Hola beauties,

We’re back with my usual scrapbook of photos + ramblings from the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a tender couple of weeks… we lost a precious member of our family…

and have really been marinating in all that love, loss and sweet memories.

Ostara also started school full time. It’s been such a transition for us!

And now our General Manager Grant + his angel wife Jenny have arrived in Australia, which is full of beauty and blessings.

A full medicine bag of all the feelings this time around.

starry flower crown

My girl.


Australia Day was a few weeks back.

So, caveats first: I wish it was celebrated on another date instead of the date us whiteys arrived. Australia is home to the longest surviving culture on the planet and they deserve to be revered and honoured. I also cringe when I see Australian flags being flown because I fear they are often the calling card of peeps with racist outlooks.

That said… I do want to celebrate with love and gratitude my home and my country of Australia. Six generations ago, my family arrived from Denmark. My blonde hair and fair skin is a terrible fucking genetic decision for someone who has grown up in the tropical heat of SkinCancertopia. And yet, and yet, my heart cannot imagine any other home. There is a magic here, a raw earthiness, a sense of humour and a cackling, crackling verve of energy that makes up my cells. Being born upon and walking this patch of earth for the past 33 years has been, always, a profound blessing. From the cattle farms and cane fields of Proserpine, the Whitsunday Islands, the wild rainforests of Cairns, the cold, brilliant island beauty of Tasmania, to the spiritual heart of Australia – Uluru, to my home in the alpine mountains of Canberra… Each place has scored beauty into my heart… Not in pastels but in vivid technicolor.

This is not to say Australia is perfect. Gosh, no. There is still so much work to be done in legislating gay marriage, putting a stop to the domestic violence epidemic, instituting educational reform, fair and equitable tax systems, Aboriginal reconciliation, removing racism and so much more.

But still – I am grateful for the fact this is a first world country with enormous blessings and opportunities for its people. My old high school mate Zetty has been an advocate in third world countries for much of the last ten years and she frequently says “Australians need to travel more to see what life is truly like for the vast majority of the worlds population. We are unbelievably blessed.” I’m grateful for our Medicare system and our hospital system snd our democracy and our roads and our air and our beaches and our schools and and and….

But most of all, to the Deva of Australia, you are my guiding light.

chris harris

Dear Chris Harris,

Thanks for choosing to comment on my Australia Day post, sharing my many complicated thoughts and feelings I have about this country – from the love that I feel for it, to the things that still need to be healed and changed.

Unfortunately, you have misread that post.

What’s more, you’ve encouraged me to commit suicide because of that. Because of my feelings over a flag? A piece of material? Really? What’s more – feelings that you have misinterpreted? How on earth could that be an appropriate response?

Why on earth would you ever wish someone to take their life over having a differing view? You may say they are just words, but it is words just like yours that have caused untold numbers of suicides. I knew a smart, beautiful, sweet-hearted girl who did. Because of words just like this. On the Internet.

I want you to know your actions are illegal and abusive. That is not ever okay. I do hope you take heed from recent situations in Hobart where Tasmania Police have pressed charges for inappropriate, offensive and abusive comments like yours. The Internet is no longer the Wild West.

Your words matter. Use them wisely. Abusive comments like this are never, ever okay. Again: they are illegal. They are abuse. They are never, ever okay.

Leonie Dawson

burnt out

I’m a wee bit crispy burnt out after a huge workbook launch. I have a few weeks of quiet time before things ramp up again. Can I please ask for suggestions of things to do? I’m usually so good at having a full life of hobbies outside of work… But I feel like the last few months have been a race to keep up with business and my family… And I’ve forgotten how to CTFO and have a life and things that fill my well. Suggestions of things to do?

180 burnout suggestions

I printed out your 180 suggestions of what to do with burnout. Am art journaling then into my fave journal. <3

50 kgs of baby carriers

50 kgs of baby carriers sent to Greece to give to Syrian refugees through Carry The Future. Big gratitude and love to everyone who donated carriers and the Angels on the ground in Greece providing love and care to those who need it most. Big thanks as well to Mr Dawson for spending many hours getting these sorted and organised ready for shipment, @sonyaforrest for finding a fantastic courier to deliver them straight to our contact in Greece, and to DHL for agreeing to give us a fantastic rate to deliver this humanitarian aid. Earth Angels all around… Humbled and grateful to walk among you all. Let’s keep sending love out into the world however we can. Xoxo L

leonie starry peanuts movie date

Took my girl to the movies for the first time. She is such a sweet, precious fairy girl. Went to see the Peanuts movie… Old school, yo. Also, because, let’s face it, anything else is too scary for me/her/us. #highlysensitiveperson

erin and grant infusionsoft

GM @grantsandrew and Social Media Manager @endlesserin having a work meetup/planning session/giggle fest at the saweeeeet Infusionsoft HQ in #Phoenix! So jealous guys…

grant erin kelsey meetup

Dev-man, Social-woman, GM-man out in Phoenix! I love seeing my team getting to hang out in person… so very important for remote workers to do that!

sacred circle smell

I went to a women’s circle.

That’s a smell I haven’t smelled on you for a very long time,” he tells me as I walk through the door. I smile up at him, knowing. I smell of sage smoke and essential oils and the blend of all the smells of the women I’ve just been hugging.

I’ve been to circle. Not just any circle either.

A miracle happened.

I got to sit with the women who entered me into sacred circle work 12 years ago. The women whose faces and stories are so familiar to me. And we spoke of how much we had searched for the circle since it closed last. How we had all been through the initiations of motherhood and adulthood.

And I realised it wasn’t just me who was grieving and missing and searching for this. It was all of us. And none of us were able to find a circle that held the high energy and integrity of that first circle we had been taught in.

So to come back now… All of us so changed and yet so the same. The great gaping years shrink as women circle once more.

I can’t say more about this yet. I am still somewhat mute. A lot of words for someone without words I know. But there it is.

Beth Starry playing outsite

My girl started full time school. My sweet girl… That blonde chubby baby… That wide eyed toddler… Now long limbed and brunette. I feel so grateful that for the last almost-six years me and Mr D have been able to spend our days with her. I’m going to miss our weekday adventures together!!!

I’m also excited for her… She is sooooo excited… Especially about there being new little three year olds in her classroom that she can mother hen on!!! It’s sweet too that we will have some solid 1-on-1 time with our Bethy. We had so much of it with Starry! And so… A new kind of normal begins.

first day of kindy

Starry’s first day of full time kindy. This was supposed to be a photo of just her but Beth fucking lost her shit until we gave her a matching hat and bag and let her pose too. She was sooooo excited to be in on the action until she realised we were leaving her YaYa at school without her. Still… We are sooooo excited for Starry to start her much loved school and excited too for plenty of one on one time with our dear Beffy.

groundhog day


lile and leonie groundhog day

So…. we went to watch Groundhog Day at the cinemas… And I kept playing “Groundhog Day” with the cinema staff…

By saying something… Reversing… Then doing it again. Coz… GROUNDHOG DAYYYYYYY.

I laughed my own tits off. Luckily Lile finds me hilllllarimo too.

Then we had supper at Macca’s coz nothing else was happening. Then I forced her to walk up a mountain in the dark so we could watch the stars together.

I love that my sweet Virgo friend is NOT wired to do weird shit… But follows me anyway and we laugh our asses as we do it.



Three hours of being witnessed, seen, expanded, lovingly encouraged to grow, reminded of who I am and what I am capable of. It was equal parts uncomfortable, stunning and hilarious. And just what is needed. Laying the foundation for what will come next.

The people I work with make me a better person… Better at life and better at business. Thank you @grantsandrew and @sonyaforrest for going on this great adventure with me. They remind me again and again to hire incredible people who will teach you and support you 100%. What a world of change.

operation fill the well

Operation fill the well…Got my eyebrows did + then wrote in a cafe for an hour.

chris has new glasses

Husband has new sunglasses. #Rowr #phwoar #woulddo

beth guitarx

Indoctrination into the music cult has begun.

rita from ctf in athens

Best text message in the world to wake up to.

Our cubic metre of baby carriers kindly donated from all over Australia have arrived in Greece ready to be distributed by Carry The Future volunteers to Syrian refugees to help them keep their babies safe.

Good work, team of Earth Angels. I love you all and am so glad we could be a part.


While baby sleeps… I #solomamaretreat in bed. Every damn weekend. Tea, hot cross buns, magazines, books, workbooks, art journal… What do you do weekly to fill your well?

treadmill bike exercise

Just the usual treadmill bike exercise outfit… 80s side ponytail and pyjamas. #watchoutlornajane

farmer wants a wife


beth leonie laying in bed

Have a big list of things to do before @grantsandrew and his lovely missus arrive for a month. But then I accidentally fall into a bed with books.

starry beth waiting for granty

They’re verrrrrrry helpful at setting up our guest room. #notatall

beth starry jumping on bed

Guest bedroom is no longer a shitheap of boxes! It can actually… You know…. Sleep GUESTS!!!! Come on dowwwwwwwn @grantsandrew and JenJen!!! We’re ready for ya!!!!!


Just started and already in #leoniestopbooks2016


Had the coolest shopping experience of my life at @birdsnestonline … A clothing shop in a country town that is revolutionising company culture, technology, styling & social media. Incredibly inspirational. They even showed us around their amazing work digs filled with 90 happy, bustling souls!!! Anything is possible guys… Even as a local store in a small country town!!! Happy to be a part of their family. #birdsnestgirl

mornings with beff

I love these mornings alone with my baby. I feel like such a better mama when it’s just one on one. Less crazy making. Sweeter.

charlie starry

He passed away, in my arms, as I whispered the names of everyone who loved him and all the adventures we’ve ever had. Charlie our Happy Healer dog, my studio buddy, my little spoon, our ridiculous magician. We are tender and teary. Raw. And I also just feel so lucky we had him for so long. Our grand old puppy was 14. He brought us so much joy. He made me and Chris a family when we were so young. Charlie mate… As you make your rainbow journey… Please know you left a trail of stardust and love and laughter in all our lives. I will carry you in my heart.


Got home and burst into tears. He wasn’t in the backyard, waiting patiently for me. There’s a Charlie-shaped hole in my life.

so you're charlie...

A sweet friend sent this to me… Makes my heart happy.


Cuddles on the couch after a big, sore, tender week.

guess where leonie is

Guess where I’m at?


I got a perm. That looks almost exactly like my usual curly hair. Well… That was painful, time consuming and expensive. Still, I can tick it off my bucket list of experiences to have!


weird al

This perm makes me look like a famous person. And by “famous person” I mean “Weird Al Yankovich”


best dad

I often just watch him with them and just think… I’m so glad my girls have a dad like him.



Crafternoon with the kids. I managed a journal spread plus fixing up of a needle felted wall hanging, in between the toddler tipping water everywhere, the kids fighting over brushes, my five year old tearing out my finished art journal pages in an attempt to be “helpful”. After 30 minutes of art-making with kids, I need 2 hours to recover.


Sewing patches onto Starry’s favourite dress from @littlelomshop … She’s been wearing it every week (at least) for two years and got a big tear in it while running wild at school. She’s going to be so excited that she can wear it again!!! #reducereuserecycle

million dollar women

Just started reading this and am just devouring it up: “Million Dollar Women” by @juliapimsleur. I love a business biography, and this one includes super helpful tips on raising capital. I’m slightly out of the book’s target market as it is to help women scale up to a million dollars, and I’m into multi-millions now, but this is still useful and interesting. A good read for business women. Defo one to go in my annual best book roundup! #leoniestopbooks2016

beth and starry watching movie

Sometimes they get so cranky and fight so much we escape to the bedroom and set up a screen and watch TV. And then pretty soon this happens again.

granto is coming

Haha!!! No more duo photos requiring a head on a stick! After a year of working together me and my brother from the cosmic womb @grantsandrew are going to meet! He & his Angel wife Jen are coming to Australia for a month long dreaming, planning and creating retreat! @sonyaforrest will join us as the countdown begins for our 2 day Shining Biz Conference in Canberra. It is going to be awesome!!!! Are you coming??? Will I cuddle you there????

grant jenny and leonie on a stick

BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA I SPOKE TOO SOON!!!!! Leonie On A Stick continues!!!! @grantsandrew and Jen decided to bring it around the world with them!!!! They crack me up!!!! See you soon guys!!!! Safe travels!!!!

leonie in la

Oh you know, just hanging out in LA…


This girl writes the poems of my soul.

sick munchkins

Two sick little munchkins… I fear our Welcoming Party at the airport for @grantsandrew just reduced in size. Still… I’m sure they will rally and forget of their woes once they have VISITORS! THEY CAN PERFORM IN FRONT OF! In the meantime… I’m going to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and pretend I can’t move because they neeeed a Mama-sized hot water bottle.

:::Phone is ringing:::

Grant and his sweet wife JenJen are here! BRB, GOING TO PICK UP MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHA!

See you soon with Leonie’s Scrapbook: #TheAndrewsInAustralia Edition

Big love,




You cannot unsee this…





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