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Drumroll please…. Affiliate Competition Winners Are Here!

by LDI Team Members on February 11, 2016

2016-Affiliate Competition

Hiiiiiiii gorgeous goddesses!

It’s here, it’s finally here! The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The winners of the 2016 Affiliate Competition!!!

But firstly…

I have to say a HUGE thank you!


This year has been our BIGGEST workbook season ever. We sold over a million dollars worth of books (!!!!!!!) and sold 2.5 times the amount of books we did last year (!!!!!)

I’m also completely honoured by the incredible women who advocate for the workbooks… many of whom are successful 7 figure entrepreneurs in their own right, who use the workbooks in their own businesses as well.

I couldn’t be more grateful or proud.

Now… on with the winners of our BIGGEST AFFILIATE COMPETITION EVER!!!

Drum roll please….

first place

First Prize wins:

  • Flights from anywhere around the world to Canberra, Australia (valued at $2,500*)
  • 2 nights accommodation (valued at $500)
  • Full day business coaching + strategy session with Leonie (valued at $5,000)
  • Lifetime membership to Shining Biz + Life Academy (valued at $2,500)

(*We will provide up to $2,500 for air travel tickets)

nathalie lussier

Our 2016 First Place Winner: Nathalie Lussier!

Congrats, Nathalie and thank you so much for all of your hard work! I know you’ve got a gorgeous baby due so soon so extra props on coming in at #1! Thank you for sharing our work with the world!

Find Nathalie at and her amazing software programs for entrepeneurs: WebinarAlly, PopupAlly and AccessAlly.


second place

Second Prize wins:

  • $1000 bonus cash
  • 2 hour laser business coaching with Leonie Dawson + Grant Andrew (valued at $3,000)
  • LIFETIME membership to the Shining Biz + Life Academy (valued at $2,500)
  • Box of 10 of Leonie’s favourite biz + life books! (valued at $200)


andreea ayers

Our 2016 Second Place Winner: Andreea Ayers

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah – you go Amazing Andreea! So proud of you and can’t wait to do some coaching with you to take your business to the next level!!

Andreea is a gifted serial entrepreneur and the founder of Launch Grow Joy. She has created Get Media Happy, Your Ultimate Online Store and T-Shirt Profits.


third place

Third Prize wins:

  • $500 bonus cash
  • 1 hour laser business coaching with Leonie Dawson + Grant Andrew (valued at $1,500)
  • LIFETIME membership to the Shining Biz + Life Academy (valued at $2,500)
  • Box of 5 of Leonie’s favourite biz + life books (valued at $100)


michelle dobbins

Our 2016 Third Place Winner: Michelle Dobbins

You did it Michelle! Congrats! You’ve nabbed third place!!!

Meet Michelle:

Michelle is a wonderful teacher of law of attraction and manifestation. Check out her website at Daily Alchemy and her Adventures in Alchemy Podcast.



I am blown away by the support from ALL of my affiliates. THANK YOU for being a loyal customer + cheerleader. It means the world to me + my team, and to the people we can support through our philanthropic work and donations.

I can’t wait for what’s next and to send some HUGE payouts your way!

Have a great week gorgeous! HIGH FIVESSSS!!!

love love love,

P.S. And just remember… just because the competition is over doesn’t mean you should stop promoting!

We still have hundreds of sales coming in each day!

Click here for your affiliate link, ads and images to bring in the cashola!!

And if you’re not an affiliate yet, join up here!

#2016planners Competition Winnahs!

by LDI Team Members on February 11, 2016


Dear petals,

One of my absolute favourite parts of releasing the Shining Year Workbooks + Planners each year is seeing them out in the wild.

It brings such a smile to my dial to see you at home in your pj’s, drinking chai tea with your cat flopped over on top of your workbooks. It puts all of the time + dedication into perspective and the reward of seeing others enjoy your pride + joy is overwhelmingly amazing.

We’ve received photos from all over the world – from Utah to New Zealand, from Pakistan to Barbados. Where haven’t these babies been? I’m prettttttty sure they have more damn passport stamps than me! (Well… I only have three truth be told. India, Malaysia + Singapore. Ain’t so bad!)


Anywaysies… after going through over ONE THOUSAND photos for this year’s #2016planner Social Media Competition, we have narrowed it down to our most scenic + most creative choices!

The lucky winners will each receive a 1-year Shining Biz & Life Academy membership (worth $497!)

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The winner of the most scenic…

Kristin Weis

Photo Courtesy: Kristin Weis in Ísafjörður, Iceland

This is bloody breathtaking.  Not to mention, cold, so very cold there would be holes in your book from whence your nipples have scored holes in them… but oh so beautiful, natural and untouched.

Most creative…

Regina Jessup

Photo Courtesy: Regina Jessup

Talk about creative! For a moment there I totally shit my pants squealed gleefully thinking my planners actually made it on the news! SUCH A GREAT IDEA!


And… because we couldn’t choose… we have TWO MORE winners. Because… holy doooooley guys… you all put in SO MUCH EFFORT… I HAVE to reward it.

Video Courtesy: Marcela Macias

Okay, so this competition has been amazing and Marcela took it up to ANOTHER LEVEL GUYS! Between the video + the adorable storybook voice, this is defo SUPER fun!!


Congrats to @hapmanohar!

This one took my breath away.  I can’t quite believe she face-painted herself up to be totally mermaidish and camouflage right in with the books!

All our winners: please email [email protected] to claim your Academy membership prize!

Congrats to our winners!!!

And now, for some honourary mentions…


There is just something about this picture that makes my heart sing.



Stunning, stunning photo. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY STANNNNDING??????????


Perfect hippy.


Two images from Mum’s Business Club which cracked me up:

Filling out the workbooks in the backseat of the car…

and oh the gleeee in my heart from seeing so many brilliant women together!


northside flower market

Stunning photo. Oh and WHAT A SURPRISE… Done by a florist!


“There’s no split decision between having an amazing life or an amazing biz! With Leonie Dawson’s #2016planners I can have BOTH!”


“Leonie Dawson‘s workbook is soooooooo good! I can’t freakin put it down….
WARNING: side effects can include extended throne time & housemate friction in houses where there’s only one bathroom… & only one copy… So increase the peace…buy one for YOU & YOUR ROOMIE!!!!!!!!! “

womansspace rolla

“May not look like much, but this is the most #creative and #scenic place in my life, the vision that has become a reality.”


“Because goals are dreams with deadlines.” Ready for 2016 with @leonie_dawson workbooks and planners! 


Snow angels and Shining life planning! #2016planners


“Getting ready for a Shining Year! Meetup tonight with our #2016workbooks by Leonie Dawson at @womanspace_rolla. These are life and biz changers! ❤️❤️❤️”

Thank you SO much for sharing your photos!

It brings me SO MUCH delight to see you all using them…

and if you haven’t already, make sure you join the 2016 Shining Year workbookers group on Facebook!

Big love + gratitude,


P.S. FYI: we’re down to our last few boxes of printed books + won’t be reprinting this year! One of you is going to score one of the lucky last ones to score one! Don’t miss out!!! And no… stop self-sabotaging… it is NOT TOO LATE to do your 2016 planning! READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!)



by LDI Team Members on February 11, 2016

sales 101

Hey there lovebugs!

We have a brand new course for our Academy Members!

We’ve been busy creating juicy, new content (Discover Your Life’s Wisdom + Deep Brewed Life are among our newest!) and I can’t wait to share our newest one with you!

Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 70+ courses now!

Join guest expert on sales, Fran Pratt of KISS to Sell for this jargon-free, online training for people who don’t like selling. Become better at sales without the spammy, scammy, yucky feeling.

11062086_876722609074286_7162609288969210284_n copy

I met Fran at Ausmumpreneur conference a few months ago.

She was the guest speaker on selling, and I thought she was brilliant.

I immediately forced her to be my friend.

I tried looking for a photo of us together.

All I found is this photo of me laughing at what she was saying.


Anyways, apart from forcing her to be my friend,

and making her very very late to go home because we ended up setting up camp on the floor and talking for hours,

I also told her she simply must teach a Sales 101 workshop for my Academy members.

She said YES!


Sales101Sales 101 C

In Sales 101 workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to de-ickify sales for you
  • an easy but powerful sales system (that will get you results!)
  • How to talk about your business without sounding like a wally
  • How to get more sales + convert more leads!

Take action today!

What Others Are Saying…

“Fabulous. Loved every second of it.” ~ Maggie

“Listening now, so excited!!!! So much offered, and I am so glad that I joined the Academy – best decision I ever made.” ~ Lisa

“This was very helpful and timely for me. Thank you so much. I am continually amazed and delighted at the quality and quantity of help you all provide. Heavenly!” ~ Judy

Not an Academy member…yet?


There are many investments you can make in your business.

I get that. I know there’s a million different directions your cash can be pulled. I can guarantee though – if you turn up and make use of the Academy + its mastermind, it’s going to give you the BEST return on investment possible.

Each month, because of the Academy, you’ll be:

  • growing your business profit with our fast growth tactics
  • building your social media reach like a pro
  • turning them into buying customers + raving fans (making you THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS)
  • brainstorming with other Academy members – essential advice on how to do your business better, in ways you haven’t thought of before!
  • getting advice from our panel of experts (saving you cash on having to buy extra advice or programs!)
  • saving you valuable time searching around the whole damn interwebs for an answer and hoping it’s the right one
  • learning from $10,000 (and counting!) worth of training materials!
  • finding other members to meet up with face to face to mastermind with (MEET + GROW RICH, BABY!)
  • implementing our success habits + mindset to get you the BIGGEST impact with the LEAST amount of hours + tears
  • jumping on our monthly coaching calls to get hotseat advice (worth THOUSANDS – I usually charge $1k an hour for coaching!)
  • finding out the very latest business tactics and tips that are getting people RESULTS in their businesses
  • getting access to an incredible community of women you can work with, brainstorm with and get referrals from
  • getting advice on the exact right software situation for your biz needs (saving you HUNDREDS!)
    all the love we can pile on you.

Let’s go, sweetheart. It’s time to make those dreams of yours come TRUE.

Join the Academy now!

All my love,