Welcome to something new. Something I haven’t done before. It promises to be a most glorious adventure, and I am thrilled to be here.

A few nights ago, I lay in bed, waiting to fall asleep. My soul was itchy and restless.

And so I asked a simple question:

God, Great Spirit, All That Is, My Angels and Guides,

What would you have me do or make or say next? What is the next right thing, for the highest light and good of all?

And then I waited in the darkness.

The answer came through like a golden bolt of lightning.

You will teach a program
called Midas Touch.


It will be about cultivating the right mindset for success, for turning everything you touch
into wisdom and abundance.


It will teach how to perservere when things are hard or rough or painful.


How to regain faith
when you have lost it.


How to believe again, in your own power and magnificence, when your eyes have become covered in grime.


How to reawaken your own divinely born, innate self worth when you’ve made a mistake.


How to rekindle your light so you may make the world ablaze.


How money and fortune is made, starting with the stories you tell inside your mind.


How to turn everything you touch into gold.

Oh, I said. Yes.

This is the work I’ve been diving deep into this year. The work of healing my own inner self, after experiencing the inevitable dents and side adventures along the way.

Midas Touch is about cultivating the essential entrepreneurial & creative mindset needed to keep you creating, stepping up, facing your fears & doing it anyway over years and decades.

 I’ve been doing this work for so long now.

I started selling online over 20 years ago. Began blogging in 2004, when dinosaurs still roamed the internet. Went on to create a wildly abundant online business.

I’ve been bringing in on average 7 figures a year since 2014. All up, I’ve created over $14 million in revenue.

I’ve written and illustrated 20+ books, used by over half a million people worldwide. I’ve created 200+ courses & workshops. I’ve taught tens of thousands of people. I’ve won seven business awards.

And I’ve done it all my own way – while only working 10 hours a week, so I can prioritise my family and my own health.

I’ve turned my creativity, ideas and dreams into both spiritual and literal gold. And I’m here to guide you in doing the same for you.

I want you to know – my life is not polished or perfect. It is fully human, in all its tender miracles & brutal pains. I know that whatever comes my way, I can transform and transmute it into goodness.

I can become stronger, wealthier, more powerful, wiser, more loving no matter what comes my way. I can become more of myself and step into my holiness every step of the way.

And so can you.

Let me show you what I know and have learned, as we undertake this transformational process together.

It’s time to claim (& reclaim) our Midas Touch.


    Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

You’ll receive 11 days of transmissions


    Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Why learn from Leonie Dawson?

  • I’ve sold over $14 million in revenue – all while only working 10 hours a week! I’ve truly created success my own way.
  • I’m the winner of Ausmumpreneur of the Year’s People’s Choice Business Coach (twice!), Global Brand & Businesses Making A Difference Awards.
  • I’ve brought in an average of 7 figures annually since 2014.
  • I’m a globally best-selling author – my books have been used by over 500,000 people worldwide.
  • I’m a prolific goddess – I’ve created over 200 workshops & 20 books! I get stuff DONE and CREATED!
  • I’ve taught tens of thousands of students in my courses.
  • I’m a proud philanthropist, and have donated over $170,000 to charities.
  • I’m proudly neurodivergent with ASD and ADHD. 


    Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

What other students of Leonie have to say…

“Leonie gets results FAST.”

“Everything Leonie has told me to do has gotten me results FAST. Leonie has given me concrete steps and tips which have pumped up my business growth. She knows what she is talking about. She has taught me another way to do business. I can honestly say the reason I was able to leave my teaching job and build my business is because of Leonie.”

Hibiscus Moon

Founder of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

“Leonie has razor-sharp strategies.”

“Leonie’s razor-sharp insights and business strategies leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a business and life you love.

If you get the chance to learn from her, go for it!”

— Victoria Gibson, Facebook ads expert

Name Goes Here

“Five stars!”

“As someone who is neurodivergent myself, I appreciate the way Leonie shows up as her authentic self, because it means a lot of what she teaches works for me too.

The programs are well-constructed, the calls are so helpful (and worth getting up early for – I don’t say that lightly), and Leonie’s experience as a business owner shines through.”

– Tash Corbin, business mentor

“Leonie is pure magic for your business (and heart).”

“Leonie’s mind is magnificent and they have an incredible ability to help you see what’s possible, provide important strategies and tools in a fun way so you’ll ACTUALLY do the thing and  unwavering belief in you.

My life and business is forever changed since being in Leonie’s world.

– Amanda Rootsey, youth mentor & Hay House author of “Shine From Within”

“I left my corporate job & became a million dollar Tarot teacher!”

“When I found Leonie Dawson and the Academy back in 2012, it was exactly what I needed. I had just quit my corporate job to become a full-time Tarot reader – and everyone thought I was crazy.

But, not Leonie.

Leonie inspired me to embrace my creativity as an entrepreneur, set wildly outrageous goals, and get sh*t done – all to create the 7-figure business I have now.

She’s the cheerleader, buttkicker, and profoundly-deep-question-asker you need in your business and personal life. The best thing about Leonie is her infectious energy. She’s like the human equivalent of a triple espresso shot. You can’t help but feel motivated and inspired when you’re around her.”

– Brigit Esselmont, founder of (the world’s largest tarot website)

“Brimming with knowledge, value & joy!”

“I am so grateful for the day I found Leonie Dawson. I was like “How has she not been in my life for all these years!”

Firstly, she is such a beautiful soul and that life-giving, infectious energy shines through everything she does. Learning through Leonie has been such a joy and full of laugh your face off moments! Her lessons are clear, packed full of the juiciest info and so easy to navigate through. The Sales Star course is absolute gold and I find myself referring back to it often.

The Academy & the courses are so full of value and knowledge and the energy you feel from Leonie will have you believing that anything is possible, just by being your beautiful self!”

– Cass Deller, one of Australia’s top surface pattern designers!

I’m taking action on ideas I’ve had floating in my head for 3 years!

Tracy Hart


This course has been life altering. And I’m not saying that to be dramatic.


Mary Kate Kopec

Leonie’s generosity, compassion and no BS attitude empowers women to take command of their financial destiny!

Katie Rose

Singer, Composer, Conductor, Writer

This is a life-changing course!


I feel so empowered and inspired by you and your course.

Sasha MacDonald

I’ve met my money goals!

Marika Steel

This is the first online course I’ve ever completed… and I immediately created $1500!

I did it! I have been a serial course purchaser for years and this is the first one I have ever completed.

I am so pleased and grateful.

Rahima Richardson

I wish I had had this when I was a teenager….instead of at 66!!

Very enlightening.

Gwenyth Jett

Leonie Dawson is the best!

She makes me laugh while teaching such valuable lessons!

I’m so excited to be on this journey to wealth with her!

Rebecca Krowelski


    Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

I found myself moved to tears a number of times with many AHA moments!

Kim Marie

“Leonie is one of the pioneers of the online entrepreneur world!”

Leonie holds nothing back in her teaching. She explains things in real, raw and usable ways. It’s not fluff, it’s from learned experiences, and it makes learning fun!

Leonie is one of the pioneers of the online entrepreneur world, making possible for anyone with a passion to serve to be ale to follow their dreams and create their own business.

Kerry Spina


“I love Leonie’s no nonsense simple, easy and fun business guidance.”

Her courses are filled with real information that is current and relevant. Leonie’s allowed me to follow my dream of having my own business, seeing her walk your talk, she has paved the way for so many other women to follow their hearts and dreams too!

Leesa Turner

Energy healer

“A high quality teacher and great results!”

When I embarked on my journey with Leonie I got more than a high quality teacher and great results… I literally covered the cost for my training within the first term!

Munira van der Zijl

Yoga teacher

“I’ve been a Leonie student since 2011…”

I began my business in 2011 from Leonie’s trainings and even in 2019, it’s barely changed due to the clarity Leonie’s work helped me find.

I would recommend Leonie for anything that is a meld of down-to-earth with that intuition we all have inside.

Katy-Rose Bye


“I’ve created so much thanks to Leonie!”

Leonie touches a part of me that wants to shine, wants to make things, wants to manifest. I feel touched in the part of me that is vulnerable and strong, like two sides of a coin. I know many things already, but being touched by a teacher in that sacred part of my heart is rare.

With Leonie’s help I have already created a book, inspirational cards, online courses and a happy life.

Fanny van der Horst


“I immediately made my money back and more…”

I’m having shifts in my money mindset already!

Leonie has done the work, and she creatively invites you to do your own!

She provides the inspiration and framework for success on your own terms.

Rosa Maria Szynski

Author and MAGICAL Living Mentor -

I am LOVING this course!!!

Kerry Burki

Feeling a deep, quiet shift within me towards money

Loving the course!

Loving the videos and course content, and its impact.

Feeling a deep, quiet shift within me towards money and my relationship to it.

My head feels decluttered and I feel more creative and inspired.

I choose to be a shiny light and invite others to be the same. And I choose to have fun doing it and not be afraid of my creativity or my own unique gifts and abilities! Thanks Leonie. <3

And thanks Leonie’s team of shiny super sparkly souls!

Morag Leiper

Leonie has a way of making people feel like they are capable of anything (plus she’s flippin’ hilarious!)

I absolutely love this course. I decided to enroll because I’m at a place in my life and business that I want to push past some new money blocks and level up! This course definitely helped!

Every time I learn something from her and implement it, I get results!!

Instead of looking for answers to my problems from others, I’m coming up with new and exciting solutions based on my intuition. I’m getting to the soul of my biz and it’s really paying off!

I started tackling my money blocks and getting really clear on my money goals. Eliminating money streams in my biz that no longer served me has helped me feel freer and more creative.

I just mapped out a bunch of really fun income streams I know will be a hit.

This clarity has even helped me grow my membership practically overnight!

Billie Gardner

I feel much more empowered & confident around money.

The course is amazing, I’m loving it!

The week 2 video blew a bunch of money blocks (that I didn’t quite realize I had!) right out of the water!

I’ve already noticed the benefits emotionally – I feel much more empowered & confident around money. I’m intrigued to learn more and grow further.

Awesome, thank you <3

Joanne Murphy

Artist -

Leonie has put the FUN back into learning how to manage and manifest!

I love it!

Money can be such an emotional drain but Leonie has put the FUN back into learning how to manage and manifest.

Kat Ogar

This was the best thing I’ve ever done to support my own growth and development

I feel like I’ve taken 10 steps forward in my life; I promise that ‘I am now and will always be an Excellent Custodian of Money’.

Mel Rees

I didn’t think I’d come out of this feeling as competent, hopeful and fiercely determined as I do!


Paula Brett

I was able to pay off my credit card debits and start a Holiday and an Emergency fund.

I learned more about my self worth, what net worth is, how I can do something about it to grow it.

I have started the next chapter and next stream of income. I can see everything is coming into alignment. Fucking Ripper!

No longer running away or burying my bills. I’m coming at it like a brick house.

Mara Turnball

I have saved thousands of dollars a year just by having a good look at my finances.

The course was fantastic. It has really helped me feel motivated and put a lot of things into perspective.

I feel like I can do anything and can make my dreams become a reality.

My business has already started to make more income by implementing some of Leonie’s tips.

Jessica Harris


    Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

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