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Academy Questions

How do I log in to the Academy for the first time?

  • Find the email that was sent to you right after your purchase. It will come from and have the subject line “Welcome to the Shining Biz & Life Academy.”
  • If you can not find the email, check spam or junk folders. Also check email associated with your Paypal account.
  • There is a section at the top of that email that says “*** TO GET STARTED ***”.
  • In that section there’s a line that says “Set up your account at the Academy by clicking here.” Just click that link, and you’ll be able to get your account set up at the Academy!


How do I log in to the Academy?


What if I've forgotten my Academy password?

  • Click here.
  • Click “Forget Password?” link.
  • Check your email.


What is your Academy refund policy?

There are NO refunds for Academy memberships except where required by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Law. There are no refunds for change of mind. Even if you don’t end up using the mastermind, you still get to keep & use over and over again all of my products that have been tested and proven. It’s a unique, generous offering, and you’d be hard pressed to find as much content, resources, love and goodness in a very small priced program. When you invest in yourself with the Academy membership, your purchase is final.

Workbook Questions

I ordered the Create Your Shining Year workbooks, but I haven’t received an email about it yet. How do I get my order?


  • Please check your spam folders!
  • If you paid with your PayPal account, check inbox (and spam/junk folders) for the email address associated with your PayPal account as well!
  • Download emails are sent within a couple of minutes with your download instructions. It will come from with subject line “Here’s Your 2017 Create Your Shining Year Workbook”.
  • If you’ve checked your main email account and your PayPal email account and all of your spam/junk folders, and you still don’t see the email, then contact us using the form below or email us ( and our Customer Happiness Faeries will be delighted to help!


Tech Issues

What do I do if I’m having trouble downloading a file?

If you’re using a Windows PC:

RIGHT CLICK on the file’s link, and from the pop up menu select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. In the “Save As” dialog box, choose where you’d like to save the file on your hard drive, then click “Save.” Once the download is complete, simply open the file.

If you’re using a Mac:

Move your cursor over the file’s link, click the Control key, then click on the link. (The key is to do this in order!) From the pop up box, select “Save Link As” or “Download Linked File”. If a “Save As” dialog box opens, choose where you’d like to save the file on your hard drive, then click “Save”. If no “Save As” dialog box opens, the file will just save to your Downloads folder. Either way, once the download is complete, simply open the file.

Here’s the #1 Thing That Fixes Downloading Problems:

Make sure that you are right-clicking (or control+click if your computer doesn’t support right-clicking) on the link. This is the number one most common downloading problem: if you left-click on the file’s link, it will try to open it in your web browser, and that often won’t work (it either won’t finish loading, or it won’t load at all).

When you right-click (or control+click) on the file’s link, you’ll be able to choose “Save As,” “Save File As” or “Save Linked File As” from the options menu that appears, and that will allow you to save the file to your computer. Then you can open the file from there!

If you’re right-clicking on the link and still having trouble downloading, here are a few things to try:

First, try clearing your browser’s cache. Doing that tends to solve a slew of mysterious & frustrating web issues! After you clear your cache, try coming back to the page and trying the download again.

Also, make sure you’re giving the file enough time to download. Some of the files are quite large (because they are chock full of fantastical goodnesses!), and they might take several minutes to completely download.

If that doesn’t work, try using a different browser.

We recommend using Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Some customers find that one of those works better for them than the others, and which one works better is different from one person to another. So if you’re having troubles, try a different browser and see if that helps.

If you’ve tried all of these suggestions and you’re still having trouble, simply contact us and select “I have a tech question” from the “How can we help you?” dropdown menu. Our Customer Happiness Faeries will be happy to help!

Contacting Leonie

Can I interview Leonie?

Sure! Pop over to this page and fill out the form there.

Please note: I am unable to accept most interview and collaboration invitations I receive. I wish you huge success with all of your endeavours & wish I could say yes to every invitation, but in order to preserve my creative energy, time, and focus on my family, I must be very selective and say yes to only a few. We will review your invitation based on my availability, resonance with your topic, event and audience. If I am able to participate, my support team will be in touch with you to arrange the details.

Will you do a guest post on my blog?

Sorry, dearest! I am not currently writing new guest posts at the moment.

You are most welcome to share along my articles and Youtube videos as blog posts – just attribute me as author and link back to this site.

Can I wrote a guest post on your blog?

Niet. I’m not currently publishing guest posts.

Can I send you a gift? Can I send something to review?

I will only share along or review things that I am genuinely called to and have time to do, and I will do this via social media. Sending me something does not mean I am required to review or promote. If you wish to send something, gift it unconditionally or not at all. Do not email my team to chase. Do not expect anything from the gifting beyond the joy of generosity and sharing. I am intuitive and will donate any items that come with energetic hooks or expectations.

You are welcome to send things to address at top of this page if you follow above energetic guidelines.