It’s the biggest week of the year over here in Leonie-land as we run our wild cwazy pre-order sale.

We’ve already had over 3000 (!!!!!!) pre-orders… but to be honest I don’t understand why everyone who is planning on getting 2017 planners has snaffled up this sale.

Because holy SHIT – is it a massive deal and DEFINITELY the best time of the year to nab the 2017 collection.

Here’s 8 reasons why you should be jumping all over ordering that shiz like nowsicles!


1. It’s a mahooooosive saving – and you won’t see it again for the 2017 collection!

One of my “brand values” (wank wank) or as I like to call it “the way I give a fuck about the world” is to be widely generous.

I make the workbooks as affordable as I possibly can so that as many people can get them in their sweet lil hands and hearts as possible.

I’ve looked on the market at competition products – mine are about HALF the price already of them… and they are bigger, in full colour AND get better results for people.

And that’s just on the regular price of the workbooks when we release them later this year.

For the 7 day cwazy preorder sale I trump myself again… and give you a 60% OFF SAVING on top of that!!!


Again: you won’t be able to buy the 2017 Shining Year collection again at this price again!


2. Free international shipping

This is the biggie… just for the 7 day sale… everyone everywhere gets FREE international shipping. This is a HUGE saving – once you get that big, heavy box of goodies delivered to you in November, you’ll understand why!!!

For me, the pre-order sale price doesn’t even cover the shipping for some countries. It’s a huge saving for you all. I’m fine with copping the shipping hit instead, as pre-orders pay for printing!

There will be NO free shipping anywhere, including for domestic shipping, at all for the rest of the year – free shipping is the golden goodie of the cwazy pre-order sale!


3. You’ll nab yourself a to do list pad before they sell out (again!)

These babies turned out to be like crack on the black market last time… we sold out within 24 hours (!!!!!!!!) and there was much bartering and buying of leafs of its paper across the worldly kingdom!

This rad, powerful little bugger is the essential (and adorable) way to keep yourself on track every day with your priorities – along with making time for the important things (8 glasses of water, connecting, education, health, movement, self care etc) and sharing your gratitudes as well!

4. You get a massive amount of goodies in your package!!!!


It’s absolutely EVERYTHING you need to create an incredible life and business in 2017!


5. Over a quarter of a million people swear by it!

I really need to update that graphic! It’s now closer to 270,000!!!!!

6. After 8 years of publishing these workbooks, we’ve got the results to show they are the most powerful and proven!

Each year we collect the results… after 8 years of these workbooks being used… we know that they are getting massive results… in ways that other planners and goals workbooks simply can’t achieve.


7. New paper! New binding! New beauty!

This year all our stock is on thick matte stock – so if you had any issues with smudging last year, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve also updated the binding to be much more durable and easy to flick through.

And continued to beautify, extend and add to!

I’m committed to creating the most functional thing of beauty that also delivers huge results for you in making your dreams come true!


8. STICKERS!!!!!

Prepare to shiz those pants again guys… due to popular demand (and I mean DEMAND – those sticker lovers are……. passionate… HAHAHAHAHA!)… the 2017 diary-planner now comes with two pages of rainbowy delicious STICKERS!!!! AWWWWW YISSSSSSSS!!!!!


9. Every pre-order buy also = doing good in the world

From handing over a $10,000 cheque to build a library for underprivileged kids in Vietnam to donating the workbooks to non profits to use with their clients to being monthly financial supporters of a range of fantastic charities… you need to know that we give back in BIG ways to change the world!

Every purchase you make means we can do even more good!

gift rainbow

10. They make fucking bonza Christmas gifts. No seriously.

Do you know how many people tell me they got these workbooks for Christmas and it changed their life?

I was even talking to that powerhouse Kimra Luna today and she mentioned that that’s how she found me a few years ago – she was gifted it for Christmas! Bloody magical!

11. Which reminds me – these gorgeous workbooks get real results – which is why so many successful 7 figure business mavens use them!

2016-07-26_23132 2016-07-26_23132016-07-26_2313333

12. No seriously, it’s just for 7 days…


Loves, don’t be emailing us an hour, week, month after the sale and asking if you can get the preorder price.

It will be a loving niet/iie/non/no. 

It is ONLY for 7 days.

And we’ve already used up 5 of them.

So you’ve got just under 2 days to get your order in. DON’T FORGET BAE!

13. So basically… this is a bloody bonza deal… so where the bloody hell are ya?


Lara Bingle knows best.

We gots the dealio of the year. We gots the powerful, proven goods.

We gots insanely good value for you.

It’s a massive, gloriously wonderful score for ya.

So why the heck aren’t ya pre-ordering?


How will the Shining Year collection change in 2017?

  • All books will have non-shiny paper (a matte that is thicker) to reduce smudging issues experienced by some users in 2016
  • Workbooks: Resources added + small updates throughout
  • New stronger binding on all books
  • Diary/planner has had significant changes – a new durable cover, new weekly design and elastic band to hold it all together
  • And most of all… diary/planners will have two pages of stickers included!!!!

When will the books be shipped?

Mid November

Can I buy workbook packages as gifts?

Yes. Totes. Get into it!

Can I buy more than one workbook package?

Yes. No limits! Go crazy, girl!

But I don’t want the Biz book/Life book/diary out of the package – can’t I change the package?

Honestly possums – if you’re buying two products, you’re better off just buying the whole collection now as a pre-order because you’ll be saving more thanks to that free postage! For the pre-order sale we’re only able to offer the complete package without any changes!

What to do with the books from the collection you don’t need?

  • Give as an awesome present (for Christmas or just for fun!)
  • Trade on the Facebook workbookers group for stationery or personalised pornographic poetry (ha!)
  • Cut out and use as collage material – plenty of inspiration in there!
  • Use as a ginormous colourful beer coaster! bahahahaha!

Alright kittens… why the heck are you still reading & not going over to grab the deal of the century yet?

It’s here.

Right here.

On this link.

When you click here.

Like this.

Got the picture yet?

No really.


Big love,

your pushy but well-meaning cheerleader,

P.S. I totally Rick Rolled in one of those links.


P.P.S. Have I told you:



P.P.S. That’s 40 hours as I publish this. By the time you are reading this… I don’t bloody know, mate… I’m magic, but I am not THAT magic.

But you should probably get onto it toot sweet.



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