Hola gorgeous goddesses!!!


Tis the season to be dreaming… setting our intentions for the year ahead using the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook.

As part of our 2012 Dream Extravaganza, I wanted to invite some gorgeous friends to share some of their filled out pages from the workbook & what they were dreaming of for 2012. I get SO inspired hearing other people’s dreams + plans!


Today we are hearing the beautiful sharings from a Goddess Circle sister, the gorgeous Charlotte Gonzalez (who happened to edit my latest book!)

Look at that picture of her! Doesn’t that make you totally fall in love with her?

The bandanna! The mountains! The baby! The smile!

What a gorgeous, gorgeous soul.

Charlotte is a blogger, creative rainbow mama to two, chakra-loving hippy & fitness trainer-in-training living in Switzerland.

We heart her! We heart her!


Opening, gentleness and cuddles

There is something so immensely powerful about writing down your goals from a place of intention and dreaming about how you want to feel. It causes magic to happen. I can’t explain it, but I know for sure that it’s true.

In 2010, working through the first ever Creating Your Goddess Year workbook revealed to me that the half ironman triathlon that I had signed up for was not what I was really dreaming of. What my heart wanted for instead was to begin the journey of conceiving my longed-for second child. He was born less than a year later, a burst of giggling joy into my life.

In 2011, I didn’t print out my workbook until November. It was a big year getting used to being a mama of two and having to go back to work, breaking my heart every day as I left my tiny little boy behind. In spite of my happiness as I cuddled and cared for my two divine children, I was feeling utterly drained and terrified.

Oh hello again post-natal depression, are you trying to tell me something? My longing for healing, recuperation and rest spilled out of me into the pages of my workbook, showing me what was really needed in my life.

And in early 2012, as I began to heal, my dreams came to me bright and clear and filled with vibrant colour as I let my heart pour purple words out onto the page.

My intentions for 2012

What came out this year was a continued yearning for gentleness and rest, but now it was clearly accompanied by a need to open up creatively, writing, painting and speaking my truth out loud into the world.

In 2012, I choose to be utterly kind and gentle with myself.

I choose to spend as much time as possible with my children.

I choose to get enough rest, silence and time in nature.

I choose to write, paint in glorious colour and express my unique creative voice

After a lifetime of shyness, hiding and keeping quiet, I choose to begin slowly and softly opening up.


Changes have happened in my life already

I’ve been writing again, after a long hiatus from myself. I’ve begun working through the Artist’s Way, waking early to write morning pages while my children sleep. My awakening creativity gave me the urge to buy some children’s watercolours and just play with the colours I was dreaming of. I haven’t painted anything except rooms since I was 14 or 15 years old! And yet here I am, sharing some of my tentative beginnings to the world.

I’ve been allowing myself to rest more and ask for help when I need it.

I’ve been allowing my dreams to bubble to the surface once again, writing draft blog posts and preparing my website so that I can begin to send my thoughts out into the blogosphere.

What else came up for me as I filled in my workbook?

My main priorities for this year are to work (at my office job) a lot less (like, not at all) and to cuddle and nap a lot more.

To find delicious, soul-nurturing ways to work from home.

To paint in gorgeous, luscious colours and let my writing out into the world.

To let go of things from my past, both physical objects and big resentments.

And to continue on my healing journey by gently nourishing my body and doing only the things that make my heart sing and my spirit dance.





Thank you beautiful Charlotte, for your insight, love, honesty + joy.



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