Hi possums,

Holy moley, what a journey I’ve been on with these oils.

As I’ve shared before, I fell in love with doTERRA essential oils when I least expected it. I was TOTALLY sceptical that smelly shit would make a difference to my (totally fucked) health at the time. After spending six months in and out of bed with recurring fevers and infections, and being tested for everything from tuberculosis to lung cancer, and endless rounds of antibiotics, I started using doTERRA OnGuard essential oil because I was out of any other solution.

But they did make a difference. Hugely, profoundly and deeply. It was almost instantaneous. After a week, I ordered more oils. And more. And realised I could use them for more and more things. They became my go to when I was experiencing sleeplessness and anxious feelings and needing digestion support. I saw how big a difference they made in parenting. I started craving that kind of clean, powerful, lo-tox energy in all my haircare and cleaning products. Soon, they became an intrinsic part of life, health, parenting, cleaning and home.

The hub + hearth of our home… our essential oil box in our kitchen that gets used upteen times a day!

These crystal children of ours are so sensitive, and come into this world knowing so intently what feels good and what doesn’t. And they connect with oils SO QUICKLY. They get it faster than we do.

Now my kids know to come to me for oils… for upset bellies, if they are feeling upset, if they can’t get to sleep, for bumps and bug bites and all the other calamities that happen.

We diffuse oils every day while we homeschool to help us with attention and encouragement. If we are out and about, there’s oils in my handbag for meltdowns and motion sickness. We diffuse oils in bedrooms at night to help our kids fall asleep easily. They are so very special… such an empowering, healing tool to use.

So I wanted to do this webinar. To help you discover how to naturally support your children’s immune systems, focus and emotions with essential oils.

So hope this is useful to you.

Love from my crystal children to yours,