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standard operating procedures release

Howdy goddesses!

We’ve got a brand spankin’ new Academy course for you!

In this one – How To Create Standard Operating Procedures, we’re talking alllllllll about getting your ducks in a row, putting on your big girl panties and making your business run like a BIG business.

Standard Operating Procedures are your business’ growth miracle maker. Trust me.

While they are hard work to start, this should be an ESSENTIAL part of your business.

Standard Operating Procedures help you:

  • Spend less time working
  • Create a better quality product and service for your customers
  • Hire + train new staff far more quickly + produce better results faster
  • Supercharge your business for growth by making it scaleable!

The How To Create Standard Operating Procedures course takes you through:

  • What Standard Operating Procedures are
  • Why you need them (badly) in your business
  • How to create + maintain them
  • Behind the scenes look into Leonie Dawson International Standard Operating Procedures manual
  • Step-by-step technical tutorial on creating your own SOP using Google Sites Wiki

Whatcha waiting for? Start now!

Not an Academy member yet? Sign up today to get it + the rest of the 60+ biz + life courses!

To your thriving + shining!

Big love,


Peek Inside The 2016 Life Goals Workbook

by Leonie Dawson on December 2, 2015

peek inside 2016 life

Hola poppets!

So we’re continuing to give you peeks into our 2016 planner collection… there’s so much new + wonderful stuff this year to share with you to help you plan out your best life + biz yet in 2016!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you a peek inside the 2016 Create Your Shining Year in LIFE workbook!


So this year, after many many requests, we split the Biz + Life goals workbook into two workbooks.

That way, you could give it to friends, sisters, mums, daughters, teenagers for Christmas even if they didn’t have a business. (Which reminds me: GET YOUR ORDERS IN NOW TO MAKE SURE YOU GET IT DELIVERED IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!)

They make SUCH a beautiful present… and you then get the bonus gifts of seeing your favourite people in the world achieving their goals and dreams… AND you can also commandeer them into having workbook planning parties with you! #winwinwin


They are lushly + beautifully illustrated… full colour… fully redesigned + re-illustrated this year to make them even more radiant + scrumptious for your feasting eyes.

Some of our workbooks live in the wild with our magical tribe:

12246752_997798970282627_1346863751650102132_n 12278628_10153782024567533_1469866743029619027_n  12316546_10154504853898975_6091611135337613210_n 12314055_10153672253842649_2644542377717854499_n

The 2016 Create Your Shining Year In Life workbook will help you map out:


We get such lovely feedback from the gorgeous souls that get gifted these workbooks about how it’s changed their life. What a beautiful gift to give!

We also divided them into chapters this year so you can fill out your goals for:

  • Money
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Travel + Adventures.

And we’ve also made some extra yummy changes this year:

  • the book is printed on recycled paper
  • you get a smorgasbord of suggestions for goals for each area of your life
  • you also get my recommended books + resources list for each area of your life!

And with EVERY order of a printed Life workbook, you also get a FREE huge BONUS A2 printed 2016 wall planner!


(One of our wallplanners live in the wild!)

Want to see what they look like inside page by page?

Let me take you on a glorious wander through them!!!


click play to look inside

And a quick video of the wall planner!

Women get such HUGE results from using these workbooks year after year.

For the last seven years it’s been such a gift to hear their miracles and stories of dreams come true, of lives reclaimed, of spirits inspired, of bucket lists made and ticked off, of glorious, happy, satiated journeys being led.

SS_Testimonial_Instagram PP_Testimonial_Instagram KL_Testimonial_Instagram HM_Testimonial_Instagram DDT_Testimonial_Instagram

I know if you grab these + fill them out, you too will see scrumptious changes in your life.

The you in one year will thank you for doing it!

Click here to order yours today! (And don’t forget to order your Christmas gifts while you are at it! Screw another scented candle or shit they don’t need… this is a gift that creates beautiful lives!!!)

Big love,



by Leonie Dawson on October 29, 2015


Hola my darlings!


Important info to share:

If you have already pre-ordered:

If you haven’t pre-ordered + want to JUST ORDER THEM ALREADY!!!

We will open the cart again next Wednesday. If you’re not on the mailing list, jump on it now here – for early bird notification. We are already running low on some of the stock items because we had so many pre-orders, so once we release, you should get your order in ASAP to make sure you don’t miss out.

This year there are significant changes to the workbooks:

You are going to FLIP OUT when you see them.

  • Biz + Life goal workbooks are now in two separate books (so non-biz women + teenagers can just get the Life goal planners!)
  • Biz + Life goal workbooks have been redesigned, rewritten + reillustrated.
  • They are now in luscious chapters/sections (for example – in Life, you have sections like Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Creativity + Financial Goals. In Biz, you have sections like Marketing, Team, Finances + Systems Goals).
  • Both workbooks are thicker, have heavier covers, gorgeous recycled paper that is a dream to write on
  • Both include graph paper, lined paper + unlined paper at the back for you to take notes in.
  • Both workbooks have a pocket for putting extra paper/notes in.
  • The 2016 yearly wall planner is DOUBLE the size of last years one! This one is A2 sized and completely damn scrumptious!
  • The 2016 weekly planner is brand spanking new! It features rainbowy pages, monthly goal planning, weekly to do list reminders, income goals, action plans + lots more! Exactly what you need to get your goals happening every week!
  • The to do list pad is brand spanking new as well! This one helps you to make sure you get your most important tasks done daily, as well as making sure you have healthy, thriving, shining habits along the way (i.e. meditating, eating greens, staying hydrated, getting exercise + being connected!)

Jump on the early bird list to see ’em first!

If you are in Canberra or Sydney!

I’m holding workbook meet-ups in CANBERRA and SYDNEY over the next month. If you want to be involved, please email [email protected] and say which one you’re interested in coming to play at!

We have SO much planned this workbook season to delight you with + support you even more in making your biz + life goals come true.

Love… a very proud creative mamabear!