You know you’ve got a book to write.

It might even be one of your goals this year.

Or just a long held dream.

But here’s the tricky thing about wanting to write a book: it seems like an insurmountable task.

Too big to start on, much less stay consistent with and then actually FINISH.

It’s the Mount Everest of goals, the one that both keeps calling you forward AND also staying relegated to the bottom of the to-do list.

I get it. More important things come up. And before you know it, another year has passed, and The Book still hasn’t been written. And it’s still burning inside you, its light a little less bright, the frustration in you growing.

Enough with the waiting.

It’s time to DO.

It’s time to actually birth this beautiful book of yours into the world and let it do what it was meant to do.

It’s meant to heal you as you write.

It’s meant to touch so many lives.

It’s meant to create more clients for you.

It’s meant to build your credibility.

It’s meant to bring you abundance.

Over and over, it’s meant to spread blessings in every direction.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

Fuck waiting another year.

Fuck waiting for another time that will never come.

We are going to DO THE THING.

We are going to schedule in 40 days.

I am going to give you daily, step-by-step instructions and accountability.

You are going to be surrounded by a mastermind of other writers.

There is going to be prizes. And support. And calls. And accountability. And FUN.

And then, once the book is written, I am going to teach you everything I know about getting that book into the world into as many hands as possible.

I’ll teach you how to self-publish, and why it can be the best option.

I’ll teach you everything I know about getting a publishing deal.

And I’ll teach you how to market the absolute shit out of it, so as many people read your book as possible and get what they need out of it. And you get the maximum amount of impact and abundance for your time invested.

To put it simply, I know my shit when it comes to writing, finishing and marketing hugely successful books. 

  • I’ve sold well over a million dollars in books

  • I’m an Australian AND internationally best-selling author with over 350,000 books in print
  • I’ve hit #1 and #3 at the same time on Amazon Aus for ALL BOOKS!
  • I’m prolific – I’ve authored 10 editions of my Life + Biz workbooks, plus three more books.
  • I’ve had a huge amount of success both in self-publishing + getting a publishing deal.

You will get a daily accountability email for 40 days. It will include a writing tip + a request for your word count completed for that day. We will document your numbers + chase you up if you haven’t responded! This is author accountability on SPEED!

You’ll join a private Facebook group mastermind for the duration of the book writing project. You will get additional support, advice + brainstorming help from other authors on the same path as you! You are not alone!

You will have access to our collection of group coaching call recordings. Got questions about the process? I can 98% promise they will be answered already in these calls!

You’ll also get specialist training on:

How to self publish in a way that is wildly successful and profitable!

How to score a lucrative publishing deal (+ how to choose between self-publishing and a publishing house!)

How to increase your writing productivity exponentially!

How to plan out + execute your book on time with less stress!

How to attract enthusiastic new customers and clients with your book!

How to sell more on Amazon.

How to plan out + execute your book on time with less stress!

How to grow your audience, income + reach through your book!

Finish Your Book in 40 Days completely clobbered my writer’s block.

I’m happily swimming in creative flow now with a joyful writing practice that moves me closer to my goals every day. Thank you for all the juicy, wonderful, powerful book love!

Laura Bickle

Author, authorlaurabickle.com

I wrote 55,000 words in 40 days!

I’m so excited and proud to be self publishing my first young adult novel this year. Yikes it really is happening and all because of this course. I couldn’t believe that I wrote 55,000 words on the page during the 40 days.

So BIG BIG thanks and love to you Leonie for creating something so motivating and inspiring. It’s genius – – a simple formula and lots of lovely writers to support you in the Facebook Group. I hadn’t quite realised how the process of writing a book could break you open and heal you on such an intense level. It’s been one hell of a ride, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I started writing my book 3 years ago, so it’s totally exceeded my belief about what I thought was possible.

I would highly recommend that people do this course and work with you. Your energy is bold, zany, smart and kind. It’s totally and utterly contagious. You had me in fits some days with your dancing, made up songs and story telling. You’ve given so many of us the confidence to tell our stories too, and get them out in to the world. The world definitely needs more Leonie energy in it.

Lisa Parkes

Child Coach & Mentor, smileyforlife.com

I couldn’t have written my book without it!

Thrilled to have come across the course ‘Finish Your Book in 40 Days.’ I know I couldn’t have done this without the tremendous support that Leonie offers with videos, affirmational art and the live calls.  This course delivers much more than I was expecting and no one should be left wondering what to do next even after they write their fucking book!  Loved it all and thanks so much Leonie for sharing your beautiful soul with the world.  You are a great example of what is possible!

Cari Moffet, RMT. CMI


This course is straight talking AND wide open full heartedness all at once!

I am just writing to say thank you for the wonderful journey of Finish Your Book in 40 Days.

What I have loved is the powerful combination of straight talking (get out of your creative butt hole and write the fucking book) and wide open full heartedness (deep compassion and understanding for all the trials and tribulations along the way)

This in creative arts is a fine line – too much self beating discipline cramps the creative spirit, too much woo-woo self indulgence and shit doesn’t get done! So I really appreciate you for modelling a healthy amount of accountability with a humongous amount of love in your own awesomely eccentric unique way.  I felt loved and propelled into momentum the whole way.

Thank you for being you and for having done the work to embrace and be you so fully – it means you can show up and let others be as messy and amazing as they truly are and as life really is.  Thank you for modelling tough boundaries and totally wild flamboyantly gorgeous creativity. Thanks for insisting and demonstrating that writers can be successful, that creative women can be themselves and be successful, that we don’t have to compromise who we are to get the job done.  That we can love and cajole and colour our way through it.

Thank you for your generosity with your energy, love, time, resources and creativity. This course is amazingly accessibly priced and I
really appreciate that.  Thanks for letting us all find our way through it in our own ways and honouring that every journey will be different, whilst also keeping us all single minded on the one task of WRITING THE FUCKING BOOK!

Thank you thank you thank you.
A thousand blessings and angels cheering your name – yay Leonie!

Katie Rose

Singer, Composer, Conductor, Writer, therosewindow.org

I got my book out into the world!

Thank you for creating this class with just the right kind of support that kept me writing every day. I found ways around and through my daughter’s cancer surgery and also major medical tests for me. Knowing it was as simple as just “write the fucking book” helped me keep my commitment. Having the very active and supportive Facebook group was beyond helpful.

This all came down to the daily support and accountability. Thank you Leonie for helping me get my book out into the world to help other chronic pain sufferers.

I love you and hold this time with you as sacred.

Gail Sinclair


“An unbelievable, inspiring journey…”

“The 40 days are over. And the journey is unbelievable and goes on and on.

It was inspiring, challenging, lovingly, doubting, exhausting, heart melting, wondering, energetic, out of this world, encouraging and soooo fun to work with you this way.

And I always come back to get a nugget of wisdom and a sweet energy kick.

I’ve written almost 40,000 words for my MoonGuide. It’s a wonderful journey. And I’ve got so much confidence and clarity thru you and your guidance.

So all in all, I’m so in LOVE with your courses and down to earth honesty! I´m a total LEONIE – FREAK and well I have to confess: I’m a “Leonie-Addict”! Ellen Holzschuster


So your book is out in the world, touching and helping all the people it is meant to help!

To create another stream of income for yourself.

To create expert recognition for you and your business

Get your book OFF your to do list and OUT in the world!

To bring in new, enthusiastic clients and customers!

To create that incredible sense of fulfillment that comes from doing what you are meant to be doing in the world!

Q: Is this for nonfiction/fiction/children’s books?

Yep. All of them. A book is a book in my book. They all take dedication, commitment, time and marketing skills. And that’s what we’ll be doing in this course.

Q: I have a full time job. Will I still be able to do this?

Yep. Totally doable. I’ve done it before. Very few writers have vast swathes of time to write. Plus there’s kind of a limit to how many hours per hour you can write anyway!

Q: Will you help me come up with the idea for the book and refine it? Will you help me write the book? Will you proofread it for me? Will you read it at the end and give me a testimonial?

Sorry, no. That’s outside the scope of this course. I can only give general writing and publishing advice, and try to answer more specific questions on the group coaching calls. We wouldn’t be able to go into huge amounts of depth however. A consulting service like that would have to cost a shit tonne more than I’m offering this course at.

Q: What is the refund policy?

As with all my programs, refunds are not given if you change your mind. I’m here to help you actually write your book, not continue procrastinating from it! Refunds are only provided where required by ACCC law. 


Q: It’s not the right time for me. Will you offer this later?

Not sure at this point, sorry. Wherever the inspiration muses take me!

Q: Will everything be recorded? If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course for longer than 40 days. You will be able to use all the trainings as you require.
HOWEVER – a part of this course is live accountability (in terms of daily emails and checking up on your word count etc). If you’re OK with missing out on that aspect, and just grabbing the training instead, that’s fine.

Q: Will everything be hosted on Facebook?

No, only the mastermind element will be on Facebook.

Q: Should I buy myself a ye olden day typewriter?

No. That shit will break your hands.

Q: Will this guarantee me a bestseller?

No. But it will guarantee you more book sales if you do the homework and do what I say. #bossy


Leonie holds nothing back in her teaching. She explains things in real, raw and usable ways. It’s not fluff, it’s from learned experiences, and it makes learning fun!

Leonie is one of the pioneers of the online entrepreneur world, making possible for anyone with a passion to serve to be ale to follow their dreams and create their own business.

Kerry Spina


I love Leonie's no nonsense simple, easy and fun business guidance. Her courses are filled with real information that is current and relevant. Leonie's allowed me to follow my dream of having my own business, seeing her walk your talk, she has paved the way for so many other women to follow their hearts and dreams too!

Leesa Turner

Energy healer

When I embarked on my journey with Leonie I got more than a high quality teacher and great results... I literally covered the cost for my training within the first term!

Munira van der Zijl

Yoga teacher

I began my business in 2011 from Leonie's trainings and even in 2019, it's barely changed due to the clarity Leonie's work helped me find.

I would recommend Leonie for anything that is a meld of down-to-earth with that intuition we all have inside.

Katy-Rose Bye


Leonie touches a part of me that wants to shine, wants to make things, wants to manifest. I feel touched in the part of me that is vulnerable and strong, like two sides of a coin. I know many things already, but being touched by a teacher in that sacred part of my heart is rare.

With Leonie's help I have already created a book, inspirational cards, online courses and a happy life.

Fanny van der Horst


It’s Time.

Are you ready dearest?

Ready to do the work and birth forward the book that’s inside you?

I’m here to help. Here to create the sacred container to help you do what you were born to do.

There is so much ahead for you.

Let’s go make it happen. 

Questions? Issues?

We are here to help! Just email support@leoniedawson.com <3

Leonie is a blend of beautiful art & creativity with straight-talking, no-holds-barred business wisdom that totally blows me away.

Before I found Leonie, I hadn’t thought it possible to blend art and business, I thought I had to choose… so finding her was a wonderful breath of fresh air & represented a huge permission to explore avenues I’d thought were closed.

There’s so much deep wisdom in Leonie’s courses & books, blended with real-life practical how-to’s, and all wrapped up in a loving, inspiring package.

Joanne Ernst


Leonie is one of the most authentic teachers I have come across online, and I’ve been online for 20 years. Leonie’s down-to-earth and damn approachable vibe has you forgetting any actual doubts and fears you’ve been lugging around and next thing you know, you’re getting things done like a fire cracker.

I absolutely recommend Leonie as a teacher!

Jelena Mrkich


Leonie Dawson is a completely unconventional, no BS, tell-it-like-it-is teacher, and I adore her. Her wisdom comes from experience in both business and life which is valuable because even though we try, as humans, we cannot completely separate the two. Leonie breaks it all down into specific actionable steps for whatever it is she is teaching. Her students are not left thinking that what she does is wonderful but then don’t know what to do in their own businesses/life to create results for themselves. I really respect her candidness regarding what has worked for her, what hasn’t, and that she has bad days, just like the rest of us. Her recommendations of books, services, how to get from point A to point B…etc. are always top notch and I have never completed one of her courses wondering what the point was.

In fact, I finish feeling energized, well-informed, and ready to take the next step. I think the most important lessons I have learned from Leonie are to keep showing up, to be consistent, to trust that I have a gift to share with the world and that I don’t have to be perfect.

Dakota Duncan


Leonie’s courses inspire and invoke my inner flame.

She gives us all the vital information, goals, skills and how to do it yourself (without making it feel like rocket science!), as well the kick up the bum to get shit done.

Leandra Gurbiel