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by Leonie Dawson on August 19, 2015

steve biddulph quote poster SMALL

Hey petunias,

A couple of months ago I went to a wonderful lecture by best-selling parenting author Steve Biddulph. You can see all my illustrated notes from it here.

One of the illustrations I shared sounded a bell within many of your hearts + you asked for a poster.

Behold! Not just a poster… but a colouring page too! (A complete colouring book is also in the works as well to be shared next month – free for everyone on my mailing list! Make sure you are on it!)



Big love + miracles,


Things You Need To Thrive (A Printable Worksheet)

by Leonie Dawson on August 12, 2015


Hi my boos,

It’s so deeply important that we get to know

what makes us thrive

and remind ourselves of this,


So, to help… I made a fun free printable poster/worksheet for you today.

Things I Need To Thrive BLANK

Click here to download + print.

Fill it out. Pop her on your wall. And send me a pic when you are done!

Here’s mine…

she hangs on my studio wall above my desk :)

To remind me of just what to do when my well runs empty + my soul starts longing…

what i need to thrive

To your thriving delight,

Big love,



by Leonie Dawson on March 17, 2015

Cover Image HG Zine

Can’t wait to download?
Click to download “Hyperemesis Gravidarum: The Illustrated Zine” here.


A couple of weeks ago, while I was sequestered away in the turquoise cabin by the sea, I had a feeling that something was trying to push its way forth into the world. And it was stuck. How did I know it was stuck?

I was grumpy as all get out. Kvetchy and itchy, feelers out like an octopus, groping and seeking.

I wasn’t at home with myself.

I talked to a friend about it.

I feel a bit like the Velveteen Rabbit,

I said.

Am I real?

They were kind and they listened and they reassured me that I was a Skin Horse.

And then they said:

“You still seem a bit traumatised about your pregnancy with Beth? Can you write about it?”

“No, the words won’t come.”

“Draw it out?”

“Ugh. I could try.”

(Obviously, I was resistant as fuck.)

But I thought:

What harm could there be?

Anything better than feeling like this.

Better than feeling adrift at sea, my boat untethered from the port of my soul.

So I took a black pen, and started. It all begins with a dot, then a line.

And the dripping tap of words became a gushing tsunami

and I wrote and I drew and I wrote and I drew

late at night on the couch by my love
in the bright light afternoons at the cabin by the sea

and I wrote and I drew and I cried

and then I bought an old typewriter

and typed and typed and cried and typed

until all the words were out,
all the stories told,
all the loud roar
was quiet inside me
and my boat
drifted slowly home
into port.

This is the story of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The story of a pregnancy lived with a debilitating illness. The story of vomit.

It’s not an inspirational story, I don’t think.

I didn’t want to make it one.

I wanted it to be roar. Raw. Angry. Vulnerable. Painful.


I just wanted it to be my story. My story written and told. Wrested down on paper.

I offer it for any woman who has ever been through H.G.. Or who is going through it right now. Or anyone with a debilitating illness. Or any woman who wants to understand.

I just offer it.

Click to download

With all my self,