Hola baberoonies,

We’re back with my usual scrapbook of photos + ramblings from the past couple of weeks.

It’s been a crazy FABULOUS time!

Between Grantacular and his lovely wife Jenny visiting us here in Australia, hosting our live Shining Academy conference in Canberra and connecting with so many gorgeous goddesses, I am so damn full of love.

Let me take you on a play by play of how the past coupla weeks have gone downnnnn!!!!

Grant and Leonie meeting

Granto, my brotha from anotha motha, has arrived!!!!

face swap

Can’t stop laughing or looking at it in sheer terror. Our social media manager Erin did a face swap on me and Grantacular. Awful. Hilarious. Atrocious. But so funny. It’s been such a rad day!!!

this is how we do work retreats

How to do a work retreat: lay in the backyard all afternoon with the Americans drinking beer and eating icypoles. #nailingit

Grant in a swing

We took the kids to the park and pushed them on the swings. Granto seems to be fitting right into the Australian way of life.

gift basket

The gift basket I made up for Grant and Jen for their arrival… Tim Tams, Vegemite, beer coolers, books and massage vouchers.

Dawson Andrew family

Happy families!!!! Me and Grant have been trolloping all over the countryside with our families eating and getting sunburnt and laughing.


Our “It’s Midnight, We Really Need to Shut Up And Go To Bed” faces.

boys at the music store

We sent the boys to the music store on their own. They were kind of excited.

girls day

When the boys were at the music store, the girls went for tea and cake. #priorities

happy birthday grant

It was Grant’s birfday! We took him to San Churros to celebrate and stuffed our faces with chocolate and churros and rolled out of their in a coma!

Beff and Starry

They came from the same pod, but they ain’t the same. The wild one and the sensitive one. They teach each other so much.

Grant gone Australian

I’ve turned him into an Australian.


We went to go back the last piece of our management puzzle… my darling Sone! LDI MANAGEMENT TEAM ALL TOGETHER AT LAST. I love you Grant and Sone and feel so lucky to work with you two!!!

Beff admin asst

And then we got right to work. Beffy is our new Admin Assistant.

biz planning

Mapping shit out for the year ahead veryyyyyy sexuallllllyyyy

Leonie Sonya accuonting

Me & Sone talking accounting shit in da backyard fannnnncyyyyyyyyy ladiezzzz

planning warrior goddess

This is what I look like when I am doing conference planning. #warriorgoddess

conference handouts

Off to pick up conference handouts!!!! We crammed a bunch of illustration and planning to get these done in time!

management team

My incredible management team at our planning retreat… General Manager Grant Andrew + Operations Manager Sonya Forrest! I’m so lucky to work with such passionate, devoted, smart people!


Darling husband took some photos of the LDI management team before they headed off to start setting up our Shining Biz conference.  Love that I get to work with these two magical, spirited dynamos to make miracles happen!

rest up

Sone, Grant and Jen just left to head to our conference venue and meet up with other staff flying in and start getting ready for this weekend’s two day Academy conference. I have total FOMO that they will have fun without me, but also know I need to rest up so I am beaming with energy on Saturday and Sunday. It’s been a big, intense, wonderful time having them all here staying with us… Trying to find creative ways to meet the needs of seven people.

I know not many business owners would have in-house at-home planning meetings with staff and their spouses. What can I say, I like to go intimate and deep! I’ve learned so much and feel very lucky to work with and learn with Grant and Sone. We’ve talked and laughed and ate. I’ve fallen over from laughing and I’ve cried and I’ve felt proud and I’ve seen places where I still want to grow too. This whole dang thing is the greatest spiritual journey of all.

grant and leonie teach



Me and some of my beautiful team setting up our Shining Academy conference at The Abbey, Canberra. What a beautiful, sacred venue!!!!


Doing sound checks on stage at The Abbey and waiting to meet our 100 Academy members who have flown in from all over the globe for this!!

its on

It’s ON! #shiningacademy #canberra #retreat

tam and sonya

Sonya and TamTam! Our Team Unicorn helpers extraordinaires!

retreat group

Our shining group! Surrounded by about 100 gorgeous souls and a massive organ.


Melissa Prince leading us in #meditation!!


Our favourite money expert and mama of 1.6 kids! – Denise Duffield-Thomas!

denise ddt

Q&A time with Denise!


What a gorgeous event space at The Abbey!

tracey lee

The fabulous @tracy_lee_photography + her photography skillz!


Introducing our brand new program – the 6i Success System!


Q&A story time!

leonie kerry denise

I feel so very lucky… Months ago when we decided to do a Shining Academy conference in Canberra, I had a dream that Kerry Rowett and Denise Duffield-Thomas would speak at it. They are both so much a part of our Shining Family… We refer to both of their works so much.

When I asked them, they leapt at it which I was so grateful for. I love that we got to hang out together like we do it all the time IRL. They are such brilliant, talented souls and I love them dearly.

Somebody said to me, “Leonie… You’re like Taylor Swift. You’ve got your own Girl Squad!” And I leapt up and down with joy as I realised it is true. I know such good people. And I love that I got to cuddle the fuck out of them this weekend.

hug sandwich

We like to Hug Sandwich our fans.


Doing a dramatic re-enactment of something I like to call “Drowning God”. I guess you had to be there. It made sense at the time.


Sometimes I make people vertical spoon with me.


The registration goddesses at the Shining Academy conference fully fucking profeshunal. These turquoise angels made our conference the most exquisitely run thang I’ve ever been blessed to be a part of. Thank you Sone & Tam!!!


An honour to have publishing sensation Cheralyn Darcey in our tribe, so grateful that we can help her share her work even more with the world (not that she really needs it, she is so brilliant). She is an incredibly talented author, artist & oracle card creator whose career has exploded in the last 18 months. We will be interviewing her for the Academy very soon so we can learn even more of her incredible story. Go check out her inspired work… She is totally a real life fairy!!!!


So… Grant and I are now both on a week’s holiday to recover before we connect up again for a week to create even more new courses for the Academy. And then he’ll head back to the US and we’ll sob. I can’t even think about that right now! It’s been so glorious having my brother from another mother IRL!

Some things I wanted to share before I sign off:

  • YES – the event was professionally recorded. We will be giving the full 2 days worth of conference workshops to our Academy members as an additional bonus. I know a lot of teachers end up selling conference recordings like this for $1-2k. We prefer just to keep on delighting and over-delivering for our Academy members. If you ain’t one, you should be!
  • NO – I am not doing a world tour. Mama ain’t got no time fo dat. If you want to come see me live, save your shekkels to come to Canberra, Australia next year.
  • I’ll be writing up a big blog post about how to run a 2 day conference, all the details and goss in there. Hope that will be helpful.

Okay, my team are reminding me I am supposed to be on holidays this week… shittttttttttt…

Okay… love you all long time!!!

Big love,



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