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“I feel more confident and less overwhelmed”

I was new to Leonie’s work when I purchased her goal setting workbooks for 2020 and signed up for the Get Shit Done Club. The accountability of setting goals in a group and working on shit together every week has been transformative. I’ve been able to write blog posts, complete transforming a cluttery room into a studio for me to make videos, plan a book I’m going to write, and break down other goals into small steps I can do. I feel more confident and less overwhelmed to work for what I want. And the camaraderie and fun of being on the Zoom calls with women from all over the world has been so uplifting!
Theresa Alberti

“It launched myself and my business forward faster!”

The Get Shit Done Club was fun AND super helpful. I got all sorts of tips and resources from Leonie and on occasion other members of the group as well.  Its launched myself and my business forward faster than I would have helped. Some of Leonie’s tips and answering my specific questions helped me get past blocks I’ve been trying to overcome for two years. Getting step by step help really helped me get focused and save several hundred dollars a month. It was helpful having a virtual working group also working on their tasks at the same time. That gave me accountability and motivation to push forward and not feel just lost and overwhelmed. Other members of the group were amazingly supportive. Looking forward to more!
Stacey Smith

“Highly recommend!”

I loved the live calls – it felt like I was working in a shared workspace – which I miss as I am self employed and it can be lonely and easy to get distracted. This experience really helped me move through my daily work related tasks and move through some self study modules. I highly recommended it to anyone who misses working in a shared office space. I feel motivated and get shit done!!! It’s so simple yet powerful. 
Munira van der Zijl

“Completed several chapters in my book!”

The Get Shit DONE club has allowed me to complete several chapters in my book, work on my website and learn how to put my head down and get to work. There is some special connection and a vibrational exchange that is powerfully magnetic in this group that just makes you Get Shit DONE. 

If you want to feel the positive vibe and real juiciness of people who are actually doing the work then this IS the course program for you. 

Kellee Dawson

“My life is improved a hundredfold!”

I loved the Get Shit Done Club. Just knowing I had a place to go (virtually) helped me concentrate on my next steps which ultimately got me to accomplish my goals. I enjoyed the women’s camaraderie as there is nothing better than empowering other women. And then the music, I mean that was fabulous it made the experience even better. Plus I saved the “Leonie Experience,” for last…your humor, your silliness, yet determination to get things done always lifted my spirits and I looked forward to spending time with you. All I can say is Thank You my life is improved hundredfold. 
Laura Naughton

Soul Squares Art & Spiritual Coach

“Amazed at how much I get done!”

I am always amazed at how much I get done in just 10 to 15 minutes of focused concentration.
Having Leonie available for questions [about anything] is icing on the cake!
Thank you Leonie for this community approach to GSD!
Angie Vangalis

Creative Professional

“Getting More Shit Done!”

I am getting more shit done more consistently than I ever have! Getting shit done is like the manure for my biz! Thanks Leonie!
Catie Chung

“I’ve completed so much!”

Just to give you a celebration confetti / testimonial, in these last 3 months, I’ve:

  • Enrolled 5 new clients who I adore and feel so aligned with
  • April has been the highest revenue month of 2020 (and it’s only the 18th)!
  • I’ve completed my BIG revenue goal of the last six months!
  • Directors or CEO’s of 5 service-driven companies have expressed an interest in hiring me as a B2B contract for training their Strategic Leadership Teams and organization leaders 
  • My hubby and I have had some great quality time – even with me having more time focused on my business during the last 2 months (and he’s such an encouraging force for my business!) God bless awesome men! <3

I appreciate you and the way you show up to serve us each week. Your energy and leadership style has been a beautiful, noble expression of what’s possible when we’re true to who we are. 

Jaleh Zandieh

“A complete treat!”

I’ve loved this experience. A complete treat when I make it live to a call but also a staple to turn to whenever I need a fresh dose of Leonie since all the calls are recorded! 
Tabatha Ward

Content Strategist


I really enjoyed the Get Shit Done program, my first with Leonie. Early on she said this is time for you to “get shit done, you already know what you need to do.” The format is deceptively simple, but wow.  
The support, emotionally and visibly of women from all over the world.  All working on manifesting their projects in real time…amazing.
I created my most successful online mindfulness course for my community because of this program! 
I loved Leonie’s bawdy humor and refreshing honesty – delivered with love.  
Vivinne Williams

Meditation, Mindset & Manifestation Coach

“Worth the money – highly recommend!”

I highly recommend the mastermind. It’s brought about a sense of community and accountability that isn’t easy to acquire when you’re working on your own on a laptop. The weekly calls have been fun, informative and if you do nothing else, they are worth the money. The 10 minute increments of work really started to build a habit. Thanks Leonie, you bring such light-heartedness, zany vibes and a can-do attitude.
Avni Trivedi


“Great space to do your best work!”

Leonie is amazing. She is funny and has the most positive motivating attitude that really helps me just do it, or just f*****g do it as she would say!
If you need someone to give you that push you need to succeed join Leonie’s Get Shit Done club. It’s a great space to do your best work with lots of lovely support from Leonie and the other members.
Angie Fish

Founder of Spiritual Entrepreneur's Association

“More time for my life and business goals!”

I love being a part of Leonie’s mastermind group, the monthly calls are motivating, fun and informative. I’m finding my book work so much more interesting and am making more time to work on my life and business goals!
Kelly Reidy

“I grew from 5 figure months to 5 figure weeks!”

I’ve been blown away by the results of this mastermind!
Leonie released me to speak my truth and start working with my absolute dreamiest clients. Her mastermind gave me permission to go for what I wanted with THE PEOPLE I most wanted to serve without fear or doubt that has often plagued me in big seasons of growth.  
I was able to manifest more income in the first quarter of 2020 that in some full years of my business. I grew from 5-figure months to 5-figure weeks. 
I’m so grateful that I said YES to another soul-aligned opportunity to work with Leonie. As our world is upended in this time of a global pandemic, I know that I would not be so beautifully financially and spiritually positioned had I not participated in this mastermind.
Thank you, Leonie. From the tips of my sparkling painted toes to the ends of my rainbow highlighted hair. xoxoxo
Tiffany Noel Taylor

Why learn from me?


  • I’m an internationally best-selling author and CEO of an 8 figure company.
  • I’ve been finalist for myBusiness’ Australian Business Woman of the Year and Ausmumpreneur of the Year.
  • I’m an internationally best-selling author with my books used by over 350,000 people worldwide.
  • I’ve created over 150 courses and a dozen books – I’m wildly prolific!
  • I don’t believe in being a broke creative. Instead, I’m a creative self-made millionaire!
  • I’ve created companies that have brought in over $10 million in revenue, while only working 10 hours a week.
  • I’m real, pragmatic & TMI – I am NOT going to hold back in telling you everything you need to see real results!
  • I’m NOT going to teach you to wake up earlier (Mums don’t get enough sleep already!) or to hustle harder (hiiiii burnout!). Instead I’ll show you exactly how to see HUGE results with less effort! It’s called working SO MUCH SMARTER!

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