13 Reasons To Give Up Gluten + Dairy & More Deep Thoughts On Nutrition, Self Love, Body Image + Health


Hola gorgeous souls,

There have been SO many questions about gluten, dairy, nutrition + the Radiant Goddess program, so I’m here to spread some clarity! Weeee!

In this post you’ll find:

  • 13 Reasons To Give Up Gluten + Dairy
  • an email from a woman who cured Graves Disease with this style of eating
  • the Most Important Things for you to remember when considering a lifestyle/diet change
  • And why the Radiant Goddess program is not a weight loss fad or program in self-loathing (infact, it’s quite ze opposite… it’s a program laden with self love, compassion + utter self-acceptance!)


13 Reasons To Give Up Gluten + Dairy

A gorgeous soul asked how this program of gluten free, dairy free, nutritious whole foods could help heal so many things.

Here’s some really interesting articles about what this kind of diet can do:

  1. 6 Reasons You Should Avoid Dairy At All Costs (by Dr Mark Hyman)
  2. How to keep faces out of your blood stream
  3. 10 Reasons To Avoid Grains and Go Gluten Free (from a fertility expert)
  4. Dr Oz recommends Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Raw Food Diets
  5. Gluten is poison + how it affects everyone (especially those with autoimmune diseases) (by Sarah Wilson, Australian TV presenter)
  6. Can A Gluten Free Diet Improve Fertility?
  7. Gluten free diets and fertility
  8. Gluten Contributes to Irritable Bowel Syndrome Even in Non-Celiacs
  9. Gluten Allergy + Pregnancy
  10. IBS + Gluten Free
  11. Reviews of gluten free diets from IBS sufferers
  12. IBS and Dairy
  13. Gluten Intolerance and Depression, Anxiety and Other Psychological Problems

“The point is that people with gluten sensitivities may experience symptoms that are easily passed off as normal aging or worse, a psychological condition. They may experience fatigue, IBS, chronic depression, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, aches and pains, weight fluxuation/gain, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.”

Did you know that more and more research is showing how gluten can cause excess weight, anxiety, stomach cramps and autoimmune diseases? Did you know that up to 85% of women with fertility issues are ALLERGIC to GLUTEN – and that eating gluten free is the #1 thing to do to become more fertile?

Gluten can even cause you to become sick + overweight because it damages the lining of the stomach + allows poo to enter your bloodstream. (Wacky, right?) I firmly believe our bodies are NOT built to cope with gluten – it’s a relatively new dietary inclusion that’s over processed, over chemicalised and has no nutritional value.

Dairy is acidic and extremely mucoid forming – it can plug up your intestines, and is one of the leading causes of IBS – even if you’re not lactose intolerant! It can even increase the risk of cancer!

The Radiant Goddess program will gently transition you into a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle of incredibly delicious, nutritious raw, gluten free and low-sugar foods… foods that will light you up from the inside, heal you… and leave you looking and feeling more amazing than ever!

There are SO many more conditions that this kind of diet can help and heal… I got this lovely email from a woman who has suffered Graves Disease:

I went GF a few years ago and my life was transformed in ways that I still can not comprehend!  I was diagnosed with Graves disease and was in pretty bad shape.  I wanted to fight the Graves naturally instead of surgically or with medication.  In trying to analyze how and when I got sick in the first place I found the gluten factor!  My life, health, mental well being, and most disturbingly, my spirit were out of control.  I bite the gluten free bullet, so to speak, and I am now in remission.  No meds, thyroid intact.  My doctor didn’t believe I could do it.  I believe strongly in listening to your body and spirit.  But the hardest part in this society is putting that knowledge into action.

Hats off to you guys for creating an action plan with the Radiant Goddess program!  I get asked about my new life all the time and I try to guide people to choosing health and spiritual well being over instinct gratification food and lifestyle.  Gluten Free can be fabulous if you embrace it with love, enthusiasm and a desire for a better life.  You can bet I will send people your way to get transformed!

Have a colorful day,
Patsy Perry

The Most Important Things To Remember:

  • Do your own research.
  • Trust your intuition and your gut.
  • See what works for you.
  • If it doesn’t work for you, try something new.

It’s like everything in life, really. Go where your spirit calls you!


More things I want to mention:

Even if you don’t have Celiac Disease, you can still be gluten intolerant. I had no idea about that. Until I did.


Three years ago, my love and I felt the call to bring through a baby into the world.
And so we tried, and I thought we were pregnant, but then my periods came.
And I’d always had this feeling that something bigger was up with my fertility – I’d always had very irregular periods.

Here’s the thing that changed me:

I started seeing this vision that my uterus was being coated with a mucus from gluten that was making it difficult for me to fall and stay pregnant.

The vision was SO clear and SO strong, I could feel it in my body. I knew without a doubt that it was true for me.

So I gave up gluten pretty much instantly.

And instantly, so many lingering health problems stopped for me – especially the one where I went to sleep with a bellyache every night. And I just felt SO much better. It was totally revolutionary. I kept saying to my love

“This is what it’s like to be normal!!! This is what it’s like to not feel awful!”

And other things just SHIFTED. My face started shifting. I wasn’t as sore or bloated or felt puffy anymore.
And then I got pregnant, and in the time that’s followed, excess weight just kinda fell of me like an old skin off a snake.
And I thought

“WELL… holy duck. THAT was easy. All that weight was just gluten stuck to me!”


Earlier this year I visited a naturopath, and she asked WHY I became gluten free.

So I trot out the usual story…

“Well… you know I’m a hippy… and I was wanting to get pregnant… and I saw this vision that my uterus was getting coated by mucus from gluten and it would make it difficult to get pregnant… so I did… and then felt WAY better from it.”

And her eyes got really big and wide and she said

“Ummm. Wow. Okay, well, you were right… that’s exactly what it does. And giving up gluten is the #1 thing we do with all our clients on fertility programs.”

Imanotgonnalie. I felt pretty dang chuffed at my level of intuition on that front.


I’m not a doctor, or a naturopath. Obviously.

And by presenting a program on nutrition, or talking about things that can be healed with nutrition, I’m not trying to be either.

What I’m dearly wanting to do here is present a gentle, supported, loving way for women to heal their relationships with nutrition. And have that nutrition heal their bodies and spirits too.

And most of all, I wanted to create a program that wasn’t one sided on food.

It encompasses nutritious, healing gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, high-raw whole foods with movement + meditation. It gives encouraging, gentle, supportive, inspiring ways to make exercise doable + enjoyable + FUN. And the program includes nourishing the spirit as well… through relaxation exercises, meditations + creative projects.

The Radiant Goddess program was born to nourish the body-mind-soul on every single level… help it heal and bloom just the way it was born to.


All of this is not just about losing weight. It is total restoration of the body, mind and spirit.

What’s more,

it’s absoloooodely not about body-hate.
I know women can be triggered from two little words… “weight loss”
So let’s get really real here. I am absoloodely NOT saying “thin = happy” nor am I buying into any other weird diet or self esteem myth.

Because that’s just ridunkulous.

It’s not how I see things, or live my life.


You see, at every single stage of my body, I’ve loved it. Ridunkulously loved it. Thought “phwwwwoar yeah, I’m a hooootttttttttttttaaaaaay”.
I have no idea where this self esteem comes from – I wonder if it is a Scorpio thang? It’s just this deep, dear, empowering self love that is alight and has never been extinguished.
I’ve just never been ashamed or afraid of numbers that were on the scales (infact, I never know what I weigh outside of doctor visits… I’m not a scales-owner). I’ve never really cared what number was on my dress.

I’ve always thought:

“well, that’s just the number my body was born to be right now! woot!”

I’ve one of those chicks who strolls through the house stark nekkid (in front of my husbo + bebe). Or forgets to bring swimmers to the beach, so goes in in her jocks + bra instead. On a busy beach. Hey! There were black! They looked kinda like swimmers!


I remember hanging out with some beautiful friends.
I shared a story about my body.
And one of them said:

“I look at you and think “now here is a woman who loves her body.””


And it’s true.
No matter what size I’m at.


I’m not saying I’ve ever been immune to body issues of course.
The thang I most worried about was the fact I had Uneven Boobs (™) – one larger and droopier than the other.
But I “came out” about my Big Dark Secret of Uneven Boobs (™) to some dear friends when I was 21, and they were all “Yeah, so what? So do we!”
And suddenly I didn’t realise I was alone in the world. Or that it ever really mattered in the first place.
Plus, then I breastfed (and continue) for two years which pommels the boobies into whole new shapes that become these amazing things that can stretch like a foot from your chest. Ones that a baby harvested from and grew from teeny tiny to a big little person. And all of a sudden my Uneven Boobs (™) became architectural, biological masterpieces with magic and mystery that I couldn’t even conceive.


But anyway.
What was I saying?
Ahhh yes, body stuff.


We can make changes without judging or hating up on ourselves.

It can be different.

It can be joyful.

It can be loving.

It can be good.


There are six billion paths up the mountain to God… there are six million truths as well.

If what I’m sharing doesn’t resonate or sing to you, that’s all good, my love. I’m not attempting to convert you. I’m just sharing about something that has deeply deeply changed my life and restored my body. I am so grateful to the women who shared about their experiences of going gluten free, or dairy free, or sugar free with me… they all helped fill up my wisdom well of what was possible.

If this isn’t information that is calling you or is helpful to you right now, it’s ALL good.


I believe so deeply that research and knowledge can be truly powerful.

I believe that nutrition can heal us.

And again, a reminder:

Trust your intuition and your gut. See what works for you. If it doesn’t sing to your spirit, find something that does. Go where your spirit calls you!

SO much love, wellness, radiance + goodness to you dear soul… may you always be happy, may you always be blessed,


The Perfect Remedy for After-Christmas Bloating & Tiredness!



Hola my darling hearts

Christmas is over.

And may I just say:


It feels actually rather ding dang lovely for it to be done.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so deeply craving balance, routine & quiet in my life.

It’s been an intense few weeks of energy building and expectationing, and now it’s over, I can drop it all to the floor and say:


Not like the scream “Aah”. Just the outward exhale “Aah.”

My hands are still all stiff & swollen from carpal tunnel, forcing me into the holiday I promised I would take but never managed to.

The to-do list loomed too large on the horizon, but the hands won out.

There’s not much that can be done when your hands refuse to work and claim this holiday as your own.

I said to my love this morning:

I think I need more of this. I need more of a holiday. It’s been such a big year, and where I’m usually champing at the bit to do more work, right now my body + heart are all

“Nuh-uh. Oh no you don’t lady.”

I woke up before dawn this morning, soothing my restless owl baby back into slumber. I’m always amazed at how these wee babes look still like tiny newborn kangaroos nuzzling for teat when they are still half in slumber land.

I lay there awake for a long while after, in the light sparkled indigo of the morning.

It feel like my spirit was trying to tell me something.

So I asked:

What do I need to know?

And the answer came, strong:

You need nourishment. Restoration. Your healing is not complete yet. You need to rebuild more. You need to give into yourself. Take care of your body and your health and your mind. Rejuvenation.

When I opened my eyes again, the sky was bright.

And I remembered the words, the wisdom I had been told.

This body of mine – beautiful, strong, courageous body. This one that works so hard, that has born a child and wears her on her hip, the one that still wakes every few hours to soothe her daughter… it needs even more restoration and rebuilding and kindness. As does this soul.

I’m so very proud of who I am, of the journey I have taken, from birthing to post natal depression to making all my dreams come true… to supporting my family, to making kind & joyful my main mode of mood wherever I can, to learning some ding dang huge lessons about how to be a truthful, sovereign, loving, discerning soul… to giving as much as I can to help souls find their way back home…

and I know it’s time to give back to myself. Be kind and soft and loving to my spirit and my body.

That’s what this restoration is all about.

I’ve booked in for a long massage, and an intuitive healing session, and am getting a food allergies test as well.

I’ve been gluten free for 2.5 years now which has been the best ever for my body & weight & levels of radiance… but I still feel there is something more. Perhaps quitting sugar? I’m also noticing that sugar tends to exacerbate & create anxiety levels, while protein soothes. I’m learning so much about this incredible body of mine.

I’ve been turning to the recipe book from the Radiant Goddess e-course again – whenever I eat from it, I feel so clean, green & revitalised. Who woulda thunk it?

I know there are going to be big & beautiful things awaiting in 2012, and it will all work out in good time.

But for now:

Rest, Rejuvenation, Repair.

Which has kind of been the longest introduction ever for this recipe, but I really wanted to share my story to you, my tribe.

Whenever I find myself over-sugarred, tired or like I’m lacking in essential vitamins, I turn to these babies:

The Wonder of the Goddess Green Smoothie

Goddess Green Smoothies are perfect for:

  • 3pm energy boostups
  • Super filling breakfasts
  • Anytime you are feeling rundown.

These smoothies will make you feel radiant like NOTHING ELSE. As I tell goddesses in my Radiant Goddess e-course: if you only do ONE thing to feel so much healthier with tonnes more energy, just drink one of these smoothies.

Oh & don’t be like me = when I first tried to make a green smoothie I made ze most foul blend of green onions and lettuce ever known to hit the planet. You should really try making something that is actually delicious. Because WHO KNEW? We actually have TASTE BUDS!

Anyways. Enjoy ze cute baby show.

And enjoy the bonus additions of:

  • me managing to talk about sex & periods in a kitchen show (I AM SO TALENTED)
  • the lovely soundtrack of Mower Repair Man Testing Out WhipperSnipper Next Door.

If you’re interested, there is a group of goddesses working through the Radiant Goddess e-course together starting January 1 :: all you need to do is sign up to be a Goddess Circle member (plus you’ll get ALL my other e-courses & workbooks & meditation kits with it as well… SO much inspiration, guidance and resources for your year).

We run this course every year at this time because it’s such a perfect time to bring your body back into alignment and shining and radiantness… just like my body is telling me right now too 🙂

Thank you always for being here. I’m sending you SO much love, kindness, rejuvenation & restoration during this season & always.




Begins January 1

How to make a Goddess Green Smoothie (the ULTIMATE VIDEO!)

Hola gorgeous goddess!!!!

SO. I made this very silly, terribly filmed video about making a green smoothie a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty much me filming me & Ostara around the kitchen making my favourite smoothie. I talk a bazillion miles an hour & I’m generally all round HILARIMO. Fine form.

And thought I’d share it on Facebookiewookie on a whim, with no intention of it ever seeing the daylight of blogworld.

But then people ding dang LOVED IT.

And I got 8.75 gabazillion emails saying:

  • how much they giggled
  • how stinking cute my co-star Ostara is (and how she kinda steals the show.)

and… here’s the most important part:

  • they’ve all since developed green smoothie ADDICTIONS.

And green smoothie addictions are very, very good things.

So my little homemade kitchen TV show has been deemed blogessential. Ze power of ze Goddess Green Smoothie must spread!

Goddess Green Smoothies are perfect for:

  • 3pm energy boostups
  • Super filling breakfasts
  • Anytime you are feeling rundown.

These smoothies will make you feel radiant like NOTHING ELSE. As I tell goddesses in my Radiant Goddess e-course: if you only do ONE thing to feel so much healthier with tonnes more energy, just drink one of these smoothies.

Oh & don’t be like me = when I first tried to make a green smoothie I made ze most foul blend of green onions and lettuce ever known to hit the planet. You should really try making something that is actually delicious. Because WHO KNEW? We actually have TASTE BUDS!


Anyways. Enjoy ze cute baby show.

And enjoy the bonus additions of:

  • me managing to talk about sex & periods in a kitchen show (I AM SO TALENTED)
  • the lovely soundtrack of Mower Repair Man Testing Out WhipperSnipper Next Door.

And if you’re needing, recipe for the Goddess Green Smoothie is here.

I really need to stop talking now because I’m in one of those moods where I could just keep typing forever. You know what I mean?


I just got packages from Book Depository today! A very happy day!

Can’t wait to curl up with this:

Green Smoothie in hand. Of course.

Pretty sure you’ll here my gigglesnorts across the oceans!!!

WOOOOO!!!! Foreverrrrrr love! Radiant Goddesses & gigglesnorts ACTIVATE!!!!!!

Goddess Menu of Delights: Become a Radiant Goddess!

Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!

There’s *four* of my gorgeous goddess e-courses starting on July 31… so I’ll be showcasing them in a Goddess Menu of Delights, so that you’ll know if any of them are singing your name. (And of course there’ll be the normal Goddess blog posts too!)


21 days to a shiny new you!

Three weeks to discover your radiant goddess self.

What is the course?

We wanted to create a 21 day journey of feeling radiant that included using gorgeous menu plans filled with a mixture of raw and healthy foods, movement plans, spirit and inspiration projects and meditations to guide you on the journey of reawakening your Radiant Goddess self!

The Radiant Goddess e-course is a plan to that takes care of every part of you – your body, mind and soul…

Introducing the Radiant Goddess eCourse from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

The next Radiant Goddess e-course starts July 31st!

We all have the best intentions for starting our years afresh, but often get lost along the way because it can be so hard to make changes to habits. We know that the way that we best make change is when we have a gorgeous plan to follow, and the support, guidance and sisterhood to follow it through.

I love what Sone said when she read our information page the first time… she said “Oh my goddess! Where do I sign up? This is totally what *I’ve* always been looking for!” And then we laughed… we’ve created it because we’ve been doing soul and physical body transformations and plans for years now, and wanted to make something that incorporated the best of everything we know and love.

So that’s what we are doing! This is a self-nurturing ecourse that gives us 21 days to uncover and relish in our radiance!

This course is especially designed for:

  • If you are feeling sluggish/exhausted/in need of reviving on all levels.
  • If you need a change and want support and a community to do it with.
  • If you want to try out raw food but don’t know where to start.
  • If you work better making gorgeous change when you have structure, guidance, inspiration and support.

Here’s what gorgeous things you can expect from the Radiant Goddess ecourse…

Throughout the Radiant Goddess e-course, you will receive:

  • A menu plan with recipes for your nutrition, nourishment, cleansing & revitalisation over 21 days.
  • A movement plan to help you incorporate all kinds of movement and exercise into your life in a joyful, common-sense, heartful way.
  • Guidance on cleansing, transformation and staying on track.
  • Soulful and creative tasks to create a whole of mind-body-spirit invigoration!
  • Videos with Goddess Leonie & Goddess Sonya guiding you on the Radiant Goddess journey.
  • GuidedMP3 goddess meditations by Goddess Leonie to work with for each part of the course. These are incredibly powerful resources, and are worth the price of the course alone.
  • A private online forum at the Goddess School to connect, share and support.

What this translates into?

You will receive:

  • a powerful, guided journey to help you feel revitalised and cleansed for your new year!
  • discover the radiant, shining, joyful Goddess in you
  • be moving, meditating, eating and discovering in a joyful, spirited goddess way.
  • be connecting with other Goddess sisters on the journey
  • feel blissed out, radiant, inspired & much more like a Goddess!



Here’s what some of the goddesses have said about the Radiant Goddess e-course:

“Thanks so much Goddess Leonie & Goddess Sone for a truly wonderful course. I got SO much more than I was expecting from it. I really feel it has had a fantastic impact on me nutritionally & in releasing some deep seated emotional stuff as well as getting me gently into being more active. The loving, joyfull & gentle energy you two wonderful girls put into it made all the difference I believe. Without even thinking about it I’ve managed to lose 5kilos! But more importantly, I feel great & have easily made so many healthy changes that I look forward to incorporating in the future. Bless you both & all the lovely Goddesses who have been an inspiration with there honesty & genuine sharing.”

– Goddess Kim

“I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for your wonderful course – I am radiant from my toes to my nose!”

– Goddess Julie

“I cannot say enough about how Magical and Transformative these 21 days have been. No way would I have thought I would have incorporated so much positive change into my life and my routine! Everything fell together effortlessly and organically and I know this is due in a Ginormous way to all the work, love, support and guidance of Goddesses Leonie & Sone. Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

I love that I have so many positive tools to turn to in my medicine bag… my morning ritual of movement and meditation (the affirmation meditation), my revised weekly plan (positivity wednesday, spa thursday, creative friday, art play sundays – all so yummy!), and the nutrition guide. I am committed to following the plan (playing with it and finding new recipes, trying new things) because I can feel the huge difference! I also found this course connected me to parts of myself I had forgotten or left unattended. I am so excited to return to a reiki practice and to more deeper work using oracle cards and journaling. So many rich gifts, I cannot thank you enough!

I am now off to make the pecan chai pie for my first (yipee!) women’s circle gathering at my home today. What a wonderful way to mark the end of this course and the beginning of the next phase!

I bow down my head in gratitude to all you amazing goddesses who have shared this journey. I know you all will continue inspire and excite me!

Goddesses Leonie & Sone – keep shining because even in chilly climates, we are feeling the warmth & the love!”

– Goddess Lisa

“Dear Goddess Sisters,

I feel an overwhelming amount of love, gratitude and affection towards this group of women and of course to you Goddess Leonie and Sone. You have created something magical and radiant with your presence. I have just recently discovered you right before the courses began and it couldn’t have come at a better time. You both fill my heart with joy and radiance. I love your depth and knowingness for this deep spiritual work we are doing…yet your light hearted and silly expressions make this work so approachable and non-threatening. You have helped me transform my life and for that I am eternally grateful. I consider you part of my family even though we have never met.

I look forward to continuing this work on being my radiant self…working more with my food choices and listening to my body, exploring and deepening my movement practice, continuing to do my spirit walks and connect with nature, drinking plenty of water, exploring my creativity and developing ritual days to bring it all together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for having the courage to be you and putting yourself out there for me to have the courage to be me.

– Goddess Laura

“The highlight of this course has been the nurturing and supportive spirits of Leonie and Sone. The Radiance Course is filled with so much information and activities, it is jam-packed with goodness. Although it is difficult in the rush of every day life to get to all of it immediately, I find myself willing to transition into healthier eating, more movement and spiritual growth. I love that you remind me to be gentle with myself.

Going back through everything, the Creative Goddess class, Divine Decluttering, Radiant Goddess and 2010 Planner, I realize how much I have learned, am continuing to learn, have connected lost parts of myself and am putting together the pieces of the puzzle that make up my life. All the courses have combined to help me transform my life! I love this circle but more importantly I need this circle of beautiful women who support and encourage each other.”

– Goddess Loran

“Goddesses, it’s hard for me to put into words how grateful and honored I am to have shared these three weeks with you. I have heard some of this wisdom before, but to have it gathered together so perfectly, so joyfully, so RADIANTLY was a blessing, a blissing! I managed to keep lose and keep off 5 lbs, (a feat for me to do in three weeks), begin to change my attitude toward movement, and collect my spirituality in a way that resonates so wonderfully with the life I wish to lead. Thank you so much!”

– Goddess Holly

FAQs for Radiant Goddesses…

1. How will the course be run?

Every week we will send out by email all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, watch the videos and do the Radiant Goddess activities at whatever time is delicious for you.

2. I have a food allergy. Will this be suitable for me?

The Radiant Goddess e-course has options for both a full-raw and partly-raw diet. It does not include any meat, gluten, dairy or caffeine. If you have any other food allergies, you can swap out dishes for those that work beautifully for your gorgeous body.

3. I have an injury which prevents me from doing a lot of exercise. Will this be suitable for me?

We won’t be prescribing set exercises – but offering opportunities and ways you can incorporate movement into your life. Maybe that movement will be soft and very gentle – but all movement is good movement. Also, Goddess Sonya is a trained NIA dance teacher – NIA is suitable for people with injuries.

4. I’m pregnant. Is this suitable for me?

Yes – the Radiant Goddess e-course is not a prescribed diet by any means. However – we would suggest if you are used to eating in a certain way – to not change your diet drastically. You can incorporate different meals from the Radiant Goddess menu plan into your current diet. If you are used to eating a lot of meat, caffeine, dairy or sugar, we’d suggest not cutting these out completely so that you don’t suffer from any cleansing side-effects. We do believe that the Radiant Goddess course can be a beautiful way of revitalisation for all women – including pregnacious goddesses, but as always, your health is your responsibility, and you need to make decisions that are healthy, wise and good for you.

5. Will I need any special supplies for this course?

We have created the menu plan to make it as simple and uncomplicated as possible. You should be able to get all the foods for it from your normal supermarket. All activities included in this course can usually be completed with things you have around your home already!

6. Is there an minimum age limit for Goddesses to enrol?

No there is not. Goddess Leonie has previously had 13 year old goddesses enrol in other Goddess ecourses.

7. Do I need to eat all organic?

No, not at all. If you are called to it, go for it… but otherwise, go with what works for you. We both love organic food – but due to price and availability, don’t get it all the time. Feeling radiant should be a process that is as easy as possible for you – so if that means eating organic, that’s great – if it means eating conventional, that’s great too!

Get this course plus ALL the goddess goodies + a circle!

To join in the Radiant Goddess e-course, just sign up to be a Goddess Circle member.

You’ll get the Radiant Goddess e-course (worth $89) plus all of my meditations, e-courses, workbooks & a year-round goddess circle – over $600 of my goodies… for only $99.

For international goddesses:

For goddesses not living in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is US$99 and includes all my courses, kits and meditations and a year’s access to the Goddess Circle.

Add to Cart

For Australian & New Zealand goddesses:

For all goddesses living in Australia or New Zealand.

Membership is AUS$99 and includes all my courses, kits and meditations and a year’s access to the Goddess Circle

Add to Cart


Radiant Goddess Buttons

Spread the word! Let people know you are a Radiant Goddess participant on your website, blog or Facebook using the below images. You can also use the code below them to cut & paste into your blog :)

Anxiety-Busting Aromatherapy: 5 Ways to use aromatherapy to reduce anxiety…

Oil Burner

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

Yesterday the gorgeous Goddess Gina shared her Top 7 essential oils to heal anxiety… and today we’ll be learning new ways to use them!

Yippee! This is like going to a sweet lil healing class together… pens & paper out, darlinghearts! Let’s become mega-wise healing goddesses!

I am going to tell you a couple simple ways for you to incorporate Aromatherapy to help you reduce anxiety. You can use any of the essential oils above by themselves, or combine them to create your own aromatic oasis blend. You may also have a favorite essential oil that you like to use for anxiety relief that you can incorporate in the following ways as well:

1. A Blissful Soak

Taking a nice warm bath in general is very calming to both your mind and body, but when you add essential oils to the bath water, you have just amped up the anxiety relieving power of a bath. To a full tub of warm bath water, add 6-10 drops total of one essential oil or of an essential oil blend, swish it around and enjoy your bath. You can also dilute your essential oil or blend in powdered milk, dead sea salts or a base oil such as sweet almond oil before adding to your bath if you have sensitive skin.


2. An Aromatic Rub

This is one of my favorite ways to use Aromatherapy for anxiety relief because not only are you inhaling the scent which will help relax your mind, but you are also massaging the body oil onto your skin which is relaxing and calming to your body. Plus your skin gets hydrated! You can also use your body oil as a bath oil and to massage your hands and feet before you go to bed which is a total anxiety buster as well. I do this practically every night right before I go to bed. Body oils are one of the first Aromatherapy products I ever made. To make your own, add a total of 9-15 drops of essential oils to a 1 ounce bottle with a flip top or screw cap. Then fill the rest of the bottle with a base such as jojoba, sunflower oil or sweet almond oil. Put the cap on, shake gently and poof! You have your own handmade aromatic body rub.

3. Aromatic Atmospheres

You can use a candle or electric diffuser to disperse your chosen essential oil or essential oil blend into the air and this will also have a calming effect on your senses. You could diffuse
your essential oil blend in your bedroom right before you go to bed for a really peaceful nights sleep. Just be sure to blow the candle or unplug your diffuser right before you go to bed! There are also personal fan diffusers that run by battery which I use and love as well. I use it when I am working on my computer so to stay calm and focused especially when I am on the
computer for a long period of time.

**Special note: Be sure to follow the directions that came with your diffuser.

4. Tootsie Treat

A foot bath is so calming! To a basin of water add 5- 7 drops of an essential oil or blend with or without sea salts. When you take care of your feet, your whole body relaxes. If you have ever had a good foot reflexology session, you will know what I mean. You can layer on the anxiety relief by massaging body oil on your feet after you are done with your foot bath. This is great to do at night to wind down from the stresses of your day and to help you sleep better as well.

5. Aroma Spritzer

Add 12-15 drops of your essential oil or essential oil blend to 1 ounce distilled, filtered or spring water in a sprayer bottle. Shake, close your eyes and mist around you whenever needed, avoiding the face area. This is something you can take with you and use throughout the day. If you are really feeling crazy and creative, use rose water in place of the distilled, filtered or spring water – you will be in absolute heavenly bliss!

Bonus: Pull, Twist, Sniff!

Inhale your essential oil or blend right from the bottle itself. If you are out and about and begin to feel anxious, just reach for your essential oil or blend, open the cap and inhale! Ahh, instant stillness.

A little bit about your aromatherapy goddess guide…

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