Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

drawing by Leonie of Leonie wearing a blue shirt with pink hearts and a speech bubble to the right with a blue background with the text "I'll take you behind the scenes of exactly how I've built an award-winning company that's brought in over $14M in revenue while being a creative mama... & while being a right-brained forgetful person with autism, ADHD & a physical disability" </p>
<p>The second speech bubble with a purple background under has written "ALSO... We don't use cleaners, gardeners, or outside childcare - we're DYI kinda family</p>
<p>there is an arrow pointing into this text bubble with the text "totes cool if you do though!"<br />
Another arrow is drawn from that text to the left with the text "just didn't want you to think I outsourced it all..."

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

“Leonie gets results FAST.”

“Everything Leonie has told me to do has gotten me results FAST. Leonie has given me concrete steps and tips which have pumped up my business growth. She knows what she is talking about. She has taught me another way to do business. I can honestly say the reason I was able to leave my teaching job and build my business is because of Leonie.”

– Hibiscus Moon, founder of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

“Leonie has razor-sharp strategies…”

“Leonie’s razor-sharp insights and business strategies leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a business and life you love.

If you get the chance to learn from her, go for it!”

– Victoria Gibson, Facebook ads expert

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

This is FOR you if: 

  • you want to get organised in your life & business… in a sane, stress-free way
  • you can afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm
  • you honour and respect boundaries
  • you commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own success

This is NOT for you if: 

  • you need 1:1 handholding and guidance
  • you don’t like swearing
  • you aren’t able to respect healthy boundaries.

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

A photo of Leonie in the forest, she is wearing a rainbow tulle skirt and holding a unicorn balloon. Around her are 10 crayon style blocks with the following texts - Internationally Best Selling Author - 500,000 Books in Print -Winner of Ausmumpreneur's People Choice Biz Coach & Global Brand Award & Businesses Making a Difference Award - HIppy Mama - Sold over 14M Online - In 10 hours a week - Swear Bear - Artist -Philanthropist

Q: What if I’m like super organised already?

You probably don’t need this course then.

Or you might be a planner nerd like me and want to see exactly how someone else does it. If that’s you… feel free to jump on in & perve on my plans!


Q: What if I’m a total fucking disaster? Will this actually help me?

Aaaah babes. I feel you. And yes. Yes this is for you. As someone who is naturally a messy motherfucker, I can totally sympathise. AND I have a bunch of hacks and hints to help you tame the disasters.

You can do this!


Q: What if I’m neurodivergent?

You’re in the right place. I’m neurodivergent. I’ve got you.


Q: What if I’m neurotypical? Is this only for people with ADHD?

Nope. It’s for everyone. The thing about people with ADHD – we often have to be even MORE organised & have better organisational systems because otherwise we’ll forget allllll the shit! So you’ll likely learn a LOT from this course.


Q: Will everything be recorded? If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course for AT LEAST 12 months.




Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Get Results Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

I've worked with tens of thousands of clients now and seen them get HUGE results.

And I know if you do the homework, you will get results too.

So I'll offer you this guarantee... if you do all the homework & don't see any results... I'll give you your money back.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind knowing that you'll get a great return on your investment! 


Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

My house feels sooooooo much better to live in. Wow!

It went really well. Due to my monstrous messes and my crazy ADHD, I had a lot of years of stuff to sort through (I’m almost 60). This course was amazing in helping me get through such a big job. Thank you! My AHA moments were that my ADHD diagnosis is still relatively new. I am only beginning to learn more about my antics. This course really helped. What changed for me was actually going through decades of accumulation and actually seeing with my own two eyes my impulses, patterns, dopamine hits etc. Very eye opening.

Melody Kientopp

I’ve got fresh energy to get on top of things again!

Loved it. I’ve made notes of what I need to implement, as I did the course in a week ( I think). From Sunday baskets, to journal/ agenda sorting, I’ve learned so much, and will be implementing a lot of new things into my life.

Yvonne Martha

The hack for getting things done changed my life! 

I’m so much more organized (as a creative with autism/ADHD).

Ally Brennan

I feel like I got so much from the course that I will actually use. 

I feel more focused and hopeful. 

Susan Cotten


“Leonie is an absolutely sensational guide who explains things so well and makes it real.”

Kari Sutton

Leonie is straightforward, fearless and a breath of fresh air.”

I love how direct she is when it comes to answering tough questions. Her course is organized, easy to access and beautiful. She’s been a breath of fresh air.

Tanya Smith

“More aha! moments than I can wrap my head around!”

The course HAS paid for itself already! My husband is on board because you make perfect sense to him as well.

Melody Kientopp

“I’m loving your energy and honesty!”

I love that you’re SO generous with your experience and wisdom and are encouraging us to benefit from it.

Robyn Webb

“I love your no BS – just do it attitude.”

I love Leonie’s course!

Becky Lundin

Leonie has a way of making people feel like they are capable of anything (plus she’s flippin’ hilarious!)

I absolutely love Leonie’s course. 

Every time I learn something from her and implement it, I get results!!

This clarity has even helped me grow my membership practically overnight!

Billie Gardner

“An unbelievable, inspiring journey…”

“The journey of Leonie’s course is unbelievable and goes on and on.

It was inspiring, challenging, lovingly, doubting, exhausting, heart melting, wondering, energetic, out of this world, encouraging and soooo fun to work with you this way.

And I always come back to get a nugget of wisdom and a sweet energy kick.

So all in all, I’m so in LOVE with your courses and down to earth honesty! I’m a total LEONIE – FREAK and well I have to confess: I’m a “Leonie-Addict”!

Ellen Holzschuster

Best investment of my time and money ever!”

Sophie Le Brozec

Leonie Dawson is a Superb Creative!

She knows when to stand strong and when to go gentle in her guidance of Creatives. 

Her enormous humor and light-hearted laughter is Goddess-Sent. She is a rare combination of the Divine Feminine and the Purely Practical!

She’s got and gives The Big Gifts – the ones that keep on Giving!

Thank you Leonie from the bottom of my heart!

Lynda Beth Unkeless

Author, Meet One New Person Every Day: The Magic of Conversation

There’s nothing like an Aussie chick giving you a kick up the bum to get things done!

The webinars had laugh out loud moments and the Mastermind group is a brilliant way to stay motivated. 

I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. If only Leonie was there telling me to just fucking do it for all my creative pursuits.

At the price it’s a no brainer!!

Catherine Hay

Works like magic to keep my focus straight!

It motivates the shit out of me. Makes me love and accept myself. Very inspirational and magical in bringing creativity fron imagination into realization. Thank you!

Elena Popova

“Leonie’s the tough love you need to stop making excuses and make your dreams happen.

Leonie’s courses helped me finally break through so many internal blocks, low self-esteem and resistance to finish two books that have been sitting in my heart and mind for over 10 years. 

Leonie has a genuine level of warmth, generosity and ‘get er’ done’ attitude. 

Sitting in stagnation and procrastination when it comes to your dreams is a form of self-annihilation. It’s soul crushing. Leonie is such a beautiful guide that got me through.

I’m excited to do their courses again (and again and again). 

Holly Elissa

“Above and Beyond!”

I have watched Leonie not only get her creative projects done herself, but she has masterfully increased her life and business over the last decade.

Something else I have come to know about Leonie is that she over-delivers. There is always something extra, something more! 

Thank you sweet, precious Leonie for your life-changing magic!

Rosa Maria Szynski

Author and MAGICAL Living Mentor,

“I’ve learned that I really do know a lot more than I thought I did…”

Everything you do is very fun and is keeping me going!

Jen Jones

Leonie’s courses are easy to follow, well thought out, beautiful and original.

The thing I want to compliment them most on though is the over delivering.

Their pricing is GENEROUS.  They share with GENEROSITY EVERYTHING THEY KNOW.  

Leonie’s spirit is generous and I see that and appreciate it deeply.

Katie Rose

Leonie is a true Mumpreneur…

Leonie is really good at helping you get from I have no idea/who am I to be doing this to I can do this/why not me….

Leonie’s course taught me how to work out what the course should be about, through the outline and actually creating and selling.

I use those skills in my business every day now and am so, so grateful to Leonie for indomitable passion.

Not for you if you don’t like swearing and a much-needed kick up the ass! Definitely for you if you want to get that course written and out into the world to help the people who need to hear it from you.

Heidi Marke

I’ve gotten more accomplished in 2 weeks than I have in 2 months!

I’m loving Leonie’s no-nonsense advice!

I’m learning to just go with it, enjoy the process, not overthink things.

Just get stuff done! That’s what I’ve really needed and this course is helping me do that.

Cassandra Key

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

Leonie holds nothing back in her teaching. She explains things in real, raw and usable ways. It’s not fluff, it’s from learned experiences, and it makes learning fun!

Leonie is one of the pioneers of the online entrepreneur world, making possible for anyone with a passion to serve to be ale to follow their dreams and create their own business.

Kerry Spina


I love Leonie’s no nonsense simple, easy and fun business guidance. Her courses are filled with real information that is current and relevant. Leonie’s allowed me to follow my dream of having my own business, seeing her walk your talk, she has paved the way for so many other women to follow their hearts and dreams too!

Leesa Turner

Energy healer

When I embarked on my journey with Leonie I got more than a high quality teacher and great results… I literally covered the cost for my training within the first term!

Munira van der Zijl

Yoga teacher

I began my business in 2011 from Leonie’s trainings and even in 2019, it’s barely changed due to the clarity Leonie’s work helped me find.

I would recommend Leonie for anything that is a meld of down-to-earth with that intuition we all have inside.

Katy-Rose Bye


Leonie touches a part of me that wants to shine, wants to make things, wants to manifest. I feel touched in the part of me that is vulnerable and strong, like two sides of a coin. I know many things already, but being touched by a teacher in that sacred part of my heart is rare.

With Leonie’s help I have already created a book, inspirational cards, online courses and a happy life.

Fanny van der Horst


I love the “just fucking get your course done!!”

I have clarity on just focusing on getting my course done, not getting ahead of myself by worrying about how it all comes together with marketing and list building, etc.

Becky Lundin

I’m surprised by how easy and quick it is!

Brilliant! I’m surprised by how easy and quick it is to create a course when you have this kind of momentum and support.

I’m now writing week three. I’m on track.

Jen Storer


I am finding the courses amazing to say the least!

Cassandra Bowen

I really like the fact that I can just work with what I have and don’t have to buy anything more.

Matilde van der Zel

Enjoying the course immensely!

Been writing my course and find it easier than I thought it would be to get it together.

Love the resources.

Jim Monahan

Results WILL come when I finally get my head out of my arse!

I loved all of the information provided throughout the courses Leonie!

It was very informative and easy to understand. Some things I had experience with already, but I have learnt sooooooo much.

Jules Karam Grono

Leonie rocked my world!

I loved the energy of the courses, the hands-on materials, Leonie’s great “just do it” vibe and the amazing insights and tools delivered lesson after lesson, yayyy!!!

Following up Leonie’s advice of getting things flowing and done right here, right now, new possibilities emerge in different ways!

Cindy Figueroa

You’ve given us all the tools to finally get what’s been incubating in our hearts and heads out into the world!

New perspectives on how to offer my course in a way that keeps it true to the process.

That was the wall I was bumping into, and why I’ve stalled all these years.

Love, love, LOVE this course, Leonie.  Thank you <3

Rosann Whale

Absolutely bloody love it!

I really appreciate Leonie’s motivating approach, which is both very personal and uplifting.

The course has helped me bust past some creative blocks that I thought had settled in for good, and has actually taken the lid off some very stale, restrictive thinking about what and what isn’t possible.

I love the way you teach, Leonie!

Massive positive attitude changes, the planning stages of my (first!) course are complete, I’m absolutely chock-full of drive and enthusiasm to get on with the rest of it and – I kid you not – I feel like I used to feel years ago, getting creative and believing in my potential again for the first time in ages.

Thank you so much!

Lorraine W

I have reached a level of small achievable steps instead of big overwhelming plans!

The “just do it NOW” is my biggest AHA moment, I always want things to be perfect before I put it out there.

I have reached a level of small achievable steps instead of big overwhelming plans….and that is so heplful!!!

I had so much fun because Leonie is hilarious.

Things are so much easier to learn when it is fun! 

Fatima Oulad Thami

Lifetime access = at least 3 years!

Learn more about the Academy here!

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