There’s SO many reasons why you should consider adding an e-course to your business.

They really can transform your life and business… not to mention the lives of the hundreds (and thousands!) of people you will teach through them!

14 Reasons You Need To Have An E-course

1. You can dramatically increase your income
2. You will help more people
3. You will stop selling just 1:1 and start selling to MANY. This is
what makes income scalable + easily increasable!
4. If you still offer 1:1 services, you can charge a higher price for them.
5. E-courses can be a great way for customers to begin working with you.
6. Your work can go out into the world in a bigger way and create a
movement and a legacy!

9. Customers get more accountability, connection and friendship
through group e-course experiences. (Some of my customers have met
their BFFs and business partners through my courses!)
10. People pay more for an e-course than for a book or e-book
11. Extra stream of income that is more passive
12. Be seen as an expert in your field
13. It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable way to create wealth. No more
travel or paper materials needed to learn! No physical products to
manufacture. WIN WIN WIN!
14. Expand your customer market to be worldwide!

Want to learn exactly how to create + sell an e-course?

Let’s do this!

I can’t wait to see what magic you create!

Big love and creative magic,