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Questions Answered

Can I interview Leonie?

Sure! I’d be thrilled!

Just email or fill out form above!

Can I write a guest post on your blog?

Niet. I’m not currently publishing guest posts.

I bought Academy access when it was closing down in 2018. Can I still access it?

No, sorry lovely! All Academy purchases were for 12 months only, as stated on the original sales page, in sales emails & in weekly reminder emails for Academy members. The Academy membership site was formally retired in October 2019.

Can I send you a gift? Can I send something to review?

I will only share along or review things that I am genuinely called to and have time to do. Sending me something does not mean I am required to review or promote. If you wish to send something, gift it unconditionally or not at all. Do not email my team to chase. Do not expect anything from the gifting beyond the joy of generosity and sharing.