How to Motivate Yourself to Take Action (When You Feel Like Staying in Bed)


We’ve all been there.

On the days you might feel unmotivated and uninspired.

Days when you feel like it’s hard to get yourself going and excited about tackling your to-do list.

So: what to do? How to fix it? How to get yourself back into the swing of things?

First step: Are you unmotivated or are you burnt out?

One is when your world is feeling depleted and you actually need to fill up your inspiration well, or get out of the house and stop working.

The second is what I call the common flu symptoms of procrastination.
This is really important for you to check in and work out.
Because I can give you all the motivation tips under the sun. But I’d say about 10% of you who are reading this aren’t actually unmotivated, you’re burnt out. And it’s just not the season for you to be pushing.
No amount of pushing will heal burn out. Here’s what will.

So check-in to yourself. Are you burnt out? Or are you unmotivated?

If you are feeling truly depleted and burnt out, you need to honor that feeling—even if it means not getting that thing done today.

So first and foremost, make sure that you’re aware of whether you’re actually in a place of needing a legitimate break to restore your energy, or if it’s just common flu procrastination and you just need to get some shit done because you’ll feel better about it afterward.

Here’s a helpful flowchart:

Why Am I Procrastinating SML

If you’re just feeling the common flu symptoms of procrastination, the best cure is to get some shit done!

To me, if I’m just having common flu symptoms of procrastination, I always remember that I actually feel a lot better after I get something done.

If I sit around in procrastination all afternoon, I am going to feel kind of pissy and grumpy and grouchy.

So I ask myself:

“What could I do now that I actually feel interested in doing?”
“Do I just set a time to work on this one thing I’m really putting off?”

I’ve talked about Brian Tracy’s great book, Eat The Frog before, and that’s what he calls doing that thing you’re putting off – eating the frog.  The old saying goes, “If the first thing you do in the morning is eat a live frog, that’s the worst thing that can happen to you all day!” In other words,

Do the thing you want to do the LEAST, first.


I notice when I’ve got something on my to-do list I’m kind of avoiding because – I don’t  feel like doing it, but I know it’s really important and needs to be done, I just gum through and get as much done in an hour, because it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better to have things finished than for it to still be on my to-do list and have done sweet frickall nooooothing!

Example time: something I put off for MONTHS was rewriting all of my email auto-responders. I knew it had to be done, but I avoided it and felt grumpy about it.
I just knew I’d feel so much better after rewriting these 30 emails – it was messing with my creative mojo! So one day I told my accountability partners that I was going to complete them THAT DAY, I turned on my Self Control App, sat down over a two-hour block and just hammered them out. And guess what? I did feel so much better when they were done because they were out of my world.
They were finished, they were done, they’re out doing what they were meant to do.
And I was onto the next thing, instead of still procrastinating and being in major avoidance mode.

Set a timer to help you eat your frogs.

One of the things that works best for me is setting a timer to focus on that froggy I don’t want to eat.

  • You can use a plain, ordinary kitchen timer, or the timer on your phone if you like!
  • I like the Self Control App because it actually blocks access to websites that are time wasters.
  • If you just want to time how long you work, the Awareness app is nice, because it sounds a Tibetan singing bowl after you’ve been working for an hour, to prompt you to take a break!


Break big hairy scary tasks down into smaller bites.

If you’re really, really procrastinating about something, break it down into really miniature to-do steps because they’re so much easier to complete, and they’ll give you momentum to keep on going. When you put something like, “Launch new program,” or “Build website” on your to do list, that’s not helpful at all, duckies!  I mean, that’s like saying, “Be a better person,” or “End world hunger.” Yeah, that’s lovely, but HOW?? So when you have a big hairy, scary thing you’re procrastinating about, try breaking it down into much smaller tasks.

So if the overall goal is “Launch program,” you might have, “Write an outline,” “record one audio” or “email friend about offering a bonus” on your to do list. The other awesome-o thing about these smaller tasks is that when they’re done, they feel like a win!  They are little itty bitty successes that make you feel GREAT as you work towards your bigger goal.

Very, very important to give ourselves these wins, as it will increase our motivation to keep going!

Because remember – Momentum builds momentum!


Add the time to your to dos.

When you’re breaking down your list into smaller bites, make sure that if you’re procrastinating, you drill your to-do list down into bites that can be concluded in 20 minutes. If you’ve got a whole list of emails that need to be written, then you say I want to do 5 emails, and I’ve got 20 minutes to make that happen. That’s what works for me. That way, when you’re looking at your list you don’t say to yourself, “Oh, I only have an hour and that thing will take too long!” You can say, “I have an hour, so I can do these two or three things.” BOOM!  Done.  Success and forward motion!

And that’s what it’s all about, darlinghearts!  Forward motion.

Eat one frog a day and you’ll be well on your way to success!

Don’t care how ya need to make it palatable — whether you saute in garlic, deep fry, or create a vegetarian beanlog shaped into a frog… as long as it’s done, that’s what counts.

To your shining, divine success,


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Master The Art Of Getting Unstuck & Into Action With These 4 Techniques!


A coupla weeks ago, I challenged you to look at where you were feeling stuck in the details. (P.S. Did you do it? If not, try it right now!)

A lot of times it’s things like:

I can’t decide on a photo for my website

– or –

I don’t know how to write my bio

– or –

I can’t decide what colors this product should be

– or –

I don’t know which festivals I should go to.

And if we just sit ourselves down and have a little CHAT and say, “It’s time to make a decision, goddess!” we can work through it.

And sometimes we are more deeply stuck.

Sometimes we are banging our heads against the kind of stuck that we can’t even articulate. We can’t give it a name or figure out what the decision we need to make even IS.

That is a deep, spiritual stuck.

I looooooove this quote:


Stuck can be a lot of things. It can be coming against a wall of your own fear, where frustrations and self criticisms surface.  I have been stuck many times.  I have felt vulnerable and afraid and uncertain. I didn’t know how to face Athena, goddess of courage. I didn’t even know how to ask for what I wanted!

But every time, I have been able to come unstuck, and in doing that, I have found that it has broken my heart open to the world.

Here’s how:

1. I get honest about my stuckness.

And being honest about it helps me get unstuck.

You have to be honest about it with yourself, yuppers, but many times that means being honest with someone else.  OUT LOUD.

Sometimes I would go to my women’s circle or my mastermind and say: I’m stuck. I don’t know how to do this. I’m afraid.

And every time EVERY DAMN TIME those wise women would say exactly what I needed to hear.

You don’t need to learn it in two weeks, Leonie.


Gentleness, gentleness.


Speak your truth


I believe in you.

That’s why I’m such a freaking advocate for developing these kinds of relationships. You DO have to spend time and energy in creating it for yourself. But the rewards of becoming an integral member of a mastermind or women’s circle is HUGE. Profoundly wonderous for you, your life, your spirit and your business.

If you haven’t found that kind of tribe yet, or if you have but don’t know how to maximise results from it, there’s a whole section in the upcoming Double Your Biz program devoted to it.

I’m such a devotee of those kind of powerful circles, and I really want to help you and women everywhere realise how much power, joy and love there is in creating and maintaing spaces like that.

So yus, tell someone else when you’re stuck. Shining light on it starts scaring the fear monster away.


2. Make a plan.

Once you’ve come out with it and let it all out into the world, it’s time to do something about it.

Don’t just get bloody stuck in the circuit of feeling stuck.

Because, while I am all for tapping and affirmations and positive visualizations and meditation and yoga and so on, I am also even more for getting shit done.

Once you have figured out and acknowledged that you are stuck, you’ve gotsa make a plan and take a step to get UNstuck, pandas. Because guess what? Sitting around feeling stuck sucks balls. It’s unfun. It’s unexciting. Inertia breeds more inertia. Whereas movement creates more movement. Dreams come true when you get outta Stucksville. It’s a shitty town and nobody wants to live there. Don’t buy a house there. Just rent a hotel room for the night and then make a plan to get the frick out.

(I say that with love. Of course. Ha!)


3. Pick ONE THING you can do right now, today, in the next hour, that might move you out of stucksville.

Notice I said MIGHT – you don’t have to be sure! You don’t have to know 100 percent that this thing will work.  You just have to bloody do it. Movement breeds movement. Movement makes miracles happen.

Here’s some ideas of shit to do to get you unstuck:

  • Do that one thing that you have been putting off.
    Have you heard the phrase, “Do the thing you want to do the least, FIRST”? It’s pretty true, and mighty empowering. Because if you can get the icky stuff out of the way up top, you’ll have way more space for the good stuff. Once you get it outta the way, you’ll free up way more energy and get excited to make more stuff happen. Brian Tracy (productivity guru + delish voice bearer) calls it eating the frog. Watch a video about eating ze frog here.
  • Declutter.
    Whenever I’m feeling tetchy and stuck, I look around me and there’s usually some clutter hanging around that’s harshin’ on my mellow. Ha!
    My desk is a big one. If it starts looking less like a flat meadow and more like mountainous terrain, I need to level it.
    Cleaning something out, getting rid of something that’s not serving you, making space for something new.
    And cleansing with sage/crystals + the usual hippy dippy methods work wonders for me too.
    (If you’re one of my Academy members: Use the Sacred Space Clearing Kit or Goddess Haven e-course)
  • Go for a walk.
    When I interviewed one of my creative heroes Julia Cameron, she said something that stuck with me. She said whenever she’s feeling stuck, she goes for a walk. That when she moves a muscle, she moves her mood. And it’s bloody true. Just try starting off for a walk feeling pissy. After just five minutes you’ll return in a different headspace where you were before.
    This is also a good hint for mamas out there. When my lil mermaids are having a freaking horror of a witching hour at 5pm, I pop them in the double stroller/Ergo, and we hoik it up the hill to go say hello to the horse down the road. Starry yabbers the whole way, Beth stares at the sky, and I take big ole gulping lungfuls of air. And things are always better by the time we turn onto our gravel road again.
  • Journal or goals time.
    It’s never the wrong time to make a goal! If you used our Create Your Amazing Life Workbook back in January, pull it out! Look at what you wrote. Tear it up and do it again if things have changed. Start fresh. Blank sheet of paper and your favorite colors. Get out your favourite journal. Let it all pour out. Things will change.
  • Get some education into ya.
    If you don’t know where to start with getting unstuck, then I suggest education. Learning from someone who has done what you want to do gives you a whole new perspective. It literally rewires your brain. Education FOREVA!!! (Like right now, I’m doing a graphic design program, a self help course and revisiting a business program. Learning is everything!) Of COURSE, I think the Academy is a pretty rad place to start coz I pour so much into it, but only you can decide what you need.
    And DO NOT just buy a program and say you’ll do it; schedule time for education into your life and make it happen, whether it’s reading a book from the library, or doing an ecourse, or signing up for something at your local uni.

Try something. I can guarantee you will feel better simply for having moved.


4. Know your limits (and get some support).

Now, all that sounds la la la lovely in a perfect world.

But we don’t live in a perfect world, love bugs.

We live in a world of depression and anxiety and hyperemesis gravidarum, and downsizing, and breaking up, and endings, and stress, and all SORTS of things that can throw us for a loop.

These are NOT your fault. They are NOT the universe punishing you or any of that kind of shit.

But they ARE real, they are important, they are notices from the universe that you’d better slow the fuck down and take a look at what’s really going on in your life.

And they are almost always a time when you need to reach out and get some support.

You’ve got to be honest about the support you need.

I think sometimes we believe we’re supposed to be able to do it all. We’re supposed to heal ourselves and be perfect at this thing or that thing, and never get angry, and never need help, and –

BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! (I’m saying that in a loud, sing-song voice.)

All those shoulds are SO not true. They are misconceptions. And they can cause such pain when we believe in them.


You are who you are.  You need what you need.  You must ask for the help you want.

My hunky hubby and I have a pretty amazing relationship, and a big huge ginormous part of that is being able to say to each other, “Hey! You’re acting a little bonkers! Do you need some help?”

But if you don’t have someone in your life that knows your particular brand of crazy well enough to call you out on it, you’re going to need to say to them:

I need some help.

Such big, scary, amazing words.

Maybe you need some help with childcare, or housework, or work-work. Maybe you need someone to talk to like a coach or a therapist or just a BFF. Maybe you need some medication to make all those chemicals in your brain function the way they were meant to. Maybe you need a massage or some acupuncture or whatever woo woo works for you.

Whatever you need, I’m here to tell you right now: it’s OK!  It’s OK.

It’s so very normal and human to not be able to do EVERYTHING all on your own.

It’s 100% okay and totally wonderful to accept and invite support into your life.

Because here is the secret, lovebugs:

When you do the things you need to do to get unstuck, the whole world will break wide open for you.

You will see that you had the courage you needed all along.

You will realize that you were able to be honest, even when you were afraid of speaking your truth.

You will see that the THING you thought was insurmountable, was totally doable.


You are amazing.

Don’t sell yourself short by allowing yourself to stay stuck.

SO much love, movement + magic to you,



3 Simple But Essential Steps to Starting A Biz You Love


Hola fellow unicorn riders (we loved them before it was hipster cool)!

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking a whole LOTTA lot about business, because we’re just about to launch a new Amazing Biz and Life Academy program called the Double Your Biz Intensive.

But if you don’t have a biz yet, you might be feeling a bit left out.  Maybe you’ve got a glimmer, a hope, a dream, but you’re not there yet. You’ve got nothing to double!

Well don’t fret darling hearts! I haven’t forgotten you!

We’ve had the Business Goddess ecourse available in the Academy for some time now, and it’s the perrrrrrrfect place to start if you’re just starting out with your biz—or even just nurturing the first spark of an idea.  And if you’re in that space right now, I want you to know that I’m with you, and I have three simple steps you must know about as you jump on this wild donkey journey!

3 Simple But Essential Steps To Starting A Biz You Love

1. Start

First, you must get started. Oh, sounds so damn simple I know… but it’s where SO many peeps get tripped up! This is where your fear, your resistance, your inner demons, your nasty critical voice are all going to leap outta the murky forests of your subconscious mind and jump ya. They’ll tell you that you’re not good enough, that it’s not the right time, that you’re not cut out for business.

You’re going to have a thousand and one reasons why you can’t or you shouldn’t or you mustn’t do this thing that’s calling you. How do you overcome them?

Simple, babe.


You’re going to feel afraid and sick. You might cry. You might wonder if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Just start.


You’re not going to know how to do this thing or that thing that you need to do. You won’t know where the money is coming from to make it happen. You won’t know how to get clients or send an invoice, or create a website.

Start anyway.

And if you’ve already started, start again.

Starting is a mindset. It’s a spiritual place. Every year, every month, every season, every week, every DAY we get the chance to start again. Every single breath we take is a new beginning. Starting is a gift.

Every time I have reached a milestone or a goal, I’ve realized that it’s not the finish line at all: it’s the starting line for something totally new.

Every time you reach a new level, whether it’s launching your website, getting your first client, getting your 100th client, hitting six figures, hitting seven figures—there will be something new to learn, something more to know.

So just start.

The best companion you can have is education, resources you can turn to that will help you take those first steps. That’s why I built the Academy: so you could have access to all my best knowledge in one single place.

So my educational recommendations – when you’re ready to start a new business, check out the Business Goddess course; when you’re ready to grow, you get the Double Your Biz Intensive; when you’re ready to delegate you can use the How to Hire, Grow & Keep A Six-Figure Team.

I can help you every step of the way.

All you have to do is take the first step.

The monsters lose their power when you courageously move forward. Inertia breeds inertia. Momentum breeds momentum.

Be the kind of goddess that starts and moves and just damn well DOES it!


2. Be Ridonkulously Useful

It doesn’t matter what you do – whether you’re selling sweet sparkly star-encrusted sweaters for kittens or power tools or life coaching or yoga – you MUST be useful.

Your business must be useful in everything you do.

Your products must be useful, yes. (And yes! Luxury is useful! Beauty is useful! Entertainment is useful! Soul warming is useful!) But I truly believe in being useful at every single point of contact with your customers and potential customers.

  • Is your website useful?
  • Is your blog useful?
  • Is your newsletter useful?
  • Are your Facebook updates, tweets, Instagram photos useful in some way?

Ask yourself:

Am I giving my all? Am I doing my best? Am I keeping my customers in mind with everything I do?

Are you being a leader of your community? Big or small, local or global, are you taking care to nurture that community you’re building?

Are you giving them what they need? Are you giving them what they want? (Or are you giving them what you THINK they need and want, instead?)

The interwebs are getting noisy, ducklings.  There is a lot of noise and static and FLUFF out there with very little meaning behind it. Are you going to chase after that craziness with cat memes and mustaches and bacon, or are you going to be the calm in the storm?

I am not saying be boring. EVERYBODY KNOWS, I don’t do boring! I do colorful and goddesses and rainbows and unicorns and SWEARING and TMI and beaches and rainforests and joy.

I don’t do boring.

But I don’t do meaningless, either.

I do fun. I do entertaining. I do beauty and light and love in whatever way I can. I do useful in the way I know that you want me to be useful. It’s my soul’s purpose, and I reaalllllly encourage you to find and do yours.


3. Keep Going

What do you do after you start? You keep going!

How do you double your biz? Keep going!

(P.S. In case you were wondering: You can’t double something that you STOP DOING!!!) 

Oh, and that fear? That resistance you felt when you were starting?

It doesn’t go away. SORRY! I still feel it. I notice it when I’m on the edge of something new, and I LOVE it because it tells me to wake up! Something’s happening.  Pay attention. It’s SUCH a beautiful opportunity to heal the next layer for me. Entrepreneurship is such a powerful spiritual journey, a place where ya gotta face all your shit and really do self development on a big scale.

So yeah… the fear doesn’t go away. It gets easier though. When you face your monsters once, it’s not as scary the second, eighth or twentieth time around.

It’s like “Oh hey! You again! What do you have to teach me this time? Coz you know I’m not staying stuck and listening to you, right?”

That’s why you have to keep going.


Keep on…

Keep starting.  Keep being useful. Keep learning. Keep trying new things. Keep ditching the things that don’t work. Keep listening to your soul and what it wants to do. Keep listening to your customers and what they want from you. Keep changing. Keep trying.

Keep going.

Because if you do these things? You CANNOT fail.

Here’s to your beautiful shining light.

You have a gift to share with the world, sweet soul.

Shine bright.


love leonie with leaf border new 4



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5 Biz Mistakes You Have to Fix IMMEDIATELY If You Want to Double Your Biz!


Anywhewsles, as you may know, we are launching a NEW course as part of our Amazing Biz and Life Academy – the Double Your Biz intensive.

And believe me angels, it is INTENSE.

I have broken down everything (and I mean EVERY LITTLE THING) I know about running a business that doubles income every year and piled it into a tome of business and marketing amplification.

And, not to be a negative Nelly, darlinghearts, but today I wanted to mention some of the mistakes I’ve seen business owners make over and over again.

NOT to make you feel bad if you’re making one of these –

But to show you how EASY they are to fix. Often, all it takes is knowing about these things to help you fix them and get you well on your way to seeing cwazzzy glorious results.

So get your pens out. Start taking notes. And fix ’em if you’re making ’em!

1. Hiding the Brownies

If there’s one big huge honkin’ mistake I see new business owners making, it’s that they aren’t willing to tell people what they do and ASK for the sale.

The author Fabienne Fredrickson has a good analogy about this. She calls it “Share Your Brownies!”

Imagine you have a whole bunch of friends over to your house. And you decide to make brownies. So you head off into the kitchen, and you bake them. And as they are baking, your friends keep popping in and saying “Oh my gosh! That smells so good! What are you doing in here? What are you making?” And you won’t tell them. Because baking brownies is your gift, your offering to the world. But to talk about it would be too salesy or marketish. So you hide your brownies from your friends. And you eat them by yourself in the kitchen. #sadface

The lesson here is: DON’T BE HIDING YOUR BROWNIES!

Have you told your friends/family/biz contacts/mama’s group/drum circle/knitting clatch what you do?

And if not, WHY THE HECK NOT????

You’ve got to be willing to take control of your destiny, say what you do with pride, and ASK for the sale.  Not in a pushy, dirty, icky way, but in a genuine, “I love you and I have a solution to your problem if you’re called” kind of way.


2. Getting Stuck on the Details

Done is better than perfect, panda bear.

Lemme say that again:

Done is better than perfect.

Whatever you’ve been holding onto out of fear that it wasn’t perfect, wasn’t right, wasn’t done —

It’s time to let it go.  It’s time to release it into the world.

An imperfect website is still a ZILLION TIMES BETTER at bringing in business than no website at all.

You’re only holding yourself back, panda bear. Time to embrace that imperfection in favor of forward momentum!

Ask yourself right now: what are you stuck on the details on right now? Now make a commitment to have it DONE el pronto. Make a QUICK deadline (i.e. this weekend! next Friday!)

Ride that wild donkey and get it DONE.


3. Selling to Everybody

So many of my peeps are so incredibly generous of spirit; they want to help everybody in the whole wide world. EVERYONE would benefit from their product or service!!

That may be true, love, but what is also true is that not everybody actually is going to buy your thing.

Think about the most popular, successful brands in the world.

Not everybody buys Coke.  Some people like Pepsi.  Some like root beer.  Some don’t drink soda at all.

Oh, and by the by—unless you have a marketing budget the size of Coca-Cola’s, you’re not going to be able to market to everybody!

So here’s the secret: figure out who your peeps are and start talking directly to them.  Get über specific! Know what they look like, what they think like, what they like like.  Then talk specifically to them.  (I’ve got fun exercises for doing this in the Double Your Biz course!)

Let’s say you run a yoga studio. Could everybody benefit from yoga? Sure!  Maybe so.  Is everybody in your town going to come to your yoga studio? Nope. You might find it’s people that like a certain style of yoga that you do, or it might be tired mums who like that there’s a kindy right across the street, or it might be busy professionals who like to come in after work or on their lunch hour.

Whoever it is, get to know them SPECIFICALLY and start talking to them in everything you do.

No multi-zillion dollar marketing budget needed!


4. Confusing Being “Annoying” with Being “Helpful”

I worked with a massage therapist one-on-one at one time, who was really hung up on not wanting to be “annoying.”

She didn’t tell any of her friends and family about her biz because she didn’t want to be annoying. She didn’t tell her clients that they could get the best results with her by booking a series of massages, because she didn’t want to be annoying. She didn’t ask people to book their next session when they finished, because she didn’t want to be annoying.

She needed a major mindset shift!

Because was she really being annoying?  NO!  She was being helpful! Telling people how to get the most out of your service (even if it means buying more) is HELPFUL! Letting them book their next session right away and not have to call later? HELPFUL! Letting friends know that you can help them with their problems? HELPFUL!

She was so hung up on not wanting to appear salesy or scammy that she literally wasn’t helping people where she could—even though her whole reason for being in business was to help people.

CRA-CRAY! (But not uncommon.)

And I will tell you what I told her:

How dare you hide your gift from the people who need it? Who deeply, deeply need what you have to offer. And you aren’t saying a word to them. You know you can help. You aren’t even opening the door to them… giving them the invitation to step through it. By talking about what you do, you aren’t holding a gun to anyone’s head and MAKING THEM do anything. You are giving them the opportunity to make a choice for themselves!

Open your hearts, lovelies. Give your potential customers the opportunity to choose for themselves. They will thank you for it!


5. Not Sharing Your AMAZING Results

Whatever you do — whatever your biz is — you create transformation.  You take people from point A to point B.

And that’s amazing!

So why aren’t you shouting that from the mountaintop?

What I see a lot is that people get confused between FEATURES, BENEFITS, and RESULTS.

Features are just what your product or service IS: it’s blue; it weighs 3 kilos; it comes with 4 Skype sessions.

Benefits are what it DOES: it relieves your pain; it helps you find your passion; it makes your coffee, does your laundry, and takes out the trash!  (I want that!)

Results are the lasting, life-changing effects. It doubled your business.  It saved you thousands of dollars.  It changed your life.

Whenever you’re talking about your  biz, you want to focus mostly on benefits and results.  You’ve got to tell the features in there somewhere, but the benefits and results are what are going to convince people to buy from you.

And how do you find out the results? You ask people! You’ve got to ask people for testimonials, especially when you’re getting started so that you can let them sing your praises.  Feels amazing, right?


A Little Challenge For You Today

Get a pen out. Write down what mistake (or mistakes) you are making out of this list.

And brainstorm three ways you can fix it TODAY.

Then go + bloody well do it lovey.

Momentum creates miracles. The little changes can create massive transformation when you do them again and again.


You have a gift.

Share it with the world.

Big love,


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The Secret to Being a Working Goddess While Creating a Business


{photo above is me + my cubicle buddies at my ole government job!}

hey lovebugs sml

I’ve been thinking about guilt this week…

And comparison…

And all those other little gremlins that get into our heads and make us think…

  • there’s something wrong with me if my biz doesn’t look just like hers
  • I’m doing it wrong if I haven’t made a zillion dollars in the first three days of having a business
  • I’m a failure if my journey doesn’t look like her journey, or hers, or hers…

Bullshit.  That’s the negativity talking, my goddess.  That’s the fear talking, not the truth.

And lovey, we’ve got to listen to the TRUTH!


This week I’ve got a question that I know weighs heavily on some of you beautiful souls who know your soul’s work and the work you’re doing right now to pay the bills aren’t quite the same thing yet.

What do you do once you’ve taken the biggest step toward living your dream? I packed up everything and moved to my dream location when I still had a job I could do via the Internet. Two months ago that job came to an end and it gave me the push I needed to start something of my own here, but I don’t have the luxury of time to wait for it to start bringing in an income, as I’m already on a very limited budget.

It’s only been two months and I don’t want to start doubting my idea or business, but the reality is that I will need to start thinking of heading back home if something doesn’t happen soon. I know that everything takes a bit of time, but how do you fast track and not let doubt clog up the manifestation process? I feel like I’ve already taken the biggest step towards living my dream, I just need it to start happening already!

Let’s see a show of hands, my lovelies: How many of you needed to work at another job full time or part time as you got your dream business going?

Imalookingaround… and there’s LOTS OF US. Including moi!

When I first started out on this crazy donkey-ride called entrepreneurship, I was working full-time.  I had a full time office job as an editor for the Australian Government at and was doing all my creating in my off time.

After a while, I started working part-time in my office job so I could spend more time creating.

And let me say something about my dear office job – I have never believed in the philosophy of breaking out of cubicle jail. Instead, I found a place to work that would give me an income while I played with my passions until I had a totally sustainable business.

It’s easy to forget that!  What you see when you come here is where I am NOW, but where I started out looked very very different! So lemme just say it right out loud for all the universe to hear:

There is absoloooodely NOTHING wrong with being a working goddess while creating a business.



What I would say to the panda bear who asked the question is this: Do everything in your power to stay in your dream location — look for another Internet job, look for work you can do locally, whatever it is.

But if it doesn’t work out, it’s not necessarily the universe saying no…. It might be the universe saying, “Not yet…”

What should you do if you do need to be a working goddess while you build your biz?

  • Find a place that doesn’t suck to work. You know – one that isn’t super awful & without a nutty boss.
  • If you can find a place that is flexible & allows you to go part-time at some stage, even better.
  • Not having to worry about finding money to pay rent while you play with your passions & work out what you want to do is really, really lovely. Having the back-up of a job’s money, structure & stability can be really healthy. It definitely was for me!
  • BRING GLITTER WHEREVER YOU GO. I’m convinced that half the reason my office job was lovely was because I made it lovely.

That’s the big shiny secret!  Whatever you’re doing, do it with love and passion!

I was the one at work doing angel card readings at her desk. I held a hugging competition and hugged 200 people in one day. I gave shoulder massages to other people. I wrote very silly weekly roundup emails to bring joy to the job. I interviewed people in the office to find out what their passions were and got them published in our work newsletters. I would spend my lunch hours uber wisely and do creative time and doodle on foolscap paper dream and plan my amazing biz.


{I post-it noted one of my work friend’s desk with love notes + affirmations!}


{I organised The Cheese Awards one Christmas which consisted of taking reindeer selfies with ever person to see who would win the coveted Big Cheese Award!}


{dancing in the back of a car with my two bosses. I remember laughing SO hard that day!}

I even took a three month stint doing financial reporting (yuck!) because I wanted to see just how far I could spread the glitter into the belly of the public service dinosaur. My findings?

People everywhere are open to love and joy and having fun. They just need someone to start it.

Once your business is built up and your prosperity possibilities have been worked out and fine tuned, then you can start the process of transitioning from full-time work to part-time work to full-time business goddess.

It doesn’t have to be an ALL IN, ALL OUT kinda thing. You do NOT have to quit your job in order to start the business of your dreams. My recommendation is having some balance, and doing it in a way that is fun, easy, non-stressy and in line with the evolution and growth of your business.


I repeat: You can have a job & STILL be a business goddess. Be gentle on yourself, dearest. Give yourself the gift of time to grow and have fun without massive pressure!

Having said all this: whatever you choose to do is perfect for you. I totally honour you! This has just been my experience.

And if you must move home, if you must go back to work, if you must find that job that will keep you sane & fed & clothed until your soul’s work comes to fruition —

Embrace it.  It’s your journey, and it’s exactly the right one for you!

I learned SO much from my years in a cubicle… skills that I never even realised would come in useful!

{I tell ya what… that stint in financial reporting is soooo useful in my biz now!}

Take your magic with you,

and make your miracles happen!

5 Ridunkulously Simple Ways To Stop Distractions!


Hola love muffins,

Oi. Stop checking Facebook, picking your nose, answering emails, wondering what to cook for dinner while you read this.

Stop thinking of a hundred million other things. Just do this one thing.

Just read. Just be here now.

Let’s talk focus. Let’s talk about how to cure yourself of distractions, and get focussed on your real shit.

Your big dream. The things you wish to create. Your business. Your book. Your art. Your dream life. Whatever it is you want to birth.

This week’s Q-diddly-doodle is all about FOCUS:

How can I stay more focused on my business vision?
How do I NOT get distracted by everything else that’s out there?

OK, lovebirds, let me tell you, this can be challenging for the best of us. There’s so much SHINY STUFF out there in Internet Land to distract us, even when we THINK we’re working, like…

  • Checking Facebook
  • Going to retweet some Twitterings
  • Checking Facebook
  • Googling something that ends up with you reading the Wikipedia life story of Dolly Parton (true story, it’s happened to me!)
  • Adding books to our ever growing list of books we MUST read
  • Checking Facebook
  • Rewriting our to do list

And it’s insidious because we feel like we’re working!  We’re networking! We’re doing that social media thang. Whatever it is.

But that kind of busy work isn’t moving you or your business or your dream forward.

So how do you get back to being uber focussed and on the right path?

First of all: kudos.

Good for you for being the conscious creator in your business. Good for you for wanting to stay even more focussed on your dream.

You have a dream inside you, and you want to help people.

So let’s start there.

Get your vision down on paper. Make it firm. Give it a planting in the real world.

The first thing ya gotta do is write that dream down into a vision statement. I created a mission and a vision statement of what I wanted the business to be that I refer to regularly using my workbook. There’s a good book by Cameron Herold called “Double Double” that encourages you to create a painted picture of your business, of what you want your business to be. I found that useful as another resource.

You can also use the questions in the Create Your Amazing Year in Business workbook, and really create a paragraph or two of that overarching thing that you are offering to the world and how you do business as well.

For me, I want my business to affect millions of people, and I want to help them have the most beautiful lives and business as possible, and I also want to do it in a way that creates joy and abundance for me and for all of my staff and for everybody who comes into my business.

That’s a picture of my essential biz tools: my vision as a dreamboard, my laptop (Pocahontas sticker from society6), my mission statement + biz plan in a PDF (I fill out the yearly workbook first, and then pop it into a PDF to share with my team) and my to do list book.

So I encourage you to connect in with the vision statement and make it real. Get it printed up, make it into a book, or create a poster and have it hanging in your office. Have it as something you can refer back to again and again.

Make sure that you are connecting in with your workbook answers on a fortnightly/monthly basis because that really helps to supercharge your dreams coming true.

When we stay more in connection with our dreams and our goals, the faster they manifest.


More Wonderful Ways to Focus on Your Biz Goals:

  1. Make a vision board.This is especially nice when you’re feeling the call to get out your paste pots and glitter! The Workbook has step-by-step instructions, but really this is a follow-your-soul type endeavor and whatever you come up with is ding dang perfect.
  2. Write a vision statement.Don’t worry about what it’s SUPPOSED to be, or say, or do.  You might ask yourself as a prompt, “What do I want my life and my biz and the WORLD to look like in the future?” just as a jumping off point. There’s no wrong way to do this.
  3. Print and hang up your favorite testimonials.
    Hang up those lovely emails, letters, notes that help you remember WHY you started this journey in the first place.
  4. Find an accountability partner.The Academy forums are perfect for this! Find a like-minded business goddess (she doesn’t have to be in your field! In fact you might get lots of sympa-ti-co juju from someone in an entirely different biz than yours) and set up weekly accountability emails or calls to help both of you stay on track.
  5. Announce a date.If part of your goals this year was to launch something or release something or build something or make something or do something — set the date and sing it from the mountaintops! Announce it to your tribe. That’ll get your hiney in gear! Sometimes public accountability is a great focuser!

And just as a cautionary tale here, panda bears: don’t censor your dreams.


Sometimes our big goals are to be financially independent, or to have the freedom to quit your bridge job, or to have a job that lets you travel the world — and you might feel a twinge of guilt for that.

Isn’t that greedy??  Shouldn’t I have some big noble change the world type goal?

Darlinghearts, your dreams are YOUR dreams, no one else’s.  If your goal is to live an extraordinary life, travel the world, have the resources to buy a bigger house or have different expensive pillows for every month of the year, DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF FOR THAT.

You get to want what you want.

Did you notice that part of my mission is creating abundance? Part of that is cold hard cash, lovelies, and I’m not going to deny it. I’ve talked before about how money is NOT the root of all evil. It’s all about how you use it. And if you want to make money with your biz, that’s a GOOD THING, panda!

There’s  nothing wrong with having a solid financial life as part of your vision, so don’t censor yourself there. Don’t talk yourself out of what you really want.


And at exactly the same time, I also believe in the bigger why.

You were put on this planet to achieve great things, there’s no doubt about it.

And creating abundance in your life might be part of it.

But I always believe there is a bigger why.

There’s something about what you do that lights you up. And if there’s not… Well, that’s a problem.

Because if your work doesn’t light you up, you’re not going to light up your peeps. You’re not going to attract your audience. You’re not going to find your tribe.

Your WHY is magnetic. People can feel it. They get pulled into it.

I truly believe that’s part of why this business has been so successful for me – because I’ve followed my heart, I’ve listened to my soul, and I’ve kept my big powerful WHY always at the heart of what I do.

I saw someone in a Facebook group (NOT our gorgeous Academy group!) a few weeks ago, and she was asking for advice on her fitness biz. She was saying, “I don’t love this method of weight loss, but it seems like that’s what everybody wants, so should I just go for it?”

The answer is a big ole NOPE.

If you don’t love it, how are you going to sell it?  People are going to FEEL that you’re not into it, and they’re going to go somewhere else and work with someone who IS into it.


So, wouldn’t it be easier to do what you DO love?

Bring your passion to your work, and your work will be amazing. Bring your why to what you do, and your tribe will follow you to the ends of the earth.

And THAT my lovelies is how you stay focused on your business vision.

Infuse every single thing you do — from emails to sales pages, from Facebook updates to coaching calls — with your big why and you will be on the path to success.


Become a monk to your dreams

Stay focussed on that thing you want to bring into the world.

Become a monk to your dreams. Don’t let your ego get in the way here hon.

It’s not about you. It’s about your service to the world. And you have to help as many people as you can.

So don’t worry about whether you are good enough. Don’t spend time thinking about how you should be a different person. Stop comparing yourself to every Tom, Dick and Henrietta out there.

You were born to be YOU.

You were born to do this big beautiful dream of yours.

That’s ALL you need to worry about.

Keep your focus there. Keep your focus on the people who are calling out for you, who need what you have.

They are out there. It is your job to turn up and find them.

Stay focussed, earth angel. The world needs you.

Your challenge for today…

Take a few minutes today to meditate on your vision, goddesses. You’ll feel so much clearer and ready to take on every mountain and mole hill that appears on your path.

So much love and light (and FOCUS) to you!



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