Hola gorgeous Goddess!

For the month of January we are having a 2011 Dream Extravaganza. We’re filling out our workbooks & making magic happen. I get so ding dang inspired by hearing other women’s dreams… it’s like planting little soul seeds & witnessing a glorious garden bloom.

Today’s dreamer is my precious goddess circle sister Cass Oswald who lives in a House of Owls.

I adore my little blonde mermaid sister. She’s a dreamy photographer. Museum of Magic curator. Dreamer. Joyful one.

And I sent her a pleady email to pretty pretty please bless us with a photo essay of her 2011 dreams.

And she said that it was okay for me to say OMG in real life, that yes she was going to climb a mountain today to take another photo of her kissing her love oh and YES she would share her exquisite dreams all magical photo essay-like.

And I was the happiest girl in the world.

The End.

hee hee hee.

Let the Dream Extravaganza commence!

This year, my dreams are:

*happy exhale*

Pure beauty, no? Exquisite.

It lives in you, it lives in me, it lives all around us.

Thank you, dear Cass, for reminding us.

Big love to you my dear dreaming sisters,