Just Write Your Fucking Book


Incase you are wondering…

am I good enough?
am I worthy enough?
do I have a story to tell?
what’s the best way to tell it?
how would I market it?
but how do I design the cover?
how do I put it on Amazon?
I can’t work out whether it’s a memoir or self help…
do people even need to hear my story?
do I have anything to contribute?
who am I to write a book?
what if writing a book is too hard?
I don’t have enough time to write a book…
I have too many children to be able to write a book…
I have a full time job so I can’t write a book…
I have chronic illness so I can’t write a book…
I can’t spell very well so I can’t write a book…
yeah but writing a book is really hard isn’t it?
how do I get a publishing deal?

and on and on and on…
the questions, the wondering, the excuses, the fucking around…

it takes SO LONG. it takes SO MUCH ENERGY.

and in the meantime, you could just be writing your book.

As Douglas Adams says: “It takes an awful lot of time to NOT write your book.”

Just write your damn book already.

The world needs it.

And most of all… YOU NEED IT.

Books heal the hands they move through first and foremost.

Whenever you get bombarded with excuses and questions… just
remember… your only job right now is to write your fucking book.
The rest, you work out later.

And of course, if you want extra love and support to write your book
in 40 days, there’s my e-course too.

But mostly… this is just an ode to the magnificent creative power of
just writing your book. We need your book. You need your book. Writing
can change this world.

Big love,
your writer mate

Rock Your Goals podcast!


I have more delicious soul food for you…

I spent some time chatting to the wonderful Sarah Jensen of the Rock Your Goals podcast about how I built my multi-million dollar businesses!

Tune in to hear all about my journey from broke creative to successful business woman, working just ten hours a week!

We’re talking tips, tricks, and things to avoid!

Click HERE to listen!

Big love,

The Simplifiers Podcast!

Darling hearts,

I have another wonderful podcast interview to share with you!

Mary Baird-Wilcock and I sat down and talked about how I market my business without social media!!!

Shocking, I know, but so fucking possible, loves.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why more and more businesses are saying NO to social media these days
  • Why I believe businesses should focus on growing their email list instead
  • What is working for me right now, as I continues to sell my workbooks, online courses and services across the world
  • My thoughts on deactivating social media accounts or taking periodic social media sabbaticals
  • My other favourite ways to market your business that don’t require the mindless death scroll of social media

To listen to the episode, click HERE!

You can also watch it on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts, if that’s more your thing.

Big love,

2 Second Productivity Tip


Two second tip that can make the worrrrrld of difference to your productivity levels.

Why the friiick should you listen to me about productivity? I’ve built an 8 figure empire in 10 hours a week. I can get shit done FAST.


And ban yourself from using the internet while you get some work DONE ALREADY!

Go on! Try it now!

With love + productive success,

Evidence Based Birth Podcast

Gorgeous ones,

Earlier in the year, I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Rebecca Dekker on the Evidence Based Birth Podcast.

We did a deep dive into all things “birth”, covering everything from difficult pregnancies to postpartum recovery.

Our interview is now out and you can find it HERE!

This was such a powerful, important conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Big love,

Ignite Your Money Muse

My loves,

I’m thrilled to be a featured speaker in the upcoming FREE Trainings Series “Ignite Your
Money Muse: How to Open the Floodgates of Abundance!”

We discuss everything around “How To Grow An 8 Figure Business Working 10 Hours A Week”!

Throughout this video series you will learn prosperity tools and practices from me along with 20+ other Money & Mindset experts on how to:

● Price your services for profit
● Breakthrough your financial glass ceiling
● Overcome the fear of putting yourself out there
● Confidently ask for money or for more money
● Own the value of your gifts, products and services

Some seriously helpful stuff!

Click HERE to sign up and listen for FREE!

Wanna have a cheeky sneak peak at our video interview? Click HERE!

Big love,

Notes on Sensitivity, by the River

Gorgeous ones,

It doesn’t take much for my neural pathways to light up like a September storm.

Just the smallest piece of beauty: a conversation; a book; the way the light dances on the river.

Doses of euphoria, meaning + insight cascade.

I am so easily amused.

But then… it takes not much more before it is too much stimulation.

My brain becomes foggy, I start to shut down, I need to process the backlog.

Sensitivity is a balancing act.

Big love,

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast (with my Mentor!!!)


Oh my LAWD I’m so excited!!

The podcast interview I did with my gorgeous business mentor and friend Brigit Esselmont (the founder of BiddyTarot) is LIVE…

Some of the topics we cover (as beautifully said by Brigit herself) are:

  • Why the world needs more soulful women to make good money ⁣⁣
  • The importance of developing business skills as a creative ⁣⁣
  • How to be a good custodian for wealth ⁣⁣
  • How to integrate creativity and fun into your business ⁣⁣
  • The dark side of a creative business and how to navigate it ⁣⁣
  • How a conscious choice and committed action lead Leonie to to over $10 million in revenue ⁣⁣
  • How to end an offer or program with grace, integrity and respect ⁣⁣
  • The beautiful spiritual journey of stepping into your biggest, truest self

Click HERE to listen now, gorgeous ones.

Big love,

A Short To-Do List for the Frazzled


  1. Make this your motto: Go Slower, Do Less
  2. Write a long To-Do list, then cross off everything that isn’t important
  3. Have a friend help your brainstorm how to reduce overwhelm
  4. Say NO more often
  5. Repeat after me: Go Slower, Do Less

Any other tips you’d add?

Love, Frazzled In A Fluffy Jumper 

In Gratitude to Hard Times…

My loves,

Instead of wanting things to be good and happy all the time… I am discovering the hard times can bear gold.

Misunderstanding can create understandings.

Pain can bring healing.

Sadness can intensify joy.

I am grateful for the hard… (And sometimes I’m not too!)

Love always,