Private Coaching Retreat At Leonie’s Paradise Home!

Once-in-a-lifetime limited opportunity for 8 women

to work intimately with Leonie in her home.

3 days

of intimate intensive coaching

to massively uplift

your business, life + soul.


G’day gorgeous soul!

I’d love to invite you to come stay with me, and spend three transformative days uplifting your business to an incredible new level.

This special opportunity is only available to just 8 women for a short time only.

You’ve missed out! We’re all SOLD OUT!

Our retreats have proven ridunkulously sought after + both September + October Retreat along with private coaching retreat spaces have sold out within a week.

To be notified of the next opportunity to work intensively with me for your incredible business + incredible life, make sure you jump on the list below:


The Incredible Changes You Can Expect In Your Business, Life, Happiness + Soul!

This private coaching retreat will uplift you to an incredible new level of success in your business, life, happiness + soul.

It’s a powerful combination of:

Marketing + Systems + Mindset + Soul


During the retreat you will:


  • find out how to boost your sales
  • get your marketing systems advanced + working
  • map out your income + business goals and create the plan to make them happen
  • learn how to add zeros to your monthly income (at the END of your numbers that is!)
  • create a plan to massively grow your tribe
  • learn how to get more clients
  • find out how to work less + earn more.

There’s more business systems I’ll teach you:

  • how to have maximum impact with less effort
  • how to help more people + reach your tribe
  • how to stop being the bottleneck of your business
  • how to communicate what you do powerfully + charasmatically!

I can guide you in the places that are holding you back, whether it’s:

  • kicking the workaholic + anxiety habit
  • having a profitable business without losing your spirit + integrity
  • how to balance motherhood with family life
  • how to hire the help you need.

We go deeper than that though. We’ll also work on your inner stuff to make sure none of it is getting in your way of creating your divine success. You will:

  • get your money mindset out of broke mode + into soaring abundance mode
  • clear out the hidden beliefs that are holding you back
  • reprogram your beliefs from fear + insecurity into prolific creating
  • get out of procrastination + into massive action
  • get wildly productive + creative
  • align with your authentic self + shine your brightest light!



BONUS #1: Mastermind with other incredible, inspiring business women!

Being an inspired entrepreneur can, for the most part, be a solo journey. You may not get to spend much time with other women who are in the exact same boat as you, and who have similar goals, dreams + aspirations.

It’s so important to attune yourself to like-minded souls to move into the next level of your business and soul potential.

At these retreats you’ll be spending time not only with me (someone who is probably in the place where you want to be, and has already worked out how to get there!), but you’ll be masterminding with other powerful women.

When women circle, miracles happen, and when we meet and mastermind, we grow richer in prosperity + purpose.



You’ll receive a FREE professional photoshoot with me to get some incredible headshots of you to use in your business!

I’ve photographed a huge range of successful women from Hay House author Lucy Cavendish (my photos adorn her latest oracle cards + books!) to artists, photographers, healers and other creatives. My photographs have been published in a range of magazines + newspapers.




I knew that my sacred crystal biz wanted to grow. I wanted to leave my teaching position and step out of the matrix & into the world of contributing, creating & running my sacred crystal biz FULL TIME. I was able to do this with your mentorship & expert coaching.

I just didn’t know exactly what needed to be done & how to get it done. So I turned to working with my crystals, to manifesting. I know they set up the energies just so and aligned me with you, Leonie! I suddenly knew I needed a biz coach but I didn’t resonate with most of run of the mill boring ole’ entrepreneur coaches out there. I knew it had to be someone who was spiritual & “GOT” me, my sacred crystal biz & what I’m trying to bring to the world. And then *poof*, there you were!! Of course. I knew then, I didn’t need a biz coach, I needed a LEONIE!

What an incredible knowledge base you have. You turned the lights on, gave me actionable items & concrete steps to take that quickly changed the game for me and allowed me to make my BIG beautiful dream a reality in just two months!!

In six weeks from our call, I DOUBLED my income, TRIPLED the size of my mailing list ALREADY. I’m set on full speed ahead right now for exponential growth thanks to following your UBER-FANTASMO advice!!!

I was able to quit my job within six weeks of talking to you. I am so very excited to do this sacred biz of mine FULL TIME now thanks to you. I was able to do this with your mentorship & expert coaching. It’s what I’ve been working towards & visualizing for quite some time now. I KNOW with every sparkly cell in my being that THIS is what I’m meant to be doing!! To live a more meaningful life focused on growth & activities that make my soul SING: sharing more crystal teachings with the world, writing, teaching, creating & working with my Crystal Peeps!

Thank you Leonie. ♥♥♥

– Stephanie Hibiscus Moon,



Is this for you?

This is for you if:

You’ve already got a business + want to get more clients, receive more income, help more people + be a bigger light in the world. I am mega-gifted + laser-sighted at seeing what’s not working in your business, what needs fixing straight away + what will set you up for the maximum amount of impact… all without losing your spirit. This is about investing in YOU – in your growth, your future, your education… the way you want your life to be + if you’ll give yourself this opportunity to take a massive leap UP.

It’s also for you if you’re struggling with money blocks, time + overwhelm issues and trying to create a sustainable, balanced business that doesn’t drive you crazy, burnt out or broke. This is ALL about teaching you how to have an incredible business AND an incredible life.

And it’s also for you if you’ve got an idea but haven’t started yet. I wish I’d done something like this + learned from someone who has already done it when I was just beginning. Instead I spent YEARS wandering around in the dark, bumping into things, just eking it out. I lost time + money doing it the “I’ll figure it out all by myself” technique. The biggest changes in my business have come directly from education + mentoring – from learning the proven techniques of what works. And I’m here to share those secrets with you. This will teach you the strategy, marketing + mindset you need to come out of the gates at full speed, playing a bigger game + sharing your light in that big, beautiful way you were born to.

Bottom line: If you’re committed to sharing your light through business, I’m here to help you make the biggest, brightest impact possible.

I’m here to make your business incredible + your life incredible.

Live the lifestyle while you attune!


You’ll eat, stay, relax + uplevel at our gorgeous dream home set on 2.5 acres in the rainforested mountains behind Cairns. Wake up each morning to the sound of birdsong and enjoy a swim in our pool overlooking the rainforest.

What’s more, we’ll be doing this powerful work in the lifestyle that I live. We’ll have gorgeous adventures in the morning (like head to the butterfly sanctuary so you can have thousands of butterflies swirl around you!), and in the afternoon we’ll dive deep into strategy. Then you can relax each evening with a spa before curling up in front of our open fire. You’ll get to spend time with my sage husband Chris + my lightbeam of a daughter. We’ll integrate life with family, strategy, business, soul, marketing, healing and attunements.

It’s the perfect rhythm to ensure you truly uplift and attune to the next level of success and evolution you’ll be heading into. Not only that, it will change your mindset about what it takes to run a successful, thriving business as well as stopping your brain, heart and spirit from getting information overloaded.

I don’t work crazy hours and nor should any dreaming entrepreneur. This is all about crafting your most gorgeous lifestyle. Instead of being an all-work-and-no-play burnt out cookie, I’ll teach you how to have maximum impact with less effort, and how to live your own truly abundant, balanced, joyful life.

“Working with Leonie brought clarity, focus and direction to my business. She helped me refine my niche, which in today’s competitive market, is essential for sustainability and growth.  Leonie helped me create a clear marketing planwith several concrete action steps to take.

I doubled my list just a week after implementing her strategies.I recommend working with Leonie to anyone serious about taking their business to the next level.  Her experience, wisdom, humor, and insights have given me the confidence and techniques I needed to grow my business to where I’ve always envisioned it to be.Thanks Leonie, you are a gem!”
Carrie Hensley, yoga teacher


Why I’m the perfect teacher for you:

I’m a heart-centered, spirit-guided entrepreneur.

I’m a woman who has created a business that’s moving into a half-million dollar a year enterprise. Over the course of my business, I’ve maintained an amazing growth rate – with the business doubling (or even tripling!) in size each year.

I’m walking talking proof that you can have your dream job, live wherever you like, have an incredibly abundant business, help thousands of people and have a balanced life filled with family, love, adventures and FUN.

I’m an open book of honesty + vulnerability, and am totally delighted to share with you exactly what works to help you soar as quickly as possible.

I’m ridiculously gifted at brainstorming and strategy.

What’s more, I’m a healer + a shamanness. I’ll pick up what you can’t see + help you bring your whole life + self into alignment with who you are meant to be.

And my credentials speak for themselves: not only am I the CEO of a half-million dollar a year company, I’m the former editor of United Nations award winning government website for businesses and a business mentor to exceptional, successful women including Rolling Stone Woman of the Year singer-songwriter and “Offspring” actress Clare Bowditch & many other inspired entrepreneur luminaries.


Leonie is like the abundant Goddess herself.
When she has ideas, they flow from her like a mountain stream. When we got on that call, I filled my notebook with pages of ideas, suggestions and action steps. She told me plainly why my systems were broken and what I could do to make them shine. And I still got to giggle. :) I loved how she reminded me that I have everything in me to make these changes happen.

Leonie went above and beyond my hopes for the call. Best of all, I’m starting to see results from her suggestions — results that are aligned with my heart-based business and that help me bring my best work to the world with ease.

I highly recommend Leonie’s work. She’s now an official goddess in my small pantheon of heart-centered business resources.

– Jen Hoffman,


Why you need this

You were born with a very special gift.

You have something to share with the world.

You just need to know HOW to do it. You need the practical steps and strategies to get it out into the world in a powerful way, to touch the people it is meant to touch.

And you need to learn how to do it in a way that is nourishing and joyful for you. In a way that supports and inspires your energy – not takes away from it.

I can help you. I know what you need to do.

I’m here to help you be the biggest shining light you were born to be in this world.

It’s the most intensive mastermind on your business you’ll ever experience.

You’ll leave with a complete plan to radically grow your business to the next level…

and have the most sacred, joyful time of your life as you do it!



Price for this experience is only $3750.

It includes accommodation, food, transfers to and from airport, tuition + photoshoot.

Considering one-on-one coaching with me is $1000 an hour – you are getting a huge amount of value. Not to mention the fact that one-on-one coaching with me is usually sold out for months in advance.

What’s more, you’ll leave with an intensive plan to grow your business massively and rapidly, along with the right mindset, energy and knowledge to make it happen.

Why invest in something like this?

Because it means saving you time, money + energy running around in the dark trying to find the way. I’ve already done what you’re wanting to do. And I can give you the quickest, easiest + most powerful way for you to take the next leap in your life, business + soul.

It’s an investment that will pay for itself ten times over or more, and will continue to have profound impacts on your profit + purpose for many months + years to come.

Powerful Group Retreat Dates


I’m allowing up to 4 women as a small, intimate, powerful retreat group.

Two retreat dates are available:

21-23 September 2012

5-7 October 2012



Please note this is a limited opportunity – only 4 women will be accepted for each retreat.

What’s more – this is not something that I’ll be offering often – if at all again.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work intimately + intensively with me in my home to massively shift your business, life + soul to the next level.

Lock in your space now to make sure you don’t miss out:

You’ve missed out! We’re all SOLD OUT!

Our retreats have proven ridunkulously sought after + both September + October Retreat along with private coaching retreat spaces have sold out within a week.

To be notified of the next opportunity to work intensively with me for your incredible business + incredible life, jump on the list below:


Ready to say YES?

Lock in your space now before these incredible retreat places are snapped up. It’s been years since I offered my last retreat – and NEVER before has it been at this level of intimacy, in my own home or designed to take your gorgeous business + offerings to the world in such a BIG way.

I’m sorry – once these places are snapped up, they are gone. And I really can’t assure you as to when (if ever) you’ll get the chance to work with me again like this, and for such a small investment.

So get your deposit in now… and before you know it, you’ll be here, drifting on your back in the pool, looking over the rainforest, floating on air, seeing your big vision in front of you, knowing you have the plan and the know-how to make it all happen.

I’m so looking forward to spending some exquisite, life-transforming time with you dearest. I know you have big things to do in this world. And I’m here to help you make that happen.


P.S. This is high level, deeply intensive business coaching. You receive a huge amount of access to me + the knowledge you need to radically uplift your business. If you’re ready to say yes, I’m ready to pour a huge amount of magic, momentum + mojo into your life + business.