Hola dearhearts,

Happy March!

February was filled with tender moments, joyous Academy happenings and a fabulous reunion with my GM, Grant.

SO full of love.

Looking forward to the magic that March brings.

Take a peek here at fabulous February!

social media trainwreck

How To Not Be A Social Media Trainwreck

This is the story of two small businesses selling handmade stuff online.

And how they used social media differently, with great affect.

This is a true story – the one me + my team saw unfold before our eyes.

One story is one of those wonder stories – of social media done so beautifully it wins for everyone involved. (Holy Flaps)

The other – a bit of a dramatic-filled trainwreck – that still leaves us with a sour taste in our mouths to this day.

Me and my team talk about it often.

The lessons we learned from seeing it play out.

And the very different outcomes it made.

It illustrates so beautifully the do’s + don’t’s of social media.

I wanted to share it with you here to inspire you + help you find your own shining success story in social media that looks more beautiful than trainwreck-ish.

2016-Affiliate Competition

Drumroll Please…Affiliate Competition Winners Are Here!!

And we’re announcing the winners of our BIGGEST affiliate competition ever…

To find out who has won over $21 500 worth of prizes, head here!
Canberra photographer - commercial photos

Moments: A Personal Sharing

Lately, I’ve been…

broken apart. Vulnerable. Burnt out.

Finding my way by bumping into stone.

Stumbling on to my knees.

And sometimes it hurts

but then I think

it’s easier to pray from down here.

Easier to inspect the earth from close up.

Easier to be instead of do.

It’s a holy kind of humbling.

Click here for more…


The Great Annual Workbook Giveaway For Non Profits

Are you a social worker or a part of a non profit organisation?

Does your organisation work with underprivileged or disadvantaged women?

Or do you know someone who is?

We’d love to donate the 2016 Create Your Shining Year workbooks to you for using with your clients – as many as you’d like!

For details + to apply for free workbooks for your clients, click here!

sales 101

New Course Release: Sales 101

We have a brand new course for you!

We’ve been busy creating juicy, new content (Discover Your Life’s Wisdom + Deep Brewed Life are among our newest!) and I can’t wait to share our newest one with you!

Join guest expert on sales, Fran Pratt of KISS to Sell for this jargon-free, online training for people who don’t like selling. Become better at sales without the spammy, scammy, yucky feeling.

Get more details here!


#2016Planners Competition Winnahs!

One of my absolute favourite parts of releasing the Shining Year Workbooks + Planners each year is seeing them out in the wild.

We’ve received photos from all over the world – from Utah to New Zealand, from Pakistan to Barbados. Where haven’t these babies been? I’m prettttttty sure they have more damn passport stamps than me! (Well… I only have three truth be told. India, Malaysia + Singapore. Ain’t so bad!)


Anywaysies… after going through over ONE THOUSAND photos for this year’s #2016planner Social Media Competition, we have narrowed it down to our most scenic + most creative choices! Plus we mayyyyyy have added a couple of more winners 😉

The lucky winners will each receive a 1-year Shining Biz & Life Academy membership (worth $497!)

Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, check out the winners here!


The G.O.A.L. System For Goal Achieving Success

So… yep. I’m still banging on about goals.

And… OMG… it’s not even the FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY ANYMORE.


Why am I banging on about them STILL?


I get it. I used to eye roll about them too.

Until… I started actually SETTING THEM.


And seeing the changes they made in my life.

I think they are the most underrated success strategy ever.

And I reckon if every spirited and heart-centered adult + teenager was using them… this world would change and be healed for the better.

Goals can EMPOWER us to make our biggest dreams come true.

I know we can all get caught up in how to write goals though.

So I wanted to give you some guidance on how to create goals that work. Some tips and tricks that will help you set and structure your goals in a way that will help you actually reach them.

Join the discussion here!


Leonie’s Scrapbook: Australiaaaaa Edition

Here we are with my usual scrapbook of photos + ramblings from the past couple of weeks.

It had been a tender couple of weeks… we lost a precious member of our family…

…and have really been marinating in all that love, loss and sweet memories.

Ostara also started school full time. It’s been such a transition for us!

And now our General Manager Grant + his angel wife Jenny are with us in Australia, which is full of beauty and blessings.

A full medicine bag of all the feelings this time around.

Check out my scrapbook here!

Wow! What a month February was – can’t wait to see you back here for magical/marvelous/miraculous March!

Huge Love,


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