I’m A Cover Girl!












I’m still Leonie from the (Rainforest) Block tho.

Who still can’t quite believe anybody knows who the fuck I am.

I feel like I’ve been hiding out in the mountains for a loooooong time.

And coming back to Canberra has been a return to civilisation + also waaaaaaaaaaay more attention than I am used to.

From being an Ausmumpreneur of the Year finalist to top 6 in the Australian Businesswoman of the Year Awards… now to being a covergirl… yeah… I don’t quite feel so much like the hidden hermit anymore.

It’s totally a huge honour.

And it’s still taking me some time to getting used to.



I could probably keep babbling.

But there are hundreds of emails that need answering. And I just hired three new staff over the weekend to help with the inbox deluge + everything else we have going on.

It’s kind of huge + wonderful and it definitely has shit-my-pants moments in it too.

Fuck… I just remembered. I didn’t even tell you.

The whole POINT of this message.

So I’m the December covergirl for the Business Heroine magazine.

It was fucking AWESOME to be asked. Plus, me + the magical editor Anne had the BEST interview which was really us laughing a lot and picking each other’s brains about the crossroads of business and spirituality and talking about ugly selfies and me asking to be adopted into Anne’s family, and her happily accepting.


You can read/listen here.

And I really, really, really hope you are having a wonderful day.

I woke up at 6am for a big session with Hiro + then did an hour of business coaching for some of our top affiliates + then we picked up mail (I have been internet buying handmade goodies for the little mermaids for Christmas) + then we got Angel groomed (she looks like half the dog she used to be) + I’m cramming in some work before we head to parent-teacher interviews this afternoon.

It’s a good day all round.

Okay my loves.

You hang up. No… YOU hang up.

You know I can’t.

Allright… miss you already…

Big big love,



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How To Hand Email Over To A VA


Okaysies, so lately we’ve been talking about biz systems + organisational stuff in the Academy mastermind forum on Faceybookiewookie.

And one sweetheart asked this question:

How did you hand over your email to someone else to handle?
Logistically, how did you do it and then how did you look after the bits that you actually would need to respond to for example; I work w my clients 1:1 and part of that is communicating with them directly over email as well as real estate agents. how would I manage the things I need to while outsourcing the rest?
Also what about subscriptions? Sometimes I want to read someone’s article/newsletter other times I don’t. How does my email fairy sort that out for me
How would you “check” to ensure all your emails are being answered by the VA and secondly that they are being handled the correct way!

My guess is a bunch of you are wondering the same thing.

So I thought I’d create a little how to to help ya’ll along on the path.

Here’s how to work it:

1. Decide it needs to happen. Preferably before you want to neck yourself.

At a certain point in your business you’ll realise you need to stop being the bottleneck in your business. That you simply can’t keep up with the emails. That they are stopping you from creating the strategy of your business and growing it intentionally.

You might also find these articles useful: 13 Steps To Hiring An Exceptional VA and How To Hire Staff When You Want To Do It All Yourself.

Either set yourself a date for making enough money to hire a VA.

Or come up with a plan of what you need to do in order to afford one.

Or if you are just procrastinating because you’re afraid… you’re going to have to jump and do it.

2. Hire ’em

Use the steps in the hiring program to find your right team member.

3. Create your email Standard Operating Procedures

Write up a set of instructions on how to answer the common questions that come into your inbox.

Write the answers exactly how you want them answered. You want to get tone across as well in that personal style of how you like your customers to be treated. I prefer mine to verge on joyful sovereignty with love.

4. Automate

You can also make this a bit more automated by using canned responses in Gmail, or using a help desk email system like Help Scout.

5. Train ’em

You’re going to need to have a convo (preferably over the phone/Skype/Google Hangouts) where you can communicate exactly what you want, including:

  • how often emails are to be answered each day/week
  • where they can find the email Standard Operating Procedures to use
  • what to do with emails they don’t know the answer to.

6. Be prepared for training time

It’ll take at least a couple of weeks before your new VA hits their stride in confidently answering emails. Be prepared for a lot of emails from them asking what they should do with emails that aren’t super simple.

7. Either pre-check or retro-actively check responses for coaching purposes

Either get your new VA to save drafts of emails for you to check before they are sent out, or go through and check email responses after they’ve been sent. Do this for at least for the first couple of weeks. Coach your new VA with what needs to change in order to make them the best they can be. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

8. Set up your own private email

This should only be given to peeps who absoloodely must have direct access to you.

For example, the only peeps who know mine are:

  • my team
  • my family/friends.

My team will answer emails to me for me – they either ask me for a response during our weekly team meetings on Google Hangouts, or I’ll send it from my private email to my VAs to send on.

9. How to handle email coaching clients

If you have private coaching clients who have email access to you, you can either give them your private email, or set up a coaching email address.

I’d suggest setting up a separate coaching email address. That way you’re less inclined to think “ohhhhh I’ll just check my email before I go to bed…” and wind up staying up half the night thinking about a response or deciding to just stay up and work.

That way you can have some lovely self-boundaries in place that you only check it once a day or three times a week and set aside time to respond then and there with some great, thoughtful responses. (Of course, you’ll need to communicate with your clients about your time frame for responding.)

10. How to deal with email subscriptions

Get your VA to unsubscribe from all that end up in your main email account.

Then – here’s my challenge to you – you can only sign up for ones to go to your private email account if you can remember them off the top of your head and still really enjoy them and find them useful.

Don’t look back on what you’re already subscribed to.

Just resubscribe to the ones you remember, use and love!

11. Have boundaries

Do NOT go into your business email account everyday after the training period for your VA is complete. Once you trust they are doing a great job, you need to either decide to not go in there at all (and instead just get updates about potential issues/changes to be made in team meetings), or do a review once a month or so and see if there’s anything that needs optimising on the customer service front.

12. You can also automate your customer service quality

My mate Laura Freaking! Roeder taught me this trick – if you use a service like Help Scout, you can install Team Hively to imbed a customer satisfaction rating in your emails. And then you can review that each month to see how your customer service is going!

13. Now Enjoy The Faaarrrck Outta Your Free Time (But Don’t Get Bloody Well Distracted!)

Make sure you don’t fill the vacuum of email-less time with other unimportant bullshit (social media, Imalooking at you).

Make sure you stay FOCUSSED on creating passive income, creating what needs to be created, driving your business forward. Put your CEO hat on and go to town!

You’ve got some big dreams to make come true.

Now go do ’em!

Your loving fan,


2 Inspiring Videos To Light Up Your Weekend!



Happy weekend! I have two amazing videos to inspire you this weekend.

These two have inspired me + lit my fires + touched my heart in a way I haven’t felt since the last time.

I’m just so over the moon over both of them I can’t even TALK about them.

Yup, they’ve rendered Leonie catatonic. #missionimpossible

They are so, so, SO worth it, lovebugs.

Watch away and get effing LIT UP with joy + love + all the good things.


God I love you Morgan Spurlock. You are one magical creative beast.

I present you: The Failure Club.

A new TV show on Yahoo about people actively chasing their dreams + inviting failure.

Click here to watch.


I don’t know if you got giddy and gigglesnorted and squealed your way through this beautiful heart-centered creative proposal:

Well… the mastermind of the proposal is back.

This time with the prequel and the sequel and the power of saying YES TO LOVE.

I cried cried CRIED like a baby the whole way through this.

yes to love + failure + dreams come true,

Your Message For Today


I notice people are wavering a lot right now.

Not sleeping. Feeling kooky. Worrying. Fretting. Freakin’ out.

Actin’ out. Arguing. Grumbling. Taking offense.

Taking it personally.

Feeling stricken, saddened, in a rush.

Feeling full moon-ish, even though we’re past that now.

Anywhere but here.


Just remember love,

you’ve been through this before.

You’re going to get through this.

Everything will work out.

Everything will be okay.

Stay calm. Stay clear.

Keep your faith. Tend to yourself gently.

Blame it on the planets.

Don’t take it personally.

Know it will pass.

Keep Calm + Carry On.


You can be the light.

You can embody hope.

This is your time to step up.


Goddess Inspiration! Oodles & poodles of it!

Hola gorgeous goddess!


SO! Did you get your FREE How to be a Domestic Goddess ebook? And did you get that the ebook *wasn’t* broken, and in fact first 30 pages were intentionally blank because I thought that was a hilarious? And the ebook really started after The End on page 30? And there was a very deep point to the whole thing?


Oh good. I’m glad you did. I sooooo knew you would! Besties FOREVER!!!!

Onto other things from Goddess land this week:



Have been re-reading one of my favourite books on optimism :: Rob Brezsny’s “Pronoia”



Another episode of the Soul Sister Sessions podcast has been recorded with the gorgeous Kyeli & will be out next week! It’s the Sex & Burnout episode! Wahoooo!


My hands have been uber carpal tunnel-ish this week, making it muchos difficult for me to type. Have been super grateful for these healing things that have helped – this Ergonomic keyboard & rose hip tablets & hand massages.



Also did a whole bunch of redesigning over in the Goddess Circle, and it’s looking so incredibly sparkly & gorgeous! Feel SO happy looking at the brand new designs… it’s even more glorious for all the Circle goddesses to dive into!



Annnnd some delicious bits of inspiration I found for you around ze web:

I got interviewed months ago on Chizelle TV… when I still had my mermaid hair!

Congrats to beautiful Goddess Circle sister Lillian on her delicious Kickstarter project!

Jen’s Rest & Nourish series in January sounds absoloodely sublime.

Love love LOVE these photos of Lisa the Sassy Minx working through her 2012 workbook with her cat! Heeee!!! Magic! Miracles!

And another beautiful goddess working through her 2012 workbook so thoughtfully, consciously, divinely in her own special way.

This article is called “How to Unschool“. But I think it’s less about unschooling, and more about a new way of being in partnership with our children.

And couple of interesting links from my love…

Receiving treatment for anxiety during pregnancy pays off after birth

Self-published authors find e-success

I’ve also discovered lately that my body is classed as “hypermobile“. Chris read the Wikipedia article about it today and was like “this is you all OVER honey!” Useful information to know – thought I’d share it along!


Over & out on this incredible Sunday… let’s go make some miracles happen!



Goddess Inspiration

Hola gorgeous goddess!


Let’s get inspired & get out & enjoy this glorious day!!!!!

Scrumptious goodies I’ve gathered to share :::

How to make tissue paper flowers (we had loads of these at our wedding ~ and still have them hanging on our verandah)

Love Heather’s Live List!

I read & really loved Tara’s Art of Earning ebook! We need to talk more about money.

An interview I did on My Blooming Life about my creative habits.

My lovely healer friend Gina is doing an Anxiety Busting Tour.

Another gorgeous friend, Tara, made this beautiful Declarations of Independence free ebook (I’m in it toooo!)