2014 dream extravaganza


G’day darlinghearts!

Molly-RobertsToday’s guest post is by the fabulous Molly Roberts. Molly is an artist, blogger, rock & roller and front woman of the glam rock band, Tigernite. As the author of the blog, Cream City Dreamsicle, she composes love letters to her city and all the creatures living in it. She resides in her ice cream house in Milwaukee, WI with her Love and two very naughty kittens.

As you know, I very rarely accept guest posts, but each year I like to invite some gorgeous, passionate, inspiring women to share their new year dreams, goals + miracles.

The more we hear of women dreaming big dreams and making them happen, the more it will become the “new normal” and fuel us to do just the same.

Introducing gorgeous Molly!


Dreaming of continued expansion!

In my hemisphere winter is full bore with brief days and snot-freezing weather. While everything outdoors appears to be in a snow coma, it’s a potent and powerful time to incubate dreams–

the perfect time to make A Plan.

I’ve been cuddled up with my Create Your Amazing Year Workbook fashioning this years plan of attack.

When it arrived in the mail, I almost peed.

Why wet yourself, you ask? Because this workbook is powerful magic.

Let me tell you a story.

Sad Trombone time…

Only one short trip around the sun ago, I hated everything about my life.

I had read about this thing called a Dark Night of The Soul and until then, never really understood what that meant.

I had a stressful soul sucking job that consumed my life, landed me in the hospital and almost destroyed my ten year relationship with my partner. I was surrounded by psychological warfare and toxic personalities that thrived on my failures like flies on shite. My band family—into which I had poured my entire gummy bear heart and all of my resources–had failed and disintegrated leaving me broke and hurt. Everything had fallen apart.

Despite my best efforts, depression crept in and quietly filled in my empty spaces. We’d met before and pretended not to recognize each other, like an awkward encounter with an ex at the movie theater.

There were endless waves of mascara stained pillows and thousands of cigarettes while I drank at home and watched my hair fall out in the shower. I didn’t recognize the defeated raisin I’d become.

That December, I made a promise to my Heart that things were going to be different. NOW.

“You’re meant to create something incredible. You’re going to be your own hero.”


I printed out a Create Your Amazing Year workbook, expecting it to be a cute planner. A tool.

Then what happened?

With my new promise to myself and workbook by my side, everything changed. Everything.

We’re talking some Intense Cosmic Transformational Shit here, kids.

Where there had once been aimless flailing, there was a plan. There was a Map.

There was movement.

2013 was the juiciest year of my human journey thus far. I…

  • fulfilled my dream of a new job that I love
  • moved to a new rainbow home
  • got healthy
  • connected with my tribe
  • had my first solo painting exhibition
  • formed a new rock-and-roll-band family
  • made a record
  • played for hundreds of part animals
  • was aired on the radio,
  • found a new blog home
  • took my Dream Adventure to New Orleans with my Muffin.

I vacationed, healed, went on adventures, took a retreat, got tattoos, visited caves, ate cakes and  actually read books.


360 degrees in 365 days. And I’ll do it again.


It gets bigger and better.

2014, prepare to get your ass kicked.


This year’s Amazing Year Dream Menu includes, but is not limited too:

  • A week long Cross Country Road Trip with my mum and sister. (Which we are planning together with our workbooks!)
  • Getting in the studio to create our second record.
  • Going on our very first tour! <— Life Long Dream Alert!
  • Partnering with Girls Rock to create a rock-and-roll Fashion Opera
  • Apprenticing and growing in my dream job as a make-up artist.
  • Satiating my Out-Doors Adventure Bug a spirit trip to the desert.
  • Unleashing my bum in my very first Burlesque appearance!

Other dreamy dreams include Sequin Rollerskating Night, rock shows, growing our audience, exploring new cities, trampoline parks and of course, some great hats.

It’s all about expanding: expanding your skills, expanding your scope, expanding your Love, expanding the Dream, and stepping into the Creature you are meant to be and the life you deserve.

It. Will. Happen.

I want it with every fiber of my person– and I want it for you too, kittens. I hope you can feel that.


My heart is thinking of you and pulling for you. It can be done.

Let’s make it happen, Pumpkins.

You’re gonna be great.


Thank you Molly for sharing this with us. You are a total babe. I like your handwriting. I like your hair. I like how you do life.

And I freakin’ love the turnaround that came with the addition of A Plan.

May we all stretch + grow + be bigger + more glorious each day.

All my love,