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Another week, another good news story… this time about some beautiful work one of our Academy members is doing, and how we’ve been able to support them! I asked one of my Team Unicorn staff to write about it for you!

Business absolutely can change the world… and I’m so excited at all the ways we can help!

I’m so grateful at all the success I’ve had with the workbooks & the Academy… and love being able to pay forward some of the profits to the places that need it most!

Philanthropy RAWWWWWKS!!!

Big love,

Hola amazing peeps!

I wanted to share these adorable children with you… *HEART SWELL MOMENT*

Earlier this year Leonie Dawson International made a generous donation of $1000 to the Rotary Australia World Community Service to support the Suluhisho Project in Kenya. HORAAY!


These adorable children received new books and school supplies which makes me so so so happy. I am truly blessed to be part of such a generous organisation that actively supports the amazing work of charities such as RAWCS.

Jacinta and the Rotary Members for Goulburn are raising funds and awareness so they can…

  • Build a children’s village
  • Build a medical centre
  • Open a Montessori based school
  • Develop an Arts hub and Sports program for orphaned and abandoned children at Luo Village, Kapunja, near Kisumu, Kenya.

All of which is AHMAZING!!

The Suluhisho project crossed our path during the Shining Academy Retreat in Feb thanks to the amazing Jacinta Ojwang – one of our very own amazing Academy Members – who joined the retreat and made sure we knew about the great big work her team were doing.

YAY Jacinta – you seriously rock!

Jacinta at our Shining Academy conference… that beautiful woman!

As a beautiful thank you the children who received new school supplies after our donation made a video we HAD TO SHARE with you… you can see all the amazing supplies and their beautiful smiling faces…

Such a beautiful thing!

Thanks for letting me share!

Let’s go change the world!

Part of LDI Team Unicorn!


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