Hola goddesses,

I’m still beaming over here with gratitude, hope + excitement after our time together at the Shining Academy Retreat in Canberra.

It was so magical to be with so many like-minded souls under one roof and I can’t thank the participants enough.

One super magical aspect of the retreat was to see the market stalls set-up with so many shining products! Participants were able to set up a stall to promote their products – FUNNNNNNNNN!

While I wish one day we could ALLLLLLLLLLL meet together in Hippyville, I thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek.

Here’s Your Virtual Market Stall Tour!

Now, imagine you’re in the land down under, the summer is winding down, there’s a nice warm sun shining with a slight breeze and birds chirping (aka it’s not hot as fuck like it normally is)

You walk outside and you see a little market of sorts. Nothing too crazy. Just perfect. Along with the song of birds + laughter of participants, you may also hear some “that’s what she said” jokes as you stroll along (admittedly, that was probably coming from me way down at the end of the stalls where Grant and I did book signings. No, I can’t stop. Yes, it’s a condition. No, I’m not getting it healed.)

thats what she said

(See Grant’s face? That’s the face of OH FOR GOD’S SAKE SHE IS STILL USING THAT JOKE)

Anyway, I digress… which is VERY surprising. I NEVER do that!

Before I start to talk about squirrels and other shiny things…

Lemme share the gorgeous market stalls with you!

First Stop… Luna Bird!

Shining Academy Retreat I Canberra i 2016

Luna Bird is an uber talented artist of jewellery, toys and gifts! Along with paper opals like the ones shown above, she also enamels, solders and makes little mushrooms out of clay and preserve them in mini necklace domes!

Sonya, my Operations Manager even snagged this RAD MUSHROOM ring for herself!!

Sonya mushroom ring

And then there’s the lovely Indira…

Shining Academy Retreat I Canberra i 2016

Indira Hnatiuk of Sacred Health Centre was offering quick laser acupuncture memory boosts, online courses, audios and high performance coaching session vouchers!

Check her out for natural ways to feel great!

Next on this bonza afternoon is Natalie Crowe…

Shining Academy Retreat I Canberra i 2016

Natalie of Natalie Crowe Designs Crystals set up shop with her vibrant crystals, chakra trees, jewelry and gorgeous gifts, OH MY!

natalie crowe

Natalie is also a talented web designer and founder of Natalie Crowe Designs.

Strolling right on over to Victoria Yuen’s set-up…


Victoria Yuen of Victoria’s Place Online, a health and wellness business that focusses on yoga, meditation and mindfulness offered her book, “Will You Come To Bed With Me? Creating Mindful Moments With Your Family”, yoga card decks and more!

victoria yuen 1

Look! It’s Ashley Fiona!

Shining Academy Retreat I Canberra i 2016

Ashley Fiona is a ceramic artist and a porcelain specialist who creates ashkeepers, handmade wares and even wearable treasures! She lives and works from her studio on the Central Coast, New South Wales.

Shining Academy Retreat I Canberra i 2016



I dealt with receiving it suuuuuper gracefully and calmly:



Ooh look how fun + cute this next stall is!


Fan of My Little Pony? Look no further! Pinipy set up shop offering posters, postcards, badges, totes, jewellery and more! These were designed by a gorgeous teenager!

And last, but most definitely not least is artist, Brenda Mangalore!

Shining Academy Retreat I Canberra i 2016

Brenda Mangalore creates fine art, abstract paintings, greeting cards and typographic doodle drawings + paintings. SOOOOOOO gorgeous + FUN!

Canberra Photographer

What a fabulous afternoon stroll through the market!

Thank you to all the retreat goers and market stall participants! It was so great meeting you all + seeing your amazing work up close and personal!

HUGE love + appreciation,



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