Hola soul sistahs!

Here’s my latest scrapbook instalment! What have I been up to? Workbooks.

And a few other things. Haircut. Kids. Celebrated 2 birthdays. But mainly Workbooks.

scrapbook 1

Back in October, the Dawso’s pad was invaded by Butterflies. This time THERE WAS A KOALA IN OUR BACKYARD. 

scrapbook 2


scrapbook 3

I went to equine constellation therapy… which ended up evolving into “just” equine therapy… which was just what was needed. I cried a lot… both happy and sad tears… and was given so much healing and teaching by those horses. It’s still settling into my bones… and I’ll keep working with the lessons… go back and do some more… but I’m feeling grateful to have experienced this healing modality at last. Read more about it.

scrapbook 4

I packed  for my week long health retreat… 90% art supplies, books, essential oils & a small weighted blanket. I even packed my own essential oil diffuser! Who cares about clothes… these are the real necessities in my life.

health retreat2

I left my family for a week to be with myself on a health retreat.

scrapbook 5

I returned home, happy to be beside my love again.

I spent the day on a bunch of calls coaching Academy members, hiring & getting ready to launch 2017 workbooks. Using essential oils to cure family ailments and feeling like an oil-dispensing shamaness.

scrapbook 6

I snuggled with the girls. Beth likes to sit next to Angel and play with her ears… and Starry? Well Starry likes to sit as close to me as possible. I don’t know if you can tell.

scrapbook 7

Summer is coming. We turn to greet her coming radiance in the garden each afternoon. Each year, my girls’ legs seem impossibly longer after being hidden in winter layers.

scrapbook 8

I was down and out with round #6785 of sickness… these last six months have been so tough on my poor old immunity and body. I feel sorry for my poor husband… I don’t think he knew what he was getting into with the whole “in sickness and in health” thing… I’ve certainly had enough of it over the last 3 years!

scrapbook 10

Confucius say: When in doubt, paint outside.

scrapbook 11

Reading books to her collection of dog toys, small and large. #befflife

scrapbook 12

I did a Facebook Live on the self publishing process, and talked lots about the 2017 Create Your Shining Year Workbooks!

scrapbook 13

Motivational gobbledegook… just throw in as many meaningful words as possible and see what happens.

scrapbook 14

I started my own Facebook Live cooking lessons! GF Peanut butter cookies!

(Thermomixed a cup of unsalted peanuts, a third cup of honey, an egg, a tsp bicarb and choc drops. Cook for 10-15min or until golden brown.)

scrapbook 15

I sketched a little lot.

scrapbook 16

I reflected on the upcoming US election. I know so many of us were anxious for it all to be over, and also anxious for what the outcome might be.

I want you to know, no matter what happens in the US, I’ll turn up here tomorrow and keep loving you. And we will do what needs to be done. And we will be in the soup of it all together.

A friend once told me something interesting that stayed with me – that volunteering and activism had increased during Bush, and decreased during Obama. Because… complacency, ya know? And I very much pray we don’t need a Trump to inspired the crowds of love in action again, empowered to make a change on a ground roots level because they see their government is not. I wish we all did this each day, no matter our leader.

But that’s not what I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you this:

No matter what tomorrow brings, I will be here. So will you. We will be here together. And we will do what needs to be done. Together. Because this world, and we, need it.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the knights in shining armour.

A circle of wise women linking hands across the world. A circle of support.

A million angels standing by, ready to bring love and compassion into the world.

In this together.

scrapbook 17

After that shocking election result… a message to myself.

scrapbook 18

Starry six years ago today… and today…

scrapbook 19

I completed one of my Shining Year goals and had a Freakshake from Patissez !!!! OHHMEMMMGEE!

scrapbook 20

Then, one day I woke up and I was 34.

My love made me a hot chocolate, and I watched endless birthday puppet shows put on by my girls.

I sat by the window and wrote a full list of everything I was grateful for over the last year.

Then I went for a walk down to a cattle paddock and got a bit lost so I trespassed through a golf course to get home again. There’s still adventures to be had. It’s been a hard year with lots of stresses and illnesses and other such calamities. I’m still healing and restoring my inner well. And I’m so grateful for a fresh new year to be born into.

Thank you world, for being the biggest, most beautiful and intense journey. Thank you for all the feelings, the good and the hard.

Thank you for teaching me how to be fully human while still holding the divine in my hand. I’m so lucky to be alive, and so very glad I’m a Leonie. 

scrapbook 21

I reminisced about my unicorn donut from Patissez. You’re welcome guys. You’re welcome.


scrapbook 34

Starry told me she wanted to take a photo of me… here’s how I’ve spent most of the past few weeks… getting ready for the launch of the 2017 workbooks.


scrapbook 36

Grocery shopping for refugees, tears in my eyes and a full heart awash with love along each aisle. There’s many things I can’t control in this world, but this I can. Love and love more.

scrapbook 37

I also celebrated that this beautiful man was born and that I’ve been lucky enough to share so much of that life with him.

Dawsy, I adore your spirit… its gentleness, wisdom, intuition, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, creativity. I also appreciate very much that you are sexy as fuck. I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned that before.

Learning how to love with you has been some of the hardest and best work I’ve ever done. We sure were stupid about love when we first started out… it’s a miracle that the thread that tied us together did not break… and has only gone stronger over the years.

We’ve learned, loved, laughed and adventures so much together… you’re my Siamese twin, the wind beneath my wings & my best mate. I’m so grateful our daughters have you as their sage, protective, nurturing Papa Bear.

From the bevy of girls at our home (wife, daughters, dog)… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

[This photo was taken the moment my husband became a Papa Bear nearly 7 years ago!]

scrapbook 38

We did it! One of our Shining Year goals this year was to get a trampoline for the kids. We ended up buying a Vuly as a few friends have them and love them. Two hours of installing with Mr D and we’re done. The kids have been bouncing happily ever since… I think Trampy will be our new babysitter! Ha!

scrapbook 39

This is how we roll. #girlposse

scrapbook 40

“Mum! I’m giving birf to a baby named Beff!”

scrapbook 41

Just creamed my pants over a completely ticked off to do list. #satisfaction

scrapbook 42

As Confucius once said “Misogyny can suck its own dick.”

scrapbook 43
So one night, I was using up food scraps from the fridge and attempting to make peanut satay sauce… which tasted HORRIFIC. And I started doing a Facebook Live… and ya’ll gave me cooking lessons… and we fixed the sauce together… and it ended up tasting AMAZING. Chris says THANK YOU!
scrapbook 44
We went for a walk along the lake and recreated a photo we took 14 years ago when we first moved to Canberra, in front of our favourite library.
We were so young when we first moved here… we are both more solid and grounded and our love is so much deeper and stronger.
Being 20 was hard. Being 34 is easier. Don’t get me wrong – there’s harder things to face, but we are bigger, stronger, more resilient.
Giving birth, raising kids, going through chronic illness and family dramas, facing down business challenges… all of that “tests the mettle.”
I just looked up the definition of that and it says: “Mettle is the courage to carry on. If someone wants to “test your mettle,” they want to see if you have the heart to follow through when the going gets tough.” That is such a perfect description of life at times. It wasn’t always pleasant… but I’m grateful for it.
A soul’s strength forged in the flames.
scrapbook 45
What time is it? Time for mama’s weekly solo retreat to bed to dream and write and fill her well. I’m still working on my 2016 Shining Year workbooks… I tend to start 2017 in a couple of weeks… I know some have started now though because they are super keen.
scrapbook 46
New hair don’t care. YOU CAN SEE MY CUT MY HAIR LIVE (!!!!!) HERE!!!
scrapbook 47
scrapbook 48
My new haircut is settling in and behaving itself so well.

Spiral Line

Okay angels, that’s all from me this month!

Have a delightful December!!!

Love, love, love,

Love Leonie With Workbooks