One-on-One Business Illumination Sessions
with Leonie Dawson

Supercharge your business efforts.

Earn (much) more money.

Create an easier, more joyful business.

Learn from me directly on the best way to build your incredible life + incredible biz.

Sorry possum – we are currently sold out + all coaching is filled!

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The Problem With Most Businesses…

Each night, we go to bed.

Head swimming with the to-do list. The ever-filling email inbox. The latest client hiccup. The annoying website error. The latest article with the latest plugin guaranteeing that you’ll get the business of your dreams.

We are constantly responding and reacting to everything that is happening around us.

We get lost in the dusk, in the disorientating busy-ness of business.

We forget where we are going, we just know we are grappling to get there.

It’s time to switch.

We need to get illuminated.

We need to turn our laser sights + brainstorming power to big-picture-business-strategy.

We need to stop doing the shit that doesn’t matter.

We need our businesses to grow in the way we want them to.

We need a clear picture. A clear plan. A light as bright as sun to guide you right to the place you want to be.

So, how do you switch on the light?

I transformed my beloved-but-broke hobby into a six figure business… one that doubled in size in 2010 and again in 2011.

Even more importantly, my abundant business supports an incredibly balanced and joyful life with my young family.

Here’s what I learned…

The 4 Differences Between Businesses That Grow Super Quickly And Those That… Don’t.

If you want to see change in your business—if you want to grow your income, your joy, your impact—these 4 strategies will make all the difference:

1. You need to lift your eyes from the day-to-day and truly see your whole business anew, with clarity.

2. You need to stop responding and reacting (and grabbing at every shiny idea that passes by) + instead create and plan strategically.

3. You need to invest in new business + marketing coaching, education and knowledge.

4. You need to implement the right systems + marketing knowledge for where your business is right now, and where you want it to be.

Of course, it’s challenging to do this on your own. Which is why there’s really a 5th strategy:

You need support from someone who has already done what you want to do,
and who can give you the fresh perspective and guidance that will get you out of
the dark and into the light.

That’s why I’m offering a limited number of premium Business Illumination Sessions.

And I can help light up your business into a massively joyful + stupendously abundant enterprise.

Let’s light up your business!

With my wild creativity + insight (right brain), matched with uber-toned business muscles + know-how (left brain), I will help you:

  • see what you can’t see in your own business (super clarity!)
  • develop a strategy for you to grow your business wild-quick
  • help you open your most abundant cash flow + get the income you want
  • learn my favourite systems for getting well known + getting more clients
  • brainstorm profitable new products + services you’ll love to create and deliver
  • shift your mish-mash of marketing tips to a dreamy sales-making system!

AND at the same time we will make some ridiculously HUGE, joyful shifts in your business and life.

Just like this…

Words from the illuminated!


I knew that my sacred crystal biz wanted to grow. I wanted to leave my teaching position and step out of the matrix & into the world of contributing, creating & running my sacred crystal biz FULL TIME. I was able to do this with your mentorship & expert coaching.

I just didn’t know exactly what needed to be done & how to get it done. So I turned to working with my crystals, to manifesting. I know they set up the energies just so and aligned me with you, Leonie! I suddenly knew I needed a biz coach but I didn’t resonate with most of run of the mill boring ole’ entrepreneur coaches out there. I knew it had to be someone who was spiritual & “GOT” me, my sacred crystal biz & what I’m trying to bring to the world. And then *poof*, there you were!! Of course. I knew then, I didn’t need a biz coach, I needed a LEONIE!

What an incredible knowledge base you have. You turned the lights on, gave me actionable items & concrete steps to take that quickly changed the game for me and allowed me to make my BIG beautiful dream a reality in just two months!!

In six weeks from our call, I DOUBLED my income, TRIPLED the size of my mailing list ALREADY. I’m set on full speed ahead right now for exponential growth thanks to following your UBER-FANTASMO advice!!!

I was able to quit my job within six weeks of talking to you. I am so very excited to do this sacred biz of mine FULL TIME now thanks to you. I was able to do this with your mentorship & expert coaching. It’s what I’ve been working towards & visualizing for quite some time now. I KNOW with every sparkly cell in my being that THIS is what I’m meant to be doing!! To live a more meaningful life focused on growth & activities that make my soul SING: sharing more crystal teachings with the world, writing, teaching, creating & working with my Crystal Peeps!

Thank you Leonie. ♥♥♥

– Stephanie Hibiscus Moon,


I got so, so very much out of a coaching session with Leonie I can’t even begin to gush how much of an impact it has made on me, my mindset and my business. I have seriously listened to the call recording about 25 times now – I use it whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, bummed about any business challenges or needing some redirection and invigoration. Since implementing Leonie’s advice, I’ve increased my income tenfold and reached my monthly income target!

– Kathy Stowell
Mothering Coach

“Working with Leonie brought clarity, focus and direction to my business. She helped me refine my niche, which in today’s competitive market, is essential for sustainability and growth. Leonie helped me create a clear marketing planwith several concrete action steps to take.I doubled my list just a week after implementing her strategies.I recommend working with Leonie to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level. Her experience, wisdom, humor, and insights have given me the confidence and techniques I needed to grow my business to where I’ve always envisioned it to be.Thanks Leonie, you are a gem!”

Carrie Hensley,

Leonie is like the abundant Goddess herself.
When she has ideas, they flow from her like a mountain stream. When we got on that call, I filled my notebook with pages of ideas, suggestions and action steps. She told me plainly why my systems were broken and what I could do to make them shine. And I still got to giggle. :) I loved how she reminded me that I have everything in me to make these changes happen.

Leonie went above and beyond my hopes for the call. Best of all, I’m starting to see results from her suggestions — results that are aligned with my heart-based business and that help me bring my best work to the world with ease.

I highly recommend Leonie’s work. She’s now an official goddess in my small pantheon of heart-centered business resources.

– Jen Hoffman,

Just some of the big things we can illuminate together…

As business owners, there’s also bigger fish to fry on top of abundant profit.

I can also help you work out:

  • How to stop working so hard for your cashola.
  • How to take extended holidays while keeping your business going.
  • How to stop being so dang overwhelmed by your inbox and day-to-day admin.
  • How to spend less time IN your business and more time developing super-smart business strategies and OH… not working at all! Instead spending your time having a life : wild lashings of fun, glorious adventures, balance + joyful dreams come true.

(Business should never be about sacrificing your life for your business. I’ve made this mistake. I now only work 10-20 hours a week so I can enjoy maximum fun-time with my family. And my business has never been more profitable!)

Just so we are clear here!

I’m not one of those coaches that tells you that everything you need is inside you, and to follow your intuition.

I know you already KNOW that on a soul level – but that you need specific, practical advice on what will gift you the most success in your business, and what will solve your specific problems.

There ARE specific systems and business tools that I will teach you that will bring real results to your business and life. You WILL leave this session with pages (and pages) of notes, of shit to implement, of stuff to do. And every single one of them will make a difference to your business and to your life.

This is the stuff that works. It’s the business and marketing systems you’ve been hankering for to share your beautiful gift with the world.

How it works:

Before we meet, you’ll receive the Business Illumination workbook which takes you through each part of your business (this is such an immensely useful and enlightening process that many goddesses mention how much they get out of workbook before we even speak!).

Then we’ll have a one-hour mega-propulsion phone call including:

  •  supernova business brainstorming
  • laser-targeted problem finding and fixing (what’s the stuff that’s getting you stuck?)
  • how to jet-propel your business marketing
  • strategies to meet your dream income
  • intuitive insight + healing (you can get all the business marketing advice under the sun, but if your mindset and energy isn’t right, it’s not going to work.)

It’s everything I can pour out onto you:
strategic insight :: deep healing :: sage wisdom

Investment in Illumination

A one-on-one Business Illumination one hour session is $1000.

You’ll come away with a plan to earn at LEAST 10x your investment.

Whatever your income goals are, we’ll work out a strategic plan for you to get there.

I’ve got a huge amount of business wisdom + brainstorming + magic to share.

I can’t wait to share it with you to make your business do just what you want it too!

Supercharge your business efforts.

Earn (much) more money.

Create an easier, more joyful business.


Jump on a session now + grab your spot

Sorry possum – we are currently sold out + all coaching is filled!

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love, love, LOVE!

P.S.  I know just how hard and confusing business can be. I’ve burnt out, wandered around in the dark, learned lessons the hard way, read hundreds of business books and products – so you don’t have to. I guarantee with my eagle eyes I’ll be able to spot out the best path for you to rapidly increase your income AND decrease the time for you to get there. I make bold claims because I know just how much I’ve helped other businesses grow. Jump on a session now – what are you waiting for?