Anxiety Balm: 21 Days of Tools + Tips To Calm, Soothe + Bring Solace To An Anxious Soul


I remember the nights on the kitchen floor. Having to take frequent breaks from cooking dinner to lay on the kitchen floor, willing away a panic attack.

I remember the crushing feeling on my chest, feeling like I was drowning under the waves.

I remember going to bed, feeling stiff as a board, rigid as the adrenaline flooded through me. 

I remember the obsessive thoughts swirling.

I remember the doom, and I remember the anger.

I remember what anxiety made me feel like, and how it leeched the joy from my days.

I remember the healing journey: all the things that worked. All the things that didn’t.

I remember how long it took to sort through all the dross to find the gold of what worked.


I remember and know it all so clearly. Anxiety is a part of my story, and has been for ten years.

These days, anxiety doesn’t control me the way it used to. Doesn’t dictate my days. Doesn’t make me feel bereft and conquered.

I know what works. I know what doesn’t. I know how to tame the wild banshee.

And when a friend tells me they are suffering, I know I can help them. I can give them the love and the tools for them to have their own Anxiety Balm.


So that’s what this invitation is for.

I would love to be your anxiety doula. Your anxiety big sister.

Join me for 21 days of tools and tips to calm, soothe and bring solace to your anxious soul.

What works, what doesn’t.

You’ll feel (SO) much less alone. Fortified with good medicine. Knowing what you need in order to heal and manage your anxiety.

Anxiety Balm is a 21 day e-course with videos, ebooks and worksheets.

Powerful tools and techniques to help you calm + soothe your anxious spirit.

Heart-centred practical guidance that actually WORKS. 

You’ll finish the 21 days with a powerful toolkit you can access anytime anxiety strikes!

You’ll feel SO much less alone. SO much more connected and supported.

Beautiful, uplifting content to help you move from surviving to THRIVING.



We will also do a free meditation MP3 to teach you some of the best breathwork techniques I know to soothe anxiety.


This is FOR you if: 

  • you can afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm
  • you honour and respect boundaries
  • you commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your mental health

This is NOT for you if: 

  • you need a 1:1 coach or therapist
  • you believe you deserve a refund if you don’t actually use the course. This if for people who will DO THE WORK.
  • you need someone to save you.

Why learn from me?


  • I’m an internationally best-selling author and CEO of an 8 figure company.
  • I’ve been nominated for myBusiness’ Australian Business Woman of the Year and Ausmumpreneur of the Year.
  • I’ve had a general anxiety disorder for 10 years and mentored so many other souls who experience it.
  • I’m real, and grounded, and totally TMI.
  • I’m heart-centred, and am not going to give you information that is bullshit.
  • I’m a pragmatic hippy. This course is NOT about  saying positive affirmations to wish away the anxiety. This is about real tools that actually fucking work. Because when you’re anxious AF, you need relief.


Right now!

You’ll get immediate access, with a new video released everyday for 21 days!


Q: It’s not the right time for me. Will you offer this later?

Not sure at this point, sorry. I’ll go wherever the inspiration muses take me!

Q: Will everything be recorded? If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course for 12 months.

Q: But is this the CURE for anxiety?

No. I personally don’t believe there’s a permanent cure for anxiety – it pops up at different times for different reasons. But this course will help you manage it SO much better so it is not as debilitating!


Get Results Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

I've worked with tens of thousands of clients now and seen them get HUGE results.

And I know if you do the homework, you will get results too.

So I'll offer you this guarantee... if you do all the homework & don't see any results... I'll give you your money back.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind knowing that you'll get a great return on your investment! 


 “Leonie is an absolutely sensational guide who explains things so well and makes it real.”

Kari Sutton

Leonie is straightforward, fearless and a breath of fresh air.”

I love how direct she is when it comes to answering tough questions. Her course is organized, easy to access and beautiful. She’s been a breath of fresh air.

Tanya Smith

“More aha! moments than I can wrap my head around!”

The course HAS paid for itself already! My husband is on board because you make perfect sense to him as well.

Melody Kientopp

“I’m loving your energy and honesty!”

I love that you’re SO generous with your experience and wisdom and are encouraging us to benefit from it.

Robyn Webb

“I love your no BS – just do it attitude.”

I love Leonie’s course!

Becky Lundin

Leonie has a way of making people feel like they are capable of anything (plus she’s flippin’ hilarious!)

I absolutely love Leonie’s course. 

Every time I learn something from her and implement it, I get results!!

Billie Gardner

“An unbelievable, inspiring journey…”

“The journey of Leonie’s Book course is unbelievable and goes on and on.

It was inspiring, challenging, lovingly, doubting, exhausting, heart melting, wondering, energetic, out of this world, encouraging and soooo fun to work with you this way.

And I always come back to get a nugget of wisdom and a sweet energy kick.

So all in all, I’m so in LOVE with your courses and down to earth honesty! I’m a total LEONIE – FREAK and well I have to confess: I’m a “Leonie-Addict”!

Ellen Holzschuster

Best investment of my time and money ever!”

Sophie Le Brozec

Leonie Dawson is a Superb Creative!

She knows when to stand strong and when to go gentle in her guidance of Creatives. 

Her enormous humor and light-hearted laughter is Goddess-Sent. She is a rare combination of the Divine Feminine and the Purely Practical!

She’s got and gives The Big Gifts —the ones that keep on Giving!

Thank you Leonie from the bottom of my heart!

Lynda Beth Unkeless

Author, Meet One New Person Every Day: The Magic of Conversation

There’s nothing like an Aussie chick giving you a kick up the bum to get things done!

I love love loved this course! 

The webinars had laugh out loud moments and the Facebook group is a brilliant way to stay motivated. 

I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. If only Leonie was there telling me to just fucking do it for all my creative pursuits. At the price it’s a no brainer!!

Catherine Hay

Works like magic to keep my focus straight!

It motivates the shit out of me. Makes me love and accept myself. Very inspirational and magical in bringing creativity fron imagination into realization. Thank you!

Elena Popova

“Leonie’s the tough love you need to stop making excuses and make your dreams happen.

Leonie’s course helped me finally break through so many internal blocks, low self-esteem and resistance to finish two books that have been sitting in my heart and mind for over 10 years. 

Leonie has a genuine level of warmth, generosity and ‘get er’ done’ attitude. 

Sitting in stagnation and procrastination when it comes to your dreams is a form of self-annihilation. It’s soul crushing. Leonie is such a beautiful guide that got me through.

I’m excited to do the course again (and again and again). 

Doing the course along with her biz and life workbooks has created the foundation, guidance and map I need to stay on track.

Holly Elissa

“Above and Beyond!”

I have watched Leonie not only get her creative projects done herself, but she has masterfully increased her life and business over the last decade.

Something else I have come to know about Leonie is that she over-delivers. There is always something extra, something more! 

Thank you sweet, precious Leonie for your life-changing magic!
Rosa Maria Szynski

Author and MAGICAL Living Mentor,

Leonie holds nothing back in her teaching. She explains things in real, raw and usable ways. It’s not fluff, it’s from learned experiences, and it makes learning fun!

Leonie is one of the pioneers of the online entrepreneur world, making possible for anyone with a passion to serve to be ale to follow their dreams and create their own business.

Kerry Spina


I love Leonie’s no nonsense simple, easy and fun business guidance. Her courses are filled with real information that is current and relevant. Leonie’s allowed me to follow my dream of having my own business, seeing her walk your talk, she has paved the way for so many other women to follow their hearts and dreams too!

Leesa Turner

Energy healer

When I embarked on my journey with Leonie I got more than a high quality teacher and great results… I literally covered the cost for my training within the first term!

Munira van der Zijl

Yoga teacher

I began my business in 2011 from Leonie’s trainings and even in 2019, it’s barely changed due to the clarity Leonie’s work helped me find.

I would recommend Leonie for anything that is a meld of down-to-earth with that intuition we all have inside.

Katy-Rose Bye


Leonie touches a part of me that wants to shine, wants to make things, wants to manifest. I feel touched in the part of me that is vulnerable and strong, like two sides of a coin. I know many things already, but being touched by a teacher in that sacred part of my heart is rare.

With Leonie’s help I have already created a book, inspirational cards, online courses and a happy life.

Fanny van der Horst


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