damn time, lady.” It was like he’d missed Wild Idea Woman, prone to throwing herself into ink at the slightest whim. I get it. I missed her too.

More soon. But for now… 2018 GOALS WORKBOOKS!!!!! GOLDEN AND GLITTERING AND NEW!!!

Big love,



P.S. I just wanted to say a deep thank you for your love, patience and understanding as I retreated into the cave. It was needed. And I hope whatever wishes to come through next will be that much more alight because of it.

P.P.S. Loving request: I’m not in the mood to promo the fuck out of the workbooks this year. Usually it’s an immense energetic, brain + financial load to do that much advertising, and I don’t wish to do it this time. So if the workbooks are something that people in your life need, please share it with them. Word-of-mouth, heart-to-heart. That’s how the workbook-word will have to spread this year!

An illustrated letter care of my 10 pound sack of haemorrhaging uterus


Addendum infinitum:

I never like to worry people, so I just wanted to reassure you:
I’m okay. I’m really, really okay. I’m really GOOD in lots and lots of ways:
I’m happy. We’re happy. Our kids are happy. We have a good life. Homeschooling brings me so much joy.

This was (incase it wasn’t obvious enough! ha!) cry-written/illustrated one night in a journal in those kinds of red river floods of emotion, where nerve endings tingle alight with all the brave fury of the world.


I always thought that I would create, write, share forever. I couldn’t see a day, week, month, year go by without that. And yet, six months on, it’s precisely where I am.  And I still don’t see that feeling abating.

My creativity looks different these days.

It’s filled with homeschooling my children. My craft is this one beautiful life, right here, in this precipice moment. They aren’t tiny any more. They aren’t tiny any more.

You elder mamas told me it would be this way:

They grow up far too soon.

I refused to believe you of course. I had fallen down a hole of PND and struggled with the daily rigamarole of tending to a wee baby who needed more than other babies seemed to need. More of her Mama than her Mama had available. And so I was snide and cantankerous in the voice in my head, gasping for a lifeline that it wouldn’t always be this way:

They don’t grow up soon enough.

But time shifted and ebbed as it does.

And before I know it, I have not one long-limbed elfling, but two. The eldest is starting to arrive here on the planet fully after the first seven years of that enchanted place called childhood. I’m not as funny as I used to be to her. My singing isn’t as beautiful. Her wide, sensitive eyes start to drink in reality.

And I don’t want to miss one more thing with her, or with her sister. Don’t want to wish it away. Don’t want to spend it as the mama whose primary joy in life is not them. Don’t want to hide away in my studio when there is so much life and love to be lived out here, sucking great airfuls of it into my skin.

Hiro tells me:

“You can just enjoy this time, you know. It’s okay that you don’t want to be out in the world right now. That feeling won’t always last forever. You can just be with them now. You’ve worked so hard to create this life. You can just enjoy it.”

I spent 7 years trying to find the time to scurry away into my studio, away from them.

Now I want to run toward them, arms outstretched.


Before emails come in:

I wish to reassure people (again): I’m not quitting any of my businesses: Academy, workbooks (2018 editions will be available within the next week) or doTERRA. I’m happy to continue producing these offerings.

The thing that I am struggling with is the external fluff + guff + creation. The blogging + social media. The public sharing.


I have no idea what I will be called to doing next – because it must be a calling… I have no time or inclination for anything but that.

And I don’t know when or where or what my sharing will look like.

I don’t know, and sometimes I am buoyed with the joy of not knowing, and sometimes I am despairing. I don’t know, and until I do, I wait.

But there’s one big mural of a life happening right now, right here. A mural filled with my children and my husband, the sun and the garden, art and books and adventures.

This, right here, without a doubt, is my best work yet. Invisible to all the world but me and us, it is as good and as ripe and as incandescent as can be.

And maybe, just maybe, with all the not knowing of how I will share publicly and the worry and the flash of that… I can lean into this. This one thing that I do know is true.

This, right here. right now. Pour your love right here.

And I do, and I am. And it is enough. More than enough. It’s just what I always wanted it to be.




Want more of me?

My current offerings are:



2018 Workbook News: When They Are Coming Out + What To Expect! (Plus a wee personal sharing from me)

Hola gorgeous souls!

It’s nearly that time of year… workbook time!

I wanted to let you know when they will be released + some changes that will be coming + why I’m making those changes. And what’s a Leonie post without a yarn (that’s Australian for “story-telling”) + a catch-up too?

First, the official stuff!

When the workbooks will be released:

By end of October.

Changes to the 2018 product offering:

  • 2018 Biz and Life workbooks WILL be produced as printed workbooks and ebooks again.
  • 2018 Biz and Life e-books will be given to all my Academy members as usual.
  • There will be changes to the print process of the Biz and Life printed workbooks. They will no longer be spiral bound or have the documents envelope at the back. They will be pared back to a simpler print production.
  • They will be produced as print-on-demand and will be ordered through a third party website. More details on that soon.
  • Planner/diary, to do list pads and wall planners will NOT be released this year. These were an addendum to my core offering, and I am not as passionate about them as I am about those workbooks. They are also not as profitable as the workbooks.
  • At this stage, I will NOT be reopening the workbook Facebook group. It’s been a relatively new side-bonus, one that was invented by one of my past employees that wasn’t in alignment with my original vision. I understand it was a happy place for many people for a time, and I am grateful for that. I take my role as space-holder and energy-upholder for community spaces very seriously, and I will not hold a space half-heartedly.

Why I’m making these changes:

I am going to be making some important changes to my product offering for 2018 in order to simplify + reduce stress for myself. Printing + distributing 80,000+ products across 100 countries in a 3 month timeline got to the point where it was no longer fun for me as a business model. Printing through China + sending via 3 boats to 3 different countries, getting them through Customs, and into 3 distribution centres to then be sent out via numerous postage services to get them into customer’s hands was, frankly, a fucking logistical nightmare that consumed a whole year… by which time I needed to start work on the next year’s workbooks. It was just a level of complexity and financial outlay that I am no longer happy to do.

I have investigated whether partnering with a publishing company was the right move forward. It wasn’t, for various reasons. So this is the right way forward for right now.

I’m incredibly grateful for the success I’ve had with these workbooks. I’m so grateful that they’ve been so deeply loved and adored. And I need to make a shift to how and what I produce to keep it sane and joyful for me.

You’re most welcome to ask questions by emailing [email protected]

Please, however, do not use this space to process your feelings about this. That is for your journal or your therapist. I am not asking for feedback. I can’t make everybody happy in this, and I refuse to sacrifice my energy, time and family for things that do not feel right or good to me. If what I offer resonates with you, great. If it doesn’t, please find something else that does.

Let’s make miracles happen…

I’m delighted to offer up these beauties for their ninth season… they’ve changed mine + so many others’ lives.

The power of goals, wrapped in rainbows and love.

I’ll of course share + update when they are available for purchase!

What I’m up to…

It feels odd to send you a letter without some sharing!

What HAVE I been up to?

Goodness me… where to begin?

Taking long service leave from blogging + social media has been so refreshing. It feels like it’s been rewiring my brain in a good way. I’ve written a wee illustrated zine about the experience… will share with you soon.

Happily homeschooling. I also now have TWO horse-riding daughters now, oh heart of beaming hearts! I grew up with horses, mustering cattle, and it’s been my forever wish that I would have children who would find their soul’s home too on a horse’s back. I even went on my first trail ride with Ostara, on one wet, wild, woolly day. I could burst with joy and pride!

There’s also been visits from two sets of cousins, and a visit from my Wild Bushman Dad. We’ve been on a long drive to the ocean to taste the salt air. We’ve been working our way through reading together all of Roald Dahl’s books – another one of those parenting dreams come true. There’s been art + playdates + long walks + rejoicing in the return of the sun in the backyard.

Most of all, I’m ridiculously content. I feel like I’ve really come into my stride as a parent. Homeschooling has been so damn fulfilling – more than I ever expected it to be.

It’s been a joyful, good season of life.

And whilst it looks like it’s muchos quiet on the business front, behind the scenes it is full steam ahead.

I’m still doing my monthly coaching + new classes for my Shining Biz + Life Academy for my 3,000 members.

Me + Mr D have been working together on the 2018 workbooks. I just did final revisions on it this afternoon while watching Pride + Prejudice for the billionth time. (NO, NOT THE KIERA KNIGHTLEY VERSION YOU PHILISTINE! ORIGINAL BBC SERIES OR NOTHING!)


I also just broke a world record for building the fastest doTERRA business – it’s now generating about $500k a year, but I’ll double that again in the next couple of months.  I like to joke that I’ll never be the type to climb Mount Everest or run a marathon but give me a business world record to beat and I am ALL OVER IT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

It’s been a fun, wild ride… I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Mostly I just get tremendous satisfaction from other people seeing how essential oils can change their life like they did mine… and also helping people who want to build abundant doTERRA businesses do it lightning fast.

More dodeets (aka: doTERRA details! ha!):

Also, 2017 has really been a freaking STELLLLLAR year for me on the musicians front. I met James Taylor. I got to see Amanda Palmer in concert. And this morning I had a Skype tea date with another one of my top 5:

Ben Motherfucking LEEEEEEEEEEEEE! His album “Awake is the New Sleep” has been on constant rotation in my house for the last 10 years. I only listen to about 5 albums like that. He’s had an amazing music career since he was 14, acted in the brilliant The Rage in Placid Lake, is a death doula, activist, philanthropist and all round stellar bloke. And… he’s also just created a successful doTERRA business as well.

We had so much to yarn about – creativity, business, essential oils + our surprising career moves.

I managed to keep my fangirl way in check. I think. Meh, fuck it. He’s a rad soul and I delight in that.

My favourite quotes from him from this morning:

“Part of being a creative is deciding something is cool before anybody else does”


“You can’t do anything big in the world without getting a bloody nose.”

We decided there’s so much to talk about, we’d do a free webinar/public-talk-shit together. More deets to come soon. In the meantime, I’ll be over here squeeeeeeeeeeing my heart out!

To big dreams come true,