Joyful Goddess Life

On a day like today, I cannot not say anything.

And yet, I don’t know what to say.

Except that I feel deeply sad.

I don’t know what to do.

I pray for peace. I pray for this not to be turned into any kind of religious intolerance. I pray for this not to turn into war.

I pray for those two beautiful souls that died. I pray for their families and all who knew them. I pray for the deva of Sydney, the spirit of the city, that has one great gaping hole in it today.

We will not become jaded. We will not become closed off. We will not hurt each other.

We will not slacken our gun laws in the hopeless thought that more guns would create more peace.

We will not believe that this is a terrorist attack. It wasn’t. It was the act of one disturbed, broken, violent soul. We will not believe it was the act of any organisation, any religion.

We will have our hearts cracked and softened. We will sit with ourselves, with the pains, the shock, the grief that arise. We will tend to ourselves. We will go gently. We will not lash out. We will reach out. We will talk together as gently as we can, and see what can be done. We will continue to grow our community, our cities, our world based in the values of respect, kindness and love.

There is no other way but love. Fear, intolerance and backlash only creates more of the same. Let us look at South Sudan, where they don’t even know what they fight for any longer, only that there is an Us and a Them.

We know different.

We know there is only ever us.

We will ride with each other. We will ride with our own selves.

We will face the great, gaping void.

And we will choose love, not fear.

We know it will make the difference.

In tender love today,

P.S. I am sorry for your pain. Me too. xoxo

Note From Leonie: Update about 2015 Printed Workbooks!

by Leonie Dawson on December 15, 2014


Hey lovelies,

I wanted to give you an update about 2015 printed workbook orders.

We’ve had some huge delays along the way with the workbooks. I wanted to give you a headsup about what’s happening and when you can expect your books.

(Not digital workbook orders! If you’ve ordered them and they haven’t arrived in your email, email us el pronto – [email protected] and we’ll get you sorted ASAP!)

  • This year, we decided to self-publish + distribute the books ourselves so that we could create a much better product for you (spiral bound! free wall planner! more awesomeness! bonus accompanying meditation MP3 + goal-setting course delivered by email!) at a better/more stable price! I utterly know for sure it was the right thing to do, and it’s also been a huuuuuuge undertaking with many, many late nights + nutty days by me, my love, my team, our printers and our mailing houses to try and get this baby out in time.
  • We totally considered doing mailing from in-house so we could have more control. We ran the figures and knew we would be totally unable to keep up with demand of sending up to a thousand books a day. I love my post office lady Cindy a LOT… but not enough to be spending all day every day at the post office with her writing a gazillion Customs declarations!
  • We outsourced + found mailing house experts + have contracted mailing houses in THREE countries – UK, US & AUS – to try and make shipping as fast and affordable for you as possible. Unfortunately this has totally added to the complexity of it all!
  • We were scheduled to start delivering books from 1 December. We opened orders before then as pre-orders.
  • UK + Aus mailing houses started delivering books from 1 December.
  • US (+ Canada + South America) orders were delayed as US Customs held up our shipment until last week. Once they were cleared, our US mailing house have been working hard at the backlog of 1400+ books that were due to be sent out. We’re hoping the whole backlog will be all sent out from this week. I’m sorry. We’re doing everything we can. They do seem to be arriving very quickly once they’ve dispatched. We’re super hopeful everyone will get their orders delivered before Xmas.
  • You will be sent a shipping confirmation [and tracking number if available] once your workbooks have been sent out from the mailing house. Unfortunately we are unable to provide shipping and tracking information prior to the mailing center sending this email to you.
  • We’ve been hearing that some lovely enthusiastic peeps found our hidden test sales pages before they were live, and placed orders before our shopping cart was live, and before we’d even announced the workbooks. If you placed an order before 18 November, chances are you’ve placed a fake order (that would also not have processed with your credit card). I’m sorry – we were caught completely unaware. A little bit like being caught naked as we were changing! Email us ([email protected]) to make sure we have your order.
  • We’ve heard from some Australians that they didn’t realise workbooks were priced in US dollars and wondered why they are. I wanted to be totally transparent with you so you know why we sell in US dollars (for all our stuff, and have for years):
    – We sell 75% of our books to the US. They are our major market. On top of this, we sell to over 70 countries. US currency is far more easily recognised than Australian.
    – We can’t sell in more than one currency due to our shopping cart.
    – We prominently display on every single purchase button that it is in US dollars.
    – If you’re not sure what the exchange rate is from US dollars to AUS, you can always check a currency convertor website like this one.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 16.40.09

  • If you haven’t received your order, please, please EMAIL us ([email protected]). We’ll be able to confirm for you whether your order has been received, and that it’s been sent to the mailing house for them to send your book out to you. We can’t control how quickly they then send the book out because it depends on their shipping loads + containers, but they promise us that it is happening as fast as they can.
  • EMAIL is the best, quickest way for us to get things resolved. I think sometimes we all get a bit complacent and think Facebook comments are enough. Unfortunately, they do get lost in the blend – we don’t see them, and you don’t see when we’ve replied to you. Also, the joy of EMAIL is that we are much more easily able to find your order for you!
  • My lovely support fairies (Joyce, Erin + Amber) are working their lil fingers off right now. We are getting a huge amount of emails as this is our busiest month of the year. We are trying to get to your emails as fast as we can and we are receiving hundreds upon hundreds of emails each day which require a whole lot of love and attention.

Thank you all so so so much for your orders, love + enthusiasm.

This has been such a hugely frustrating and at times quite scary journey as we deal with organisations that are outside of our control (Customs + the distribution houses!). When I rule the world, this shiz would get sorted el pronto!

We’re doing absolutely everything we can to get them to you in time for Christmas.

I’m so sorry this is taking so long. I’m so sorry for the hiccups. We’re doing absolutely everything we can. And of course, I’ll be sharing every bloody lesson we’ve learned along the way!

I really realllllly love this workbook, and I am fiercely proud of what we’ve managed to pull off this year. I think you are going to be absolutely delighted once it is in your hands… creating the magic for you.

Can’t wait.

Until then… GROUP HUGS!!!!

Love you all long time,

gift option 2

Gorgeous wonderbears,

There’s so much beautiful energy and excitement around these books.

It really is my favourite time of the year.

Just wanted to remind you that only have a couple of days left to purchase the gift of an incredible year for Christmas presents (but you better get cracking!!!!)

The 2015 workbooks make perfect gifts for:

  • soul sisters + dear friends
  • actual sisters (!)
  • teenage daughters
  • co-workers
  • clients
  • business associates!

Two examples of gifting I love:

One best-selling author has bought 50(!!!!) to give to her coaches.

Another has bought dozens to give to her private-level mastermind.


give an incredible 2015

  • Life e-workbook!
  • Biz e-workbook!
  • Life + Biz e-workbook!
  • Life + Biz printed book + wall planner!

Order them here!


There’s oodles of interest + questions coming up as 2015 Life + Biz Goals Workbooks fly out the door.

Lemme answer some more for you!

Screenshot 2014-12-10 17.21.12

Photo from the lovely Elizabeth from The Pillow Fort!


It’s significantly different from 2010-2013 workbooks, and slightly different from 2014.

I’ve added pages including:

  • Monthly check-in sheets to make sure you stay on track throughout the year
  • A checklist of what to do if you fall of the workbook wagon

Also, the printed workbook this year has:

  • Free A2 wall planner
  • Notes section
  • And is spiral bound to make it much easier to use as a workbook!

testimonials_flattened 2



No – the ONLY way you can order the book through this year is through our website.

Lots of reasons why we’ve done this – but mostly so that we could provide you with:

  • a spiral bound book
  • a free bonus A2 wall planner
  • affiliate commission if you want to share about them!

To make shipping as affordable and fast for you as possible, we have the books in mailing houses in THREE countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

We did have some hiccups getting through US Customs, but that’s all settled now and our US mailing house is fully functioning now!

Screenshot 2014-12-10 17.21.17

Photo from freaking DUBAI!!!! Thanks Lakshmi!


This makes me giggle. When I started producing these goals workbooks six years ago… there was really nothing else like it on the market.

A workbook? To sort out goals for the next year? One that did life goals? And business goals?

Unheard of.

It’s so funny to think of those times.

Because of the success of my workbooks, there are a metric shittonne of peeps who’ve riffed their own version of it.

Some have copied questions + even my illustration style + handwriting.

It’s been pretty funny (and sometimes upsetting honestly when I see blatant copies… the world wants to see everyone’s soul gifts… not just endless copies of the same stuff).

Each year I totally try and outdo myself and make it even better + bigger + more powerful than the years before. We’re kinda working on six years of having results, so it’s workin’ in our favour. 40 000 peeps can’t be wrong!

And it’s really heart-warming to get from peeps like this.

I tried the other workbooks. And they just do NOT work the same as yours. I don’t get the same results. I’m now your workbook devotee for life.

testimonials_flattened 42




We ship internationally.

Our mailing houses are in US, UK + Aus.

We’re working on intergalactically. Branson, you and me should hook up to sort this out. ALIEN GODDESSES NEED THIS FREAKIN BOOK.

Screenshot 2014-12-10 17.21.14

The 2015 workbook right where it belongs, amongst all the hippy accoutrements! Thanks Naughty Naturopath Mum!


Here’s a handy guide.

 You’re only allowed to get this workbook if you:

  • love rainbows
  • have big dreams that you want to see come true
  • aren’t a big whiny victim (booo is for boooring!)
  • are willing to actually do the work
  • want to actually see + create change in your life + biz in 2015.


testimonials_flattened 112


Want to buy more than five?

We’d LOVE that! Just email us at [email protected] with your address + how many you want to receive, and we’ll work out a price for you!


Goes to a range of charities that are changing the world, including Kiva, World Vision, Doctors Without Borders + WWF.

Screenshot 2014-12-10 17.21.20

Stunning setup. Thanks Sabrina Jensen in Denmark (by the way… that’s where my ancestry is from!!! My maiden-maiden-maiden name is Anderson!)


Seriously guys. You have to get your butt into gear if you want to order.

If you are living in:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • US

you should get your workbooks before Chrissy if you order now.

If you’re outside of those countries, I don’t know. I bloody well hope so, but there’s no accounting for Customs, my current Arch Nemesis!

(That IS of course for printed books. You CAN order the electronic versions and have 100% chance of it being delivered before! You can gift the e-workbooks and they’ll receive a SUPWISE! YOU’VE BEEN GIFTED! email from us! E-workbooks can be filled out on computer, iPad or printed out!)



(I kid. I kid. Not really. Maybe. #sorrynotsorry)

To impossible wonderfulness and beyond!

P.S. Guys – I rarely make all out sales pitches these days. I tend to trust that if you are called to working deeper with me, you will.

However… if you’re at ALL interesting in what I have to say… if you give a shit at all about making your life happier or more creative… if you have a business you’d like to grow… then I really have not.a.freaking.clue why you WOULDN’T buy the workbook and bloody well use it.

It’s cheap as chips. It bloody well WORKS (as long as you use it!) And peeps see SO MUCH differences in their lives + businesses as a result.

Honestly – if you’re not willing to invest in this and do it… may I please ask why you’re interested in hearing from me at all?After years of doing this, I know that REAL CHANGE happens when we step up, invest in ourselves and commit to doing the work. Before then, it’s all just a momentary band-aid. I know that can press buttons. I’m sorry. I do. But I need to speak it.

I really want to help you create what you want. I offer the 2015 Create Your Shining Year in Life + Biz Workbook knowing what a difference it makes. It’s got 6 years and 40 000 women and a shit tonne of testimonials and results behind it. I offer it whole of heart and know it can make a real change.

Here in Australia we have a saying – 


Either you’re ready to do the work to change your life or biz, or you’re not.

The workbook is here when you’re ready.