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2 Inspiring Videos To Light Up Your Weekend!

by Leonie Dawson on February 23, 2013



Happy weekend! I have two amazing videos to inspire you this weekend.

These two have inspired me + lit my fires + touched my heart in a way I haven’t felt since the last time.

I’m just so over the moon over both of them I can’t even TALK about them.

Yup, they’ve rendered Leonie catatonic. #missionimpossible

They are so, so, SO worth it, lovebugs.

Watch away and get effing LIT UP with joy + love + all the good things.


God I love you Morgan Spurlock. You are one magical creative beast.

I present you: The Failure Club.

A new TV show on Yahoo about people actively chasing their dreams + inviting failure.

Click here to watch.


I don’t know if you got giddy and gigglesnorted and squealed your way through this beautiful heart-centered creative proposal:

Well… the mastermind of the proposal is back.

This time with the prequel and the sequel and the power of saying YES TO LOVE.

I cried cried CRIED like a baby the whole way through this.

yes to love + failure + dreams come true,

Your Message For Today

by Leonie Dawson on September 11, 2012


I notice people are wavering a lot right now.

Not sleeping. Feeling kooky. Worrying. Fretting. Freakin’ out.

Actin’ out. Arguing. Grumbling. Taking offense.

Taking it personally.

Feeling stricken, saddened, in a rush.

Feeling full moon-ish, even though we’re past that now.

Anywhere but here.


Just remember love,

you’ve been through this before.

You’re going to get through this.

Everything will work out.

Everything will be okay.

Stay calm. Stay clear.

Keep your faith. Tend to yourself gently.

Blame it on the planets.

Don’t take it personally.

Know it will pass.

Keep Calm + Carry On.


You can be the light.

You can embody hope.

This is your time to step up.


Goddess Inspiration! Oodles & poodles of it!

by Leonie Dawson on December 18, 2011

Hola gorgeous goddess!


SO! Did you get your FREE How to be a Domestic Goddess ebook? And did you get that the ebook *wasn’t* broken, and in fact first 30 pages were intentionally blank because I thought that was a hilarious? And the ebook really started after The End on page 30? And there was a very deep point to the whole thing?


Oh good. I’m glad you did. I sooooo knew you would! Besties FOREVER!!!!

Onto other things from Goddess land this week:



Have been re-reading one of my favourite books on optimism :: Rob Brezsny’s “Pronoia”



Another episode of the Soul Sister Sessions podcast has been recorded with the gorgeous Kyeli & will be out next week! It’s the Sex & Burnout episode! Wahoooo!


My hands have been uber carpal tunnel-ish this week, making it muchos difficult for me to type. Have been super grateful for these healing things that have helped - this Ergonomic keyboard & rose hip tablets & hand massages.



Also did a whole bunch of redesigning over in the Goddess Circle, and it’s looking so incredibly sparkly & gorgeous! Feel SO happy looking at the brand new designs… it’s even more glorious for all the Circle goddesses to dive into!



Annnnd some delicious bits of inspiration I found for you around ze web:

I got interviewed months ago on Chizelle TV… when I still had my mermaid hair!

Congrats to beautiful Goddess Circle sister Lillian on her delicious Kickstarter project!

Jen’s Rest & Nourish series in January sounds absoloodely sublime.

Love love LOVE these photos of Lisa the Sassy Minx working through her 2012 workbook with her cat! Heeee!!! Magic! Miracles!

And another beautiful goddess working through her 2012 workbook so thoughtfully, consciously, divinely in her own special way.

This article is called “How to Unschool“. But I think it’s less about unschooling, and more about a new way of being in partnership with our children.

And couple of interesting links from my love…

Receiving treatment for anxiety during pregnancy pays off after birth

Self-published authors find e-success

I’ve also discovered lately that my body is classed as “hypermobile“. Chris read the Wikipedia article about it today and was like “this is you all OVER honey!” Useful information to know – thought I’d share it along!


Over & out on this incredible Sunday… let’s go make some miracles happen!