Hola lovebugs!


I have muchos useful advice/wisdom/guidance for ya’ll today on how to become the woman breadwinner + have a deliriously happy family (with no weirdness between you + your hunky love).

But before THAT happens…

Super exciting news party people!

Leonie TV is back… and way more sexy/weird/funny/irreverent than usual.


Well it all started because I was bored shitless on the video-making front, and I asked myself what would make me giggle again…

and I thought what was most fun of all was wearing pyjamas while laying in bed because that’s my favourite thing in the world, and one of the true delights of being an entrepreneur I reckon.

So I dragged down a spare bed to our recording studio, and set it up…

only to realise that if we ever have guests/friends/workmen visit…

it’s totally going to look like I record a porn show down there.



Honestly peeps. It cracked me up.

Luckily, if that were the case, I would legit have the Greatest Porn Star Name Known To Mankind (if you follow that ole first pet/first street name formula)…

Are you ready for this?



I willfully encouraged other party peeps to share their homegrown porn star names over on ze Facebook playground. There’s enough gigglesnort-worthy-fodder to keep me guffawing for weeks, I tells ya.

It’s pretty much ended up being the most perfect set ever. Already gotten so many laughs out of it!


This week’s sparkly new Pyjamas Entrepreneurs episode answers the following question from ze lovely Danielle:


How do you balance income (or lack of income) between husband and wife? How did you and your hubby decide that is worked for you to be the primary income earner?

But here is where I still have a little bit of a struggle. I know you talk about releasing our hiccups around money. I’ve been doing that for years and it’s allowed me to make money and be of service. But my husband and I still have this weird energy around money and he still wants to try to make a living (his business is still starting after 2 years and not much income) while mine is making consistent income. What can you share with us about how you decided you would be the one making money for the family… or what advice can you give women who (like me it seems) have this inner belief – the man should be making more money so I can take care of my baby – YET when that happens I go crazy and feel that I am letting down a gazillion women I’d like to help through the work I do.

As you can see, it’s all a big confusing mess in my head! Any advice on your process would be mega awesome! anytime… thank you 🙂

In this episode I’ll be sharing:

  • how to know if it’s the right thing for your family for you to be the woman breadwinner
  • what essential conversations you need to have with your hunky love
  • my personal journey of how I’ve made it work as the solo breadwinner of our happy lil fam
  • what speedbumps + relationship fuckeruppers to look out for (fuckeruppers actually IS a scientific word. Not really. But you DO know what it means, so there’s that!)
  • how to have a fucking glorious time as you do it all!

It’s a longer episode – a fairly intensive workshop because I wanted to make sure you gorgeous women got all the information and wisdom you really need to make this a shining, beautiful thing in your life.

Okay… Bring a cuppa tea, get cosy + jump in bed with me!

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High fives + furry pyjama-clad hugs,