My feet and the side of the labyrinth.


bigger than my belly.

Today has been such a bigger than big day.

Beautiful, full, opening, blossoming, awakening, real, startling.

Confronting my self, embracing my self.

And having others embrace me.

Hugs from near strangers at the labyrinth. Opening arms to the unknown.

I will speak about the labyrinth tomorrow, once I have time to filter

and resonate with it.

But this… this… these words resonate with me now.

Don’t worry you will find the answer

if you let it go

give yourself some time to falter

But don’t forgo knowing that you’re

loved no matter what

and everything will come around in time

~ Sarah McLachlan “Perfect Girl”

I give great thanks to the wondrous group of women who have

drawn me and welcomed me into their circle

great thanks to the wondrous miandering pattern of life’s journey

to the makers and keepers of the labyrinth

to those that surround and protect it ~

be it angelic sheep, the sound of didjeridoos or the stillness

of the ancient trees beside it.

and to those who walk the labyrinth.