So me + Granto/Grantacular/my COO made videos previewing our new Academy site to our members.

This made me laugh hysterically.

First, he made his.

Background story: He waited for his wife + kids to leave the house so he could have complete quiet, stole his wife’s flowers to create “background ambience”, used professional lighting, camera, audio + editing.

The amount of effort he put into this fucker is AMAZEBALLS.

Also, he was so nervous about posting it incase people hated him that I had to talk him down off a creative crisis ledge.

So then I made my comparison video of the exact amount of detail, effort + tech know how I would have put into it:

And then I attempted something a LITTLE more disciplined today.

The day before we launch the new site for our members.

Except I’ve lost my voice and have a horrendous cold. And my kids have colds too and are screechy to the max. And I’ve had my ass stuck to the couch for 2 days straight doing werk.

Basically, it’s a magical, soothing place to be around here. And you get to enjoy all that AMBIENCE through this sublime video:

You’re welcome guys. No really, you’re welcome.

And maybe this is some place where I say something vaguely wise like:

Hire people who have better/different skills than you. And whore the fuck out of them. With love of course. It’s all for the greater good.
Also: accept exactly who you are + how you do shit too.
It’s a weird balance. But one that works.

But I’m too full of snot to come up with any more shit like that.

The End.

Always love,

P.S. Just pre-empting cranky emails shoulding on my use of language: Yes, I Swear + I’m Okay With It! I know… I swear. I know… you might find it offensive. I know… you might not like to read me anymore. I know… and that’s absoloodely okay. It’s all good no matter what.

P.P.S. There… that’ll save my staff about half hour of cranky-email-answering tomorrow morning. You’re welcome, team!

P.P.P.S. Can we now just group hug it out already? I promise I’ll keep my snotty germs to myself. Plus, they don’t transfer through online hugs, which is always nice. #W00T