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If you’re a Insta-friend, you’ll know about my latest comp to win an Academy membership!

I challenged all of you to share your 2017 workbooks or diary with #shiningplanners for your chance to WIN an Academy membership!

With over 1400 images tagged #shiningplanners, I had some splendiforous scrolling hours!

Drumroll please…..

Introducing our lucky winners!


How amazing is this?

@traceydev has some serious photoshop skills…. or maybe she’s a quintuplet????


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OMG!!!! Amazing!!! A Shining Life baby!

You’re never too young to workbook.

And finally… from sheer amount of volume + creativity…

@zenwomangifts // @zenwomancoach set the goal in her heart and made it happen… with a panoply of adorable images!

Here’s just a few:

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2017-02-15_121233 2017-02-15_1212 222 2017-02-15_1211

LIZARD! HA! All 3 goddesses have won a year’s membership to my Shining Biz + Life Academy. Enjoy all the goodness awaiting for you in there!

FYI: We will be opening enrolments to the Academy in March for a month before prices DOUBLE on March 31. Pop it in your calendar so you can jump in!

Love, love, love,

Love Leonie With Workbooks