Since we are talking all things money leading up to the launch of my new e-course Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income, I thought I’d answer a fairly common money question I get asked:

Do I still “do” doTERRA as a business?

Quick backstory: I never thought I’d get into network marketing… I was always too busy with my own creative ideas. About four years ago however I was in a particularly bad spell of ill health. That’s when I wrote the original piece for I Will Rain My Love On You. And that’s when I fell in love with essential oils, and started using them everyday, and eventually decided to do them as an extra business.

I shared all the details here if you want to know about that part of the decision-making process for me.

It ended up being kind of perfect for me at the time:

  • The oils helped me SO MUCH with my fucked immune system (not to mention my anxiety levels).
  • I was seriously burnt out and needed time away from being a public figure. So it was awesome having a new business where I could work behind the scenes more, and take a break from creating and sharing in the way that I was.
  • I was also trying to work out what to do next, after discovering that I really fucking hated having a big team to manage. It really was heartbreaking for me at the time.
  • I was FASCINATED by learning a new business model. I bought dozens and dozens of books to consume. I remember my husband saying: “It’s so good to see you so inspired again! You needed something new to sink your teeth into!”
  • I started homeschooling at the same time. It was an amazzzzing two years of our family’s life. AND it took a whole bunch of my brain power to plan and execute homeschooling. So it worked really beautifully to be working in a different business model where I could respond and help people in spare moments. When I’m creating and teaching, I require a lot more headspace and thinking time to be able to do that.

It also fulfilled two financial goals I had at the time:

  • to build up another income stream so eventually I could close my beloved Academy down. It was the major income source for my family for years and I fucking adored it… AND at the same time I had a feeling I would eventually want to change up my business model again so I could jump on wild donkey ideas as they came up. I wrote more about the decision to close the Academy here.
  • to create a passive income stream as a thank you gift for my husband for putting up with being married to being an entrepreneur. Even though we’ve been hugely blessed by abundance, it’s still been a huge leap of faith for my very risk-adverse lover. So it was an act of love for him, and he was my Big Why.
  • plus… having multiple streams of income is bonza! I love adding to the pool of prosperity possibilities! I think it’s really smart and wise to add extra streams of income to your life or business to create more financial stability.

It’s now a couple of years down the track… how has the experiment worked out?

Awesomely! I’m so grateful for the learnings & the adventures along the way. It really was perfect for me at the time.

I broke the world record for building to doTERRA’s highest rank in the fastest period of time.

I got to connect with so many beautiful people even more closely.

I’ve loved seeing other people in my team prosper and reach their goals.

I got to learn a new business model.

And I was able to achieve my financial goal of creating another income stream.

I closed enrolments to my Academy last September. And I’ve returned to creating standalone e-courses as the inspiration strikes me. So far, I’m so loving the change. I love running with an idea as I download it. I love the energy of excitement as people work through the same course together. It feels just glorious. And of course, that might change in the future. I’m just following what works for me for now!

Yeah… but are you still “doing” doTERRA as a business?

Yes – I still receive $$$ in the bank each month from doTERRA. I still use the oils everyday. I still support my builders and users – I’m constantly testing what works and what gives best results.

I was never going to be a traditional doTERRA leader. I’ll never be someone who goes to all the conventions or runs live events. I run businesses so I don’t have to put a bra on, guyzzzz!

So yes – I still “do” doTERRA – in my own unique way that works for me.

But why aren’t you public about it anymore?

Great question!

There’s a bunch of reasons for this:

  1. I’ve said all I can say about essential oils. I think they are fucking bonnnza and can help people in so many ways. So I created a bunch of training materials (like the webinars on my Youtube channel). I saw it as my job to say “WOAH! OILS ARE MAGIC! THEY CAN PROBABLY HELP YOU!” and then by pointing people at educational sources to learn more. But I’ve pretttty much said all I wanted to say on the topic. I’m not somebody who can talk about oils errrrrry day for the rest of my life.
  2. Just because a business isn’t public facing, it doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t exist. It’s kind of like ye olde saying: If you saw something and didn’t Instagram it, DID IT EVEN HAPPEN??? I also have other income streams that aren’t tied to my public figure at all, so I don’t mention publicly – I’ll talk about them in my money course as promised however. There’s so many businesses that are doing business without sharing about it on social media. It’s like my dentist: she is fully booked through word-of-mouth referrals. Last time her business posted on Facebook was five months ago. Anyway – this is a long way of saying – just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
  3. My businesses have promotional cycles. Sometimes I talk more about one than the other. It’s like my Academy – before it closed down, I would go months or even years not talking about it. It was still hugely successful behind the scenes. It still had thousands of people inside it. I was still creating courses and doing courses for it. I talk about my different projects/businesses as I’m inspired to.
  4. I can enrol people in doTERRA like a motherfucker. I’ve enrolled hundreds and hundreds of people and introduced them to the oils. That’s a skill set I’ve mastered. The next thing for me to master is to help other people enrol. That doesn’t require me to be talking about oils publicly at all.
  5. I built a doTERRA business with the financial intention of it eventually becoming a passive income stream. PASSIVE is the operative word here. So it will take time, but my intention is for it to long-term not require my energy and time for it to create abundance. I’m in the testing phase still to work out what that looks like! I only work 10 hours a week across all my businesses so I can spend my days with my kids, so I need to be SUPER smart and intentional about how I spend my time to create the best results.
  6. I didn’t sign up to doTERRA to have it as my one and only income stream. That’s never interested me. It was always an add-on pony to my stable of horses. My primary horse to ride will always be creating, sharing and teaching.
  7. I’m multi-passionate. I’ve never stayed in a niche. I’ve taught EVERYTHING that’s captured my interest – from business and marketing, to meditation and creativity and spirituality and relationships and anxiety and sex and self love and money. Whatever I am feeling passionate and inspired about, and where I feel I have things to share. I’m never going to be a Career Oils Lady. That’s totally groovy for some peeps… but I’ve got WAY too many other things I need to talk about!!

(Fuck that turned out to be a lot of reasons! Obviously I think about everything a lot!)

It’s totally fine if you think I should create businesses and streams of income differently from what I do.

That might be: you should be doing doTERRA differently! Or: you shouldn’t be doing anything MLM at all! Or: you should be only doing artwork. Or: I wish you had long mermaid hair still! Or: insert other idea here.

Your thoughts aren’t really going to change what I do however. The only thing we really get to choose is how we want to do with our OWN businesses and lives. You can work to your own strengths and how you want to create abundance for yourself.

The answer is: know yourself, and your strengths, and what you want to create with your life. Then build your income streams to suit that!

I don’t spend my time thinking about what other people should or should not be doing with their businesses… or income streams… or philanthropy… or parenting… or anything else under the sun.

It’s wasted energy for me to think about their choices because they doesn’t have anything to do with me. It takes time away from paying attention to what IS my responsibility – my own self. I only get to decide what is right for me at any given point of time, and remain fiercely loyal to my own self.

I work to my strengths – and that’s working online, and making it as passive as possible. That’s how I am with most of my income streams. If you want to do it differently… HOORAY! GO FOR IT BABES!

SO there you go! Insider’s look into how + why I make some of the business + financial decisions I make.

If you’re wanting to do a deeper dive into money, manifesting and multiple streams of income, and create your own abundant world, make sure you jump into my new e-course before August 1!

With love and blessings,