(That photo above? Me. At high school. Being weird and having THE BEST TIME EVERRRRRR at it!!!)


Hola gorgeous goddesses!


Yesterday, I had a dream come true. I got the chance to mentor 100 Year 8 & 9 students from my old high school.

I’ve been thinking of them since then: how gorgeous they are without knowing it, how hard that time can be, and just how light is inside them.

This is some of what I shared with them.

Large guffaws, over-the-top hand gestures, made up words & very messy art making not included.


10 Things I Want To Tell Every Teenage Goddess


1. I know. School sucks.


2. It’s going to get better. It just gets better and better and better. Trust me on this. In fact, it’s going to be glorious.


3. Find what you are passionate about and makes you light up inside, and do it. Keep doing it. No matter what.


4. You can have a career doing something you totally love. There’s SO many opportunities and ways you can earn money now. I have friends who make money in the most gorgeous, wild, wondrous ways. My job of being a “professional goddess”? I made it up! I had NO idea this job existed! It’s amaaaaazing! It takes time & a whole lotta work, but if you totally love something, you can make it happen.


5. Embrace your inner weird. This is the stuff that makes you interesting and gorgeous and exciting to be around. Get excited about the stuff you love. Wear whatever you want to wear. Ignore what everyone else is doing.

Fly your freak flag. Go “yup, this is what I LOVE doing and this is who I LOVE being, and if you think that’s weird, that’s cool with me.”


6. Find a couple of people you adore and who adore you and hang out with them. Ignore everybody else. Handy hint: during teenage years, boys can be awesome to have as mates. They tend to be a bit less emotional.


7. Being 13-16 is like this wild time biologically where you get all these rushes of chemical and physical change. It’s like being a crazy hormonal pregnant woman. And unfortunately you’re at a school where there are 200 other pregnant women. So it’s totally understandable to be walking around, bumping into each other and crying a lot. My advice? Stay as chill as possible. Embrace the chillax. Remember you are pregnant with teenagerdom. Foot baths, chocolate & gentleness go a long way here. Be as kind and gentle with yourself as possible. Be as kind and gentle with everyone else as possible. They are all fighting their own secret battle.


8. When you get super pissed or anxious or are totally hurting, stop reacting – you’ll just end up an emotional, spotty volcano which feels even grosser. Go outside and put your hands and feet in the grass. Stare at the sky for 10 minutes. I swear to you, cloud watching is better than any happy pill. It’s REALLY hard to stay pissed when you’re staring at the sky.


9. The person who is happiest, wins. Happy people don’t bully. Happy people don’t give other people shit. Happy people are off making art under trees being kind to themselves and each other. Happy ALWAYS wins. Why don’t you be one of the gloriously happy weird ones?


10: Accept that there’s nothing on god’s green earth you can do that will make everyone love you, appreciate you or approve of you. And that’s okay, because that’s your job to do that. It’s your job to love you, appreciate you & approve of you. And it’s going to the best fun you’ve ever had in your life.


I love you & believe in you and your beauty SO much!!!!



#11: You are way more beautiful than you can possibly see right now. Like AMAZING beautiful. You are aglow.