What It Was Like To Have 6 Months Off Creating

Hi loves,

I’ve got 45 minutes before our Thai dinner gets delivered. OMNOMNOM.

What to write about today?

I thought maybe I’d share what it was like to take 6 months off creating in the public arena.

For me, it felt like an eternity and deeply unusual: I’ve been blogging since 2004 and have published a blog weekly for years. On top of that, I’ve been slopping about on social media daily.

It’s been such a joy in so many ways. After all, creating is one of my favourite things in the world. It’s where I feel most at home.

So what led me to decide to take a break?

It was the culmination of a few things:

I was bloody tired after the ginormous clusterfuck that was 2016.

I felt exhausted by being “out there” publicly. I was tired by trolls, tired by the toxic culture of social media, tired by another offensive comment. I wrote more about this here.

I went to a Michael Leunig talk for my birthday, and he said words that reminded me so much of why I decided to take a break:

“People are so close to anger these days. But, when I look at their lives, I understand why. They live lives at a pace that is stressful. Even just starting your day driving to work through traffic is stressful! And so the last vestige of energy in them is anger, and they open their laptop lid and let it all out there. It’s the only thing left for them to feel.”

At the same time, I also wanted to step deeper into the nest of motherhood and be more present with my children instead of putting out the latest internet fire or wracking my brain of something witty/funny/insightful/beautiful to feed the endless content monster that is social media. Our journey into homeschooling started at the same time, and it was beautiful to swap one thing that no longer felt good to a task that felt worthy of my time and attention.

Mostly though, I just needed a good break. I hadn’t taken one for an age. I hope that one day I’ll get better at taking breaks pre-emptively, before I hit the wall + it all feels hard and painful.

I thought I’d just take a month off. But by the end of the month, it felt too good and sweet to end.

So I extended it without a deadline, and decided not to return until I was ready.

What was it like to not create publicly?

It was great and it sucked, all at once!


Firstly: the immense relief. The pressure cooker lid removed.

I no longer had to catalogue my life online. I no longer had to think of things to say. I no longer had to think of how to carefully craft words in a way that offended nobody (an impossible task).

I didn’t have to be important to anyone except my kids and my husband. 

My life wasn’t fodder anymore for the Great Online Content Monster with its insatiable appetite and its fiery temper of judgment.

I could sit around a table with friends and laugh until my lungs hurt and know that I wasn’t going to be misunderstood, that I was safe and I was loved and I was known, really known, in a very base way, for all my foibles and oddnesses and human-magic. That their opinions of me, formed over years of skin-to-skin lived experience, was worth more than a hundred randoms furnishing an unthoughtful judgment online.

And I can sit around a table with them and laugh any old time, but in the quiet of no internet opinions, it felt all the more in contrast.

I’d like more of that, please.

More life. More quiet. More love that is real and true.


So it was glorious and healing and scrumptious.

And then after a time, it also started feeling constrictive and un-fun.

I felt like I was hiding away from the world. I felt handcuffed and cut off from my own source of power.

As I talked about in my Haemorrhaging Sack of Uterus letter, I started to pine for the one thing that has helped me heal + make sense of the world more than anything:


Would I prefer a quiet life away from the public’s eye, not creating and sharing? Safe, but not truly alive?

Or would I prefer to create and share, birthing the things I feel should be in the world, knowing that it can bring with it occasional fuckwittery in the comments section?

And the first one felt far too small for me. And dull. And not a very Leonie way to live at all.


There’s a quote a friend once read to me when the trolls were biting. And I thought it was by Thich Nhat Hanh, but I can’t find reference to it. So it might be just one of those pieces of wisdom that took seed and flourished into something else more meaningful to me.

“If I believe you when you say I’m an angel,

I would also have to believe you when you say I’m a demon.

And so I don’t believe you whatever you think of me.”

I think that’s the odd thing about the whole fame thing: you have to give no weight to anybody’s opinions, whether good or bad, except for the ones that truly matter.

And of course, I love that a monk can have his critics too. There really is no way of being in this world without pissing off somebody!


I should say here: I’m remarkably “lucky” with how few critics/trolls/haters I have had. I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly special to attract their attention anymore than crossing that magical threshold from unknown to some level of popularity. And of course, the 1 fucked up comment always has 1000 utterly lovely ones surrounding it.

The thing that is my gift: the paper-thin skin of sensitivity to the world, feeling it all so I can understand and create from there, is also my greatest challenge. Someone I worked with once wrote: “Leonie’s got a great big open heart. But throw a grenade in there, and the effects are devastating.”

So I need to work out a way to balance the sensitivity + the pain.

I think I need to recommit to stronger boundaries around potential contact with fuckwittery. And I also think I need to develop a stronger, more resilient kind of spirituality and self-worth.

As Hiro said to me: “Leonie, when you can experience these things and not immediately leap to doubting yourself, wondering what you’ve done wrong and how you need to fix yourself, then that will be progress.”


But mostly, returning to this is about my great love affair with creating. I love it more than I love hiding from the potential repercussions of it. Life started to not make sense anymore when it was all unwritten and tangled. The writing untangles it, weaves it into a tapestry of understanding. I can see the flecks of magic in life when I write it out.

Thai food has arrived. Pad Thai awaits.

In love and art,


On Head Pats

In the spirit of flexing my creative fingers and getting into the habit of pressing Publish again, this:

Earlier this year, we had a dear friend staying with us.

She’s one of those good types in the world. Here is how we fell in friend-love, because I love love stories, including those about not just bonking-type-love:

She’d known my work for years, and thought: Yeah, I dig this Leonie chick. So she came along to an open meet up I ran in a rainforest village, and I plonked myself down at the middle of the table, just across from her.

And I looked at her wide blue eyes and those kind faces where you know you are safe and I thought: Oh cool, we’re mates. I just didn’t know it yet. Instant friends.

We ended up working together in one business for a few years, then started working together in another one. And we rub together well that way in business, but at its core it is vividly personal.

But this isn’t a story about that.


She was staying with us.

We’ve fallen into a familiar pattern now: drink tea, engage in vast quantities of talk, take her on trips to visit questionable tourist attractions (i.e. the highly memorable “Turd In The Grass” sculpture). She listens enraptured to my children’s stories and fetches them repeat glasses of water and snacks in a way that only other mamas get.

She soon realised that my youngest daughter, Beth, WAS in fact endlessly hungry. Beth would pause mid-meal to tell us she was hungry: I hungry! She would finish meals to announce she was hungry: I hungry! She needed food like dolphins need to resurface for air: a strict limit of 15 minutes or less: I hungry!

Parenting Beth was mostly just feeding her. At night, after the very hungry caterpillar + her elder sister were put to bed, exhausted after endless snack-providing, my friend + I would bookend our long red couch, top to toe sharing a weighted blanket, and I educate her on how to binge watch television.

But this isn’t a story about that.


“Leonie, I’m going to tell you the best parenting secret I know.

When my first kid was a toddler, a wise mama friend told me:

Take care of them like you would a friend who is high + is totally tripping balls.

I took that advice to heart, and everything changed for me. I realised that for them, with their brain development stages, it really WAS like they were tripping! 

And when they did really fucking weird things that made no sense whatsoever, I knew it was just because they were high as kites on brain development. And it just becomes funny instead of exasperating, and I could be more kind and compassionate in all that trippiness.

Toddlers really ARE just little trippers!”

But this isn’t a story about that.


We were at the table, engaged in long + loud discussion about something that I’m sure was very important at the time.

And little Beth rolled up, and we braced ourselves for the familiar refrain:

I hungry.

But this time, this one blessed moment in history, she was not hungry.

But she had another request.


she demanded.

My friend leaned in closer.

“What is it you need sweetheart?”


was the insistent response.

My mate looked at me, questioning eyes, wondering if I could Mama-translate.

I shrugged my shoulders:

I only know what I HUNGRY means.

She looks at Beth again.

“Can you show me what you need?”

And Beth, exasperated with our stupidity, picks up my mate’s hand, places it on her own head and said insistently:


“OH!” we both say in unison. “YOU WANT YOUR… HEAD PATTED?”

Triumphant, Beth smiled and nodded.

So dutifully, my friend comfortingly pats my daughter’s head, while cooing “Awwwww! Awwwww! Head pats! Awwwwwww!”

Satiated, Beth nodded and strolled off, happy.

We looked at each other and laughed:

Sometimes, you really do need a head pat.


What strikes me is how much this resonates with the science of comforting.

Dr Kristin Neff teaches that in order to feel comforted, we can set off our mammalian care-giving system of endorphins with warm touch or strokes (either given to yourself or provided by others).

And my mate double-dosed the care chemicals without even realising it by saying the comfort word that most mammals + every human, despite their culture + language use:


Head pats + comforting noises. A 3 year old boldly declaring what she needs, and receiving it.


Now it’s become a kind of secret handshake between us, a code, a metaphor.

Even across the ethers of text, there is the exchange of head pats.

When things are hard,


When days are painful.


When we’re feeling overwhelmed.


And on and on.

Offering pats to each other, and ourselves, when we need it most.

Because all the science + books under the sun might be out there and we’ve read our body weight in them, but at the end of the day, we learned about empathy from a (hungry) 3 year old.

And that’s what this story is about.


P.S. I just texted my mate this piece of writing.

Her response:



The Complete List of Courses I’ve Added To My Academy This Year

Hi lovelies,

I know it’s been quiet over the past 7 months or so here on the public-facing creativity + sharing front of blogging + social media.

But behind the scenes, it’s still been all systems ago-go! I’ve been still sharing, teaching + working with my customers + clients in both my Academy + doTERRA businesses.

In my Academy in 2017 we released more courses than ever…

  • 14 courses from me
  • 4 courses from guest experts
  • 5 beginner tech courses from my VA Emily
  • plus monthly group coaching calls with me + regular Ask Me Anything sessions.

I thought I’d update you with what I’ve been creating behind the scenes there.



  • Why you should consider creating an e-course
  • How to present your e-course
  • The tech parts of how to create + share your e-course
  • Success tips from an e-course veteran
  • How to market your e-course


  • I’ve been creating e-courses since 2008.
  • I’ve created over 150 e-courses.
  • I’ve earned well over 7 figures from selling my own e-courses.

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Burnout: Do you have it? How can you heal it?

Burnout is the prevailing condition for the modern day woman superhero: the mother, the healer, the empath, the carer, the giver. We are taught over + over to give more, be more kind to others, to be compliant, to never say no, to be a martyr, to ignore our physical, emotional and spiritual needs, to do MORE…
And then we wonder why it all comes crashing down, and our bodies refuse to work anymore. We lose our lifeforce, our energy, joy and motivation. We feel anxious, irritable, easy to tears and easy to anger. We are beyond exhausted. We are depleted, deprived, done.
There is a way out however. I promise. I promise, I promise, I promise.
As a serial entrepreneur, serial giver + serial burnout sufferer (and healer!), I promise there is a way through. Out to the other side where life is sweet again. Where your once-overdrawn energy bank account is brimming again. Where you are wiser and more loving to yourself.
In this vulnerable, honest course, you’ll learn:
  • my own story with burnout, what caused it and what saved me
  • how to recognise if you have burnout
  • the healing menu of how to recover from it
  • the hidden blessings of burnout and its deep spiritual gifts.

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Learn how meditation can help you to manage stress, and why the Power Nap Meditation is unique. Discover the enormous benefits of this easy and enjoyable meditation, and really supercharge your practice with some special tips. Then give it a go – lie down, chill out and relax with Prem Ross.

About Prem

Prem Ross is a highly qualified meditation, relaxation and yoga teacher. She is the founder of Every Body Yoga, and the creator of 3 meditation albums.

How to become a network marketing success!

  • why I’m doing something I never thought I’d do
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  • the common misconceptions about network marketing and “pyramid schemes”
    (I know because I had them!)
  • how network marketing works as a business model and why it can be a great income stream
  • whether you can get rich quick from network marketing (spoiler alert: nope, it takes work like any other business model!)
  • how to choose a good network marketing company
  • how to succeed in network marketing
  • my recommended resources (I read 50 shit network marketing books, I’ll tell you the 3 that were actually useful!)

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Want to learn how to self-publish your books successfully?

Learn from internationally best-selling self-published author Derpy McDerpface… I mean… me… ha!

  • the pros and cons of self-publishing
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  • the two self-publishing paths you can choose from
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I can’t wait to see your books out in the world, doing the work they need to do!

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Do you have a relationship or connection that frequently leaves you reeling and feeling like YOU are crazy?

You may be suffering from narcissistic abuse.
Learn in this short intro workshop:
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  • how to protect yourself from it
  • recommended resources + reading.

I so wish I didn’t have to create this workshop, but I knew I had to. Knowledge is power and can protect you!


How to use social media to grow your business abundantly WITHOUT driving you crazy or taking all your time!

“Join Leonie Dawson, million-dollar CEO with over 300,000 followers across social media as she shares with you her powerful, time-saving and abundance-making tips on making social media work FOR YOU.”
You’ll learn:
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  • what social media platforms you should be using
  • what to be sharing to increase sales and customers!

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Let’s be honest here: 

Body love + self love can be bloody difficult.
Especially for women. Especially for women in Western countries.

During this raw, emotional workshop, I’ll share with you:

  • the reasons why it’s so hard
  • how to look at self love + body love differently
  • why self love + body love can change the world
  • her own personal journey with self love + body love
  • how she learned about body love from her nonagenarian elders and brother with cerebral palsy.

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Art Journaling Workshop

Discover the magical hobby of art journaling… a creative window to your soul!

Join best-selling author + illustrator Leonie (i.e. me!) and her impish offsider, Beth (aka, my favourite 3 year old) as I share with you my favourite kind of meditation and self discovery… art journaling!
Art journaling is:
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  • a relaxing, blissful hobby
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During this workshop you’ll be given four practical art journaling assignments to get your creative juices flowing! Perfect for creatives + those who are sure they aren’t creative at all. Art journaling is for EVERYONE!

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Cultivating Personal Power with Guest Teacher Melissa Prince

Join emotional intelligence expert Melissa Prince in this bonus Academy class and discover the top 3 reasons why big hearted women stop taking actions of their desires (plus how to feel inspired, confident and free again!).

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  • Emotional Intelligence: why you’ll stop moving forward without developing a relationship with your fear.
  • Body intelligence: the missing piece for many healers, helpers and creatives that stops them from embodying their leadership potential.


Homeschooling: How + Why We Do It e-book

In this ebook I share:

  • why we decided to do homeschooling
  • how I fit everything into my day
  • the style of homeschooling we do.



How To Create Your Own Needle Felted Painting

Join me + my favourite 7 year old daughter in this short introduction to needle felting!

Learn how to make a quick, gloriously colourful, eco-friendly + earthy wall hanging for your home, your kid’s rooms and for gifts!

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Copywriting That Sells

Copywriting is king. It’s the stuff that turns business ideas into gold, the words that turn a stranger into a raving customer, the makings for a business empire.

And it’s all 100% learnable.

I should know. I did it.

Once I realised how important copywriting was to business success, I devoted myself to learning all I could about it.

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In this workshop I’ll lead you the essentials for copywriting that sells, including my sales page checklist that is, as other well-known entrepreneurs have declared: “worth its weight in gold. Literally!”

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Spirited Relationships Workshop

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How to navigate these human connections.

How to grow deeper in love.

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In this workshop I share:

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Product Marketing Workshop

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How To Grow Your Business Intuitively by guest expert Karina Ladet

Join intuitive channel + entrepreneur Karina Ladet in this workshop as she teaches:

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  • Connecting with your intuition & letting it guide you
  • Calling in the right support & your soultribe
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And bonus meditation from Karina as well:

Release, Ground Yourself & Create Loving Boundaries Meditation!

Tech Basics Series

My VA Emily created these easy-to-follow video tutorials to cover a range of social media tech basics including:

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  • How to set up + use Pinterest
  • How to set up + use Instagram
  • How to set up + use Twitter

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As always, Academy members also received digital e-books of both the Life + Biz Goals workbook for 2018 as well!

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I’m looking forward to a glorious 2018 with my Academy members…

Lots more courses planned (at minimum, they are released monthly!) plus my monthly group coaching calls (the only way you can access me for business coaching).

And if you haven’t checked it out already, here’s the list of the other 100+ courses already in the Academy on top of these ones!

If you want to dive deeper into learning from me, the Shining Biz + Life Academy is the way to go.

Love + blessings,


How I Use Essential Oils To Amplify My Productivity + Focus

Hi poppets,

I’ve been musing lately about the need to create again and wondering what that would look like. And then I saw Michael Leunig speak about how we often think we need to create something incredible, unique + brilliant and get stuck in that, when really we need to just embrace producing Good Enough Art. And then I read this article from Austin Kleon about daily blogging and it sparked more brain cells for me about just showing up again to the page to press Publish. And it’s like I’m relearning all these things that I learned over a decade and more of blogging and trying them on again for size.

I feel very much like one of the tarot’s major arcana:

The Fool, the novice, or as Joanna Powell Colbert would describe it: The Seeker.

I keep thinking of this card again + again.

The place of new beginnings. Or, not quite new, but new again.

Begin again. I’m not a 21 year old seeker this time, fresh-eyed and innocent Maiden. 14 years has passed, and all manner of great life calamities and initiations: Motherhood + Marriage, Post-Natal Depression, Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I wonder if people sometimes wonder why I have to keep referencing PND + HG even though they are now long over. But I can’t point to who I am without pointing at the mountains that carved me as well, both in good ways and in hard ways. They are part of my landscape now.

I’ve been thrown about the river of life, worn and polished some. I’m not who I used to be. Naivety stripped away, I can only hope and pray that this continuous rumbling of life makes me softer, wiser, more compassionate. More able to hold two things in one hand.

Don’t let the years make me brittle and stiff.

Begin again.


And so I begin again with this. A flash of an idea for a blog post, not particularly brilliant or unique. But good enough anyway.

Something I thought of interest of things that helped me. As always, I hope they help you too.

I’ll keep turning up and sifting and seeing what wishes to emerge. My Creative Being is timid to come out of the cave after spending much of this year firmly closed away from the world. I coax her out with tidbits + small, doable projects. And most of all, love for all she is, and all she has given me.


How I Use Essential Oils For Productivity + Focus

So, I thought I was pretty damn productive… but then over the last year, I turned it up by quite a lot.

I started a third company with doTERRA and have built it pretty damn quickly (one of the fastest business builders in history)… on top of running my two other companies… AND starting to homeschool my two kids as well.

So yeah… I had to up my productivity skills even more than these old tried + true hacks that I’ve been using for years.

I started using essential oils to up not only my own productivity + focus for work, but for my kids when homeschooling… and even when we just needed to get some housework done.

So I thought I’d share with you some of those oils for you for you to add to your toolbelt of wisdom.

But first… why am I addicted/obsessed/talking about essential oils now?

I fell into essential oils last year completely unintentionally… not to mention being resistant + sceptical.

But I’d run out of options. Since having hyperemesis gravidarum 3 years before, my immune system was completely fucked. By last year, it had reached fever pitch (literally) and I’d spent 6 months in and (occasionally) out of bed with recurrent throat and chest infections and fevers. I’d had so many fevers my mattress was stained yellow with sweat (totally disgusting, but it’s the visual that most defines that period). My arms were pinpricked with the marks of blood tests, as doctors struggled to work out why I was so fucking ill: Tuberculosis? Breast cancer? Lung cancer?

It was hard, and it was scary.

In the midst of all that, a friend reached out and told me her story of having a broken immune system + healing it with essential oils.

Now honestly, at that point I was a dried out cynical husk of a being who snidely thought:

Fucking ESSENTIAL OILS? Give me a break, hippies!

It was probably a reflexive action from being told so many times during HG that peppermint essential oil would have fixed me… (or any other suggestion including but not limited to reiki, ginger or dry crackers). HG made me a big ole fan of Western medication because ONDANSETRON GAVE ME LIIIIIIFE… but even Western medicine was failing me in this sick, undiagnosed, feverish mess I was in now.

So I didn’t really have any other options up my sleeve at that point, so even though I was totally resistant, I thought: Yeah, fuck it, why not. It won’t work, but I’ll give it a go.

So I ordered a bottle of OnGuard, doTERRA’s immune supporting blend.

And… what the actual FUCK? It WORKED. Fast. It dramatically reduced the number of illness periods I was having and the length of time of them as well. Within 3 month, my blood tests were back to normal. Over a year on, I actually have a strong immune system instead of always being sick! IT’S A DAMN MIRACLE!

I should say as well – I’d already bought essential oils before… cheap shit from shops, and even expensive ones from a different company. All they did was give me a headache. But the difference between those oils and the new oils I was using was astounding… it was the “doTerra Difference” I’d heard about. RUH ROH! DO I SOUND CULTY NOW? I TOTALLY DOOOOO. Here, would you like a refreshing cup of Kool Aid? The grape-flavoured type is PARTICULARLY TASTY. HA!

Anyways… it was a pretty fast, steep slope of falling in deep, abiding love. I felt like an ancient connection with plant medicine was being reawakened in me. Now I use essential oils every day in so many ways it’s not funny… anxiety, skin care, hair care, mood management, cleaning, healthcare, kids, pain management etc etc etc.

It’s totally a lifestyle. So when it came to finding a new productivity hack, OF COURSE I was going to turn to my oily box of magic.

And I just wanted to say as well:

It’s not just me that has found essential oils helpful for productivity.

Mashable + Entrepreneur have both done articles about it!

So… now I’ve said all that malarky… which specific oils do I use for focus + productivity?

This is the oil I use most regularly.

It is diffusing daily in our house while we are working or homeschooling.

It does as advertised on the box: MOTIVATE.

It’s pretty amazing how uplifting + mojo-making it can be.

I’ve also talked some some oily mates and we all agree that Motivate is muchos needed to do housework. Hahahaha!

It can also be used for:

  • Promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief
  • Counteracts negative emotions of doubt, pessimism, and cynicism
  • Diffuse when working on a project at work or school to stay motivated.


In Tune comes in a rollerball ready to apply topically (i.e. onto soles of feet, back of neck or along spine) to help you stack on task when you are trying to study or concentrate.

I also buy empty rollerball bottles from Aromatools and dilute it down even further with fractionated coconut oil to make it go even further because #frugalasfuck.

I have some friends with kids on the spectrum and/or with ADHD who say this blend has been really helpful for them which is just bloody wonderful. Can be bonza for all kids who are studying or going to school.

Handy hint: if they don’t love the smell, they can put it on soles of feet with socks over top, or layer another oil they do like the smell of over the top.

For myself, I tend to apply topically to base of head.

  • Enhances and sustains a sense of focus
  • Supports efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task
  • Study-time blend


There’s a reason why rosemary is used on Remembrance Days: it is the oil of memory, and numerous research projects have found it can improve memory retention.

  • Rosemary was considered sacred by the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures.
  • Helps reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue
  • Diffuse while studying or working to maintain concentration.

Again, if you don’t love the smell, apply topically with another oil layered over top, or diffuse with other oils (like lavender or lemon).

So, I definitely wasn’t a supplements lover… partly due to not wanting to just be making expensive pee and partly because I have an overactive gag reflex thanks to ole mate hyperemesis gravidarum. But as I learned more about doTERRA I discovered something fascinating: one of their most popular products is their Life Long Vitality supplements. And other oily mates RAVED about it in terms of what it did for their energy levels, brain fog and general liveliness. So I thought I’d trial it and see if it actually DID anything.

Spoiler alert: it did. They made a significant improvement to my energy levels… so much so that I didn’t feel like I needed a 3pm nap anymore… AND I’ve been able to run with all the homeschooling wildness in a way that I don’t think I would have been able to before.

So they get a big ole thumbs up from me!

How to order the essential oils

doTERRA doesn’t sell in stores… instead they want you to buy through someone you know so you can be supported to learn more about how to use essential oils in every area of your life.

I’m a delighted doTERRA Wellness Advocate now… because I couldn’t NOT. I couldn’t not start sharing about these oils + all the miraculous ways they’ve helped me.

I so hope this has been useful for you… even if just opening up the possibilities of support tools you can use.

Wishing you great wafts of delicious scented magic,




Free Download: 2018 Mini Goals Planner For Kids!

Hi treasures,

Here’s that thing that came as a wild fangly idea a week or so ago that I told you about, that thing that made me leap up from my morning peppermint tea to get started creating straight away.

I’m delighted to share with you a wee goodie for the wee ones in your life…

A mini goals-workbook for 2018!

It’s black+white (fun to colour in + cheap to print!) and if your kids adore it, they can also upgrade to the full 2018 Life Goals Workbook (lots of party peeps use it already with their kids + teens… this is just a bonus gift!)

This has been requested SO many times over the years. If there’s enough demand, it may grow and bloom into a full blown bookywooky, but for now, it’s a beginning piece.

It’s small but mighty + will lead your magical munchkin through:

  • journaling the best + worst bits of the last year
  • the top 10 things that make them amazing
  • what they would like to learn over the next year
  • sports and hobbies they’d like to try out
  • what adventures they’d like to have
  • how they want to feel
  • + books they’d like to read.


Just pop your name + email in here + it will come flying its way to you on rainbow wings!

With love + gladness,

Birthdays, Leunig + a festival of free webinars…


It was my 35th birthday on the weekend.

I don’t particularly know yet how I feel about it… maybe because I haven’t written about it yet. Things get clearer when I do.

Firstly, I’m not concerned about getting older. My grandmother taught me many good lessons, but one of the big ones was that it is an honour to grow older when so many don’t. Another being that “old” is very much relative. At the age of 97, she would often call people in their 70s “young whippersnappers.” To her, 35 was positively embryonic.

Plus, I figure that for a woman to have a freakout about turning 35 is a reflection of patriarchal bullshit, so I refuse to spend any time as a mirror.


What I do feel however is a certain amount more surety in my bones, and a greater understanding of the weight of my decisions. I believe these are good things.

And it’s also juxtaposed with worrying whether I will get too jaded, cynical, worn out. Sometimes it feels like growing older is wading through a checklist of tragedies and pain to experience.

So THAT is what it feels like to have a friend’s husband commit suicide. Stunning. Painful. Restless sleep for days. Breathless with helplessness. Scrambling to do anything I can to can, knowing that I can’t fix the one thing that is most needed. How does one sing a body back to life again?


At 35, my wish for the coming year is to become more stoic. To deepen my emotional resilience. To rise, and rise again. To grow my roots further into the earth. To not be blown about quite so much. To learn how to create and share with the world without it breaking my heart.


I am 35. I am a mother of two: a sensitive fae who took years to arrive in her body in the world, and a courageous elf who arrived fully present. I’m a wife of one: my Scorpio twin I have loved almost exactly half my life, a man who is in my eyes both almighty Zeus + trembling human. I currently spend most of my days homeschooling, with slivers of time carved out to build businesses. My heart lives in art + writing. I haven’t done much of that lately, so immersed I have been in the world of my kids. I know the pendulum will change though. I will never regret devoting my time to them.


Last night, as a birthday present for the two of us, I surprised my love with tickets to see Michael Leunig speak.

If you don’t know who Leunig is, allow me the joy of introducing you to his lyrical, irreverent, delicious work:

2017 really does seem to be my miracle year for being able to witness some of my favourite creatives in person: James Taylor (I wrote about meeting him here), Amanda Fucking Palmer + now Leunig.

Leunig is one part writer, one part comic, one part philosopher.

He shared so tenderly about what it is to be a human and a creative, and how so much of his personal questioning is summed up by Winnicott, a psychoanalyst:

“In the artist of all kinds one can detect an inherent dilemma which belongs to the co-existence of two trends; the urgent need to communicate and the still more urgent need not to be found.”

And despite being “just a comic who draws ducks”, Leunig has copped so much criticism and hate mail over many of his comics, especially for his stance against wars.

When it came for questions, I got up:

“Michael, thank you for your art and words. How do you keep turning up and sharing with an open, vulnerable heart when you have had such a massive amount of shit thrown at you?”

This was his response:

Afterwards, I consumed vast amounts of mini-quiches, invented a truly horrific wine and orange juice concoction, and snogged Dawsy on the balcony overlooking a Canberra so stunningly picturesque I could have sworn she was trying to seduce us both.

I feel blessed by these moments of great clarity. To sit at the feet of someone who has created fearlessly for 50 years, through sun + tsunami + wild winds, to share his heart anyway.

In other news…

I’m in the mood for sharing + teaching about essential oil magic this month... so I’ve created a bunch of free webinars for you to dive into their magic… specifically about productivity, immunity, cooking, lo-tox skin care and lo-tox cleaning.

How to get my free essential oil webinars!

Just jump into my Essential Oils with Leonie Dawson Facebook group to find all my free essential oil webinars happening this month. (You can find them under the Events tab.)

The first one is in 12 hours from now… would be so lovely to see your faces <3

And… new free gift coming for you this week!

The goodie that is coming has been asked for again + again over the years and I’m delighted with how it’s turned out… so I’m muchos excited to share with you.


In the meantime, there is handmade chocolate mint fudge to consume, vast quantities of herbal tea to imbibe + some The Good Place to binge-watch.

Talk soon!

With love + joy,
a brand-new 35 year old!