Leonie Dawson International Pty Ltd

PO Box  1734

Noosaville BC QLD 4566



Contacting Leonie

Can I interview Leonie?

Sure! Pop over to this page and fill out the form there.

Please note: I am unable to accept most interview and collaboration invitations I receive. I wish you huge success with all of your endeavours & wish I could say yes to every invitation, but in order to preserve my creative energy, time, and focus on my family, I must be very selective and say yes to only a few. We will review your invitation based on my availability, resonance with your topic, event and audience. If I am able to participate, my support team will be in touch with you to arrange the details.

Will you do a guest post on my blog?

Sorry, dearest! I am not currently writing new guest posts at the moment.

You are most welcome to share along my articles and Youtube videos as blog posts – just attribute me as author and link back to this site.

Can I wrote a guest post on your blog?

Niet. I’m not currently publishing guest posts.

Can I send you a gift? Can I send something to review?

I will only share along or review things that I am genuinely called to and have time to do, and I will do this via social media. Sending me something does not mean I am required to review or promote. If you wish to send something, gift it unconditionally or not at all. Do not email my team to chase. Do not expect anything from the gifting beyond the joy of generosity and sharing. I am intuitive and will donate any items that come with energetic hooks or expectations.

You are welcome to send things to address at top of this page if you follow above energetic guidelines.