Reviews for Leonie Dawson & her Amazing Biz and Life Academy

“Leonie is a gifted goddess and illuminated creator. I happily recommend her and her lilting work.”SARK, author of a bazillion bestselling books including “Succulent Wild Woman.”
“Leonie’s business programs are inspiring, practical and visionary! I love love LOVE them! They have jump started my writing, teaching + painting careers!” Lucy Pearce – 
Writer, teacher + artist

“Leonie’s work helps me stay aligned with my spiritual principles while actually having a prosperous business from my passions!”

“Prior to the Biz & Life Academy I was unsure where to start and felt a bit daunted by the super-polished professionals I was learning from. As someone who previously identified with being a spiritual devotee and not really a business owner, Leonie has been a bridge for me to see that I could do it my way, in MY style.

I’ve gone from serving my clients in a way that was sacrificing my personal well-being and bank account, to finally getting it, that me making money and putting my life first is THE best possible way to truly be of service. Although I already ‘knew’ that, Leonie’s living example of it helped me enormously to create it for myself. Basically I could relate to Leonie more than any other business mentor I had ever met or invested in learning from. And for me, that made all the difference. I absolutely love Leonie’s transparent & fun Aussie style. She has inspired me to start where I am & follow my own rules, while still working with the most effective & authentic marketing tools used by the best.

I’ve found that I too could have the financial independence I wanted + WAY sooner than I thought.

The Academy gave me the confidence to:

  • enjoy more financial independence
  • work only a few hours per day
  • get serious about being a business owner without compromising my spiritual values
  • deepen my spiritual sovereignty by knowing my money numbers
  • & getting it in my bones that I don’t have to choose between a career and being a mother – that I can have it all!

My investment into the Biz & Life Academy was recovered very quickly & I know it will constantly keep giving. Leonie is a progressive female entrepreneur who will always be successfully ahead of the game in her own unique way – I want to make sure to stay in touch with what she’s got to share. I feel certainty in exactly what to do next with Leonie’s guidance, which has killed the inertia of overwhelm and given me fresh energy to proceed with living my dreams. That freshness brings more authenticity, creativity, motivation & inspiration to bust through all limitations. Now I’m right here with her, riding that wild donkey! ” – Dévashi Shakti, Founder of Tigress Yoga

“Social media numbers, work less + spend more time with my daughter!”

“I had no idea how powerful it would be to connect with such a big and savvy group of women entrepreneurs ONLINE.

Here are some of the AMAZING results I’ve experienced after becoming an Academy Member:

  • Tripled my social media numbers + Subscriber Stats: Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Newsletter Subscribers (22% of my list are other members of this circle!).
  • Increased my income by $15,000/year!
  • Increased confidence to expand and try new offerings and marketing strategies in my biz.
  • Spending a lot more time with my daughter because I’m a lot more efficient.
  • Learned about time-saving productivity tools so I can travel more, have FUN and RELAX!
  • Feel so supported by the thousands of soulful women in the Academy

I also have learned how to collaborate in successful joint ventures, hosted my first Twitter party and have launched a successful coaching practice . I never would have had the courage to even try any of these projects without the guidance of the business courses in the Academy and support, love + enthusiasm of my Academy cohorts.

The value of what I’ve received far outweighs the annual cost of my membership!

I’m in deep gratitude. Thank you Leonie!” – Kris Oster, PhD, Santa Barbara CA, USA,

“I felt overwhelmed + disappointed trying to grow my online business before…now it feels like prosperous play!”

“Before I joined the Amazing Biz and Life Academy I felt overwhelmed at which business advice to implement that would best suit my unique skill set and offerings. I spent a lot of time trying out various tips for expanding online presence and reach but I just ended up feeling dispersed and seeing little in return for my disproportionate efforts. There were also many hours and tears spent on trying to figure out how to implement technical back-end systems like setting up a mailing list, affiliate programs and joint ventures.

After joining the Academy I found a wealth of information in the library that nourished both my personal and business goals in Leonie’s special heart centred yet down-to-earth way. She also has no qualms about calling a spade a spade but she will tell you in the same breath how to morph that spade into something beautiful.

Since becoming a member I have increased my mailing list seven fold, refined and monetised my offerings, learnt how to say NO to what doesn’t light me up or serve my mission, become confident in asking for what I want, now really trust my own creative process and streamlined the way I do things ~ all for the better!

Leonie is a shining example who walks her talk and shares her wisdom extracted from her own experiences in a transparent, inspiring manner. It’s fitting that the Academy draws such brilliant folk to its Mastermind Forums, sparking supportive, compassionate and sage guidance amidst a wealth of proven resources.

I have a system that is clear and specific but not inflexible for achieving single high value actions each day. I market my growing business in a way that feels good and focus the majority of my energy on creating the best experience possible for my clients now.

I adore my work now because it feels more like play, a happy comfortable, natural state and I know I’m on the right path when I connect with amazing people every day from all over the world who buy my products and services. I rest easy knowing that my voice contributes lasting positive impact for a better world which would not be where it is today without the Academy.”
Stella Seaspirit, Professional Source-ress
, South Africa

“Leonie’s business program in the Academy is a veritable encyclopedia of creative business guidance. I’m still kind of floored by all the things Leonie covers in it. Here was this happy hippy beach chick, thriving in her creative business, and willing to share all the millions of things she’s learned to get there. Her advice is smart. And generous.

Thanks in large part to Leonie’s help, I feel I’m right where I’m meant to be, in my new business. I know how to do the things to help my company grow; I know the next step I want to go in. And the next step after that.”
– Christine Long, artist

“I used to feel alone and unsure. Now I am kicking goals with confidence. I feel totally supported to reach my dreams!”

“Before I joined the Academy I felt alone. I had started changing my life around and became more of a spiritual/happiness seeker when I found Leonie. I saw the Academy and joined up without thinking too much about it but it ended up being the catalyst for amazing things. I found others who were ‘into’ the shiz I was, I connected with so many amazing souls and discovered a sacred space where I could share my wildest kooky dreams and ideas and they were received with loving support.

I have to say the most important part of the Academy was I found my sisterhood here. Once I had crew who had my back I got the confidence to start a blog, share it and dream BIG with it. The Incredible Year workbook + planner alone has taken me from unsure and afraid to kicking goals with confidence. None of this would have happened without Leonie and her Academy.”
Elizabeth McKenzie, Writer + Blogger, 
Melbourne, Australia

“What I love about The Business Goddess course is that it’s fun, lush and soups-to-nuts on what you need to have a love-filled, fit-you and successful business. Highly recommended” – Jennifer Louden, Best-selling author of The Life Organizer, Creator of Savor & Serve The World,

“I was hesitant + afraid of joining the Academy at first… now I wish I had joined it much sooner!”

“I ran into the Academy program and absolutely fell in love. I was hesitant, though. Did I have time to become involved in a new community? Would I get sucked in? Was this worth the personal and financial investment? Finally, after completing the Create Your Incredible Year ‘Life’ Workbook, I jumped into the Academy feet first and haven’t looked back. I wish I joined the very first time I saw it.

I actually have a support network now, of people who see a career or life path as more than a means to an end. I face so many ‘Why don’t you get a normal job’ comments that it becomes disheartening. All I have to do is log in and talk to these beautiful, successful women following their hearts and I realize that I really am making the right choices for myself. I am also a lot more organized in my planning and ambitions – I have dreams, but I also now have steps to get there. The resources and women made available through the Academy were game-changing.

The best results were that I stopped doubting myself. Instead of wondering if I was making the right choice, I realized that not only am I making the right choice but I will succeed. I am succeeding. I grew from doubting to celebrating. I am more confident in myself as well as my dreams. I realize that my dream of a compassionate, peaceful earth isn’t just a pipe dream and am more motivated in taking steps to be a leader. I quit simply planning and learning and started DOING!

Shai Smith, Georgia (USA), Eco-friendly Lifestyle Blogger and Peace Activist

“Leonie Dawson is an amazing artist, spiritual teacher and goddess woman. She’s inspiring, wise, kind and oh-so-talented!”
– Lucy Cavendish, author of “Lost Lands”, “White Magic”, “Faery Oracle” and “Oracle Tarot”

“My business is growing exponentially + I’m happier, braver + more in love with myself!”

“I’ve been a member of Leonie’s community since 2011. What drew me in was, frankly, all the color. She seemed to be living so vibrantly, with so much exquisite turquoise, and I wanted in. Since joining, I have slowly been soaking up all of Leonie’s delicious offerings. My favorite resource by far is the Business Goddess course, with the amazing Incredible Year and Biz workbooks taking a close second. I have been using both to steadily build my online business and presence.

Since joining The Amazing Biz and Life Academy, I have opened my own healing art shop on Etsy and am yearly seeing exponentially more sales (In 2013, I made all of what I made in 2012 in just the first month!). I have also written and published my first book, Life After Eating Disorder. I have grown my blog and social media presence exponentially as well.

I love the community at The Amazing Biz and Life Academy as well. The members have been very helpful to me as I grow my business, always ready and willing to offer advice, critique, and encouragement.

More importantly, since joining the Amazing Biz and Life Academy I am becoming braver and bolder in my own life. I am inhabiting this beautiful skin I’ve been given more and more fully, and continue to be inspired by Leonie’s drive, creativity, and spirit. Thanks to her programs & workbooks, I feel like I am living more deliberately, and meeting my goals!

Thank you so much, Leonie!”

Beth Morey, Big Sky Country, USA

“I learned how to love myself + treat myself like my dream man would…and now he has actually come true…”

““I looked over the pages about the Academy for weeks… I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. A community of women, who share, talk, and help each other out. “Ok,” I thought, “I don’t need that… I have me.”

But each time I looked over the bright colorful pages of I thought again, “this is for me… this is what I need.” and finally I joined.

I could have never imagined such a drastic change in myself and I never would have thought it would come from clicking a few buttons and such a small investment of money.

Since I’ve joined the Academy I have become more open with my feelings, I have been able to share what is going on in my life. I have never felt so comfortable in a place as I do here. I know that I have the support of this Academy all around me at all times and that I can come here whenever I need to.

I have learned again how to help others… something I thought I lost a long time ago. I have learned how to trust in myself… really trust myself… fully, deeply, 100%. I have learned how to believe in myself…. that I am beautiful and I deserve all the best in the world… and I am a GODDESS…

I learned about eating healthy and taking care of myself in the best ways possible and how to keep up with it. I’ve learned how to build new habits and rid myself of old, negative habits. I’ve learned how to be positive and happy ALL the time again. I’ve learned how to meditate… I’ve learned the importance of “me” time and taking a break from the computer and technology for an hour or two everyday.

I’ve learned how to love myself… how to check myself out (in every mirror I pass) and smile at myself… and check that glimmer of light in my eyes… through learning to love myself I have also learned how to love others..

If I hadn’t joined this community… I wouldn’t be here where I am today. I would be in a much different state of mind.. in a much different place…

I live life to the fullest every single day, I always try my best, I do what I can to help others, I LOVE with my whole heart, I sing when I feel a tune coming on, I smile, I laugh at every moment, I celebrate everything. I treat myself like my dream man would… and now he has come too…

This Academy has helped me completely transform… by showing me that “everything I need is right inside of me.”

Thank you so much, Leonie… thank you Academy members… thank you for being here for me… helping me, watching me transform, thank you for letting me be there for you… here’s to many more days of being there for each other and growing together. You are all amazing, bright and shiny women and I love each and everyone of you with all of my heart.” Amanda S, United States of America

“I refer so many of my clients to Leonie Dawson’s “Business Goddess e-course”. It’s the most wonderful, fun, colorful, creative, easy to read and understand resource available. If you would like to cut to the chase and learn everything about marketing your business online ~ this is one resource I can highly highly recommend. It’s informative, user friendly, creative and could save you years of reading about how to promote and sell yourself on the internet. When I started ~ I couldn’t stop reading it…”
” – Dawn Breslin, worldwide leader in personal transformation, TV personality + international touring speaker, Hay House author of “Dawn Breslin’s Guide to Super Confidence” and “Dawn Breslin’s Power Book”

“I was lost + unsure about my direction… now confidently shine my beautiful light (+ my business is making thousands more!)”

Leonie’s Amazing Life + Biz Academy has profoundly changed my life in so many ways. I’ve went from lost and uncertain about my direction and purpose to stepping into my goddess self and being of higher service to the world. Today, I confidently shine my beautiful light, use my gifts to empower others, and change my clients’ lives for the better.

I started with a huge vision and divine inspiration in my mind, but I had NO IDEA how to birth it into physical form. Thank goodness for Leonie’s business program, I was guided step by step. And this has generated me thousands and thousands of dollars (and keeps doing so) With that, I left my soul sucking job, and started my own business. Thus, I embarked on my path to fulfilling my soul’s purpose.

I even found my soul sisters and many clients through the academy. No longer do I feel like I do not belong, lost, and not understood. So many wonderful Earth angels and lightworkers gather here, those who resonate with me and my message. Thanks to the Academy, some are now my most cherished friends, mastermind buddies, and beloved clients. This has been worth its weight in GOLD.

Having Leonie’s Academy in my success library has raised my vibrations so much. I have been lifted up and rose up into my goddess and divine feminine. I now experience ease, flow, and elegance that I’ve only dreamed of in the past. I can’t even begin to express how much of an importance this is to me. I have learnt so much from Leonie that I now implement into my daily life. Besides that, I also teach these tools to my clients to raise their vibrations, step into their manifest abundance and the results are so profound.

And all this was just within 6 months of joining the academy. I can’t even imagine what will happen in a year’s time! I’m so delighted, and I so highly recommend Leonie’s Academy to everyone. As long as you have a gift, a message, a gorgeous light that you are yearning to share with the world — jump onboard. Witness the miracles unfold as they will, quickly and elegantly.
Jia Ni Teo, Body Transformation + Soul Abundance Coach
Perth, Western Australia

“Since working with Leonie I have enjoyed a $30K launch for a product that previously did only $10-15k per launch. “

When I first started with Leonie and the Academy I was feeling stuck and unsure about my business. Knowing that I had the potential to get ahead and get out of overwhelm but just totally lost as to where to start. I needed systems, support and know-how from someone who was already living the dream and could understand my struggles!

Since working with Leonie I have enjoyed a $30K launch for a product that previously did only $10-15k per launch. My to-do list has shrunk drastically while my income has gone up. I’m working approx. 10-15 hours per week instead of 30+ on my online business. Plus, I’m able to better understand and focus on what I need to do next.

I have to say, I just love Leonie! I’ve worked with tons of business coaches, and while some have been helpful I’ve also usually ended up overwhelmed and more stressed, with an ever-expanding list.

Leonie showed me that it doesn’t have to be that hard. I love that her work ethic and family/work life balance is already so exactly what I am striving for and now starting to reach. Never again will I work with someone who doesn’t already have a lifestyle I admire as well as a business!

I would recommend it to anyone who is truly ready to get out of fear and step up and do the big work to create an incredible business and life.

Kat Loterzo, Women’s Fitness Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Mum and International Best-Selling Author

Within 3 weeks of signing up to the Academy, I went from 110 Facebook fans to 513 at this very moment! So stoked! The passion, spark and drive that I had been lacking for my work was in full force again and I was back in business! I am still creating the finer details of my website, but I already have 8 people on my waiting list who want to book a Soul Guidance reading..without even knowing more about my product! And, my favourite part of all of this is that after 18 months of chronic procrastination, I have FINALLY started to write my book! Woo hoo!
– Katie Emma, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, Australia