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Our last sneak peek into my latest product collection range for 2016 goals + planning.

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First up… take a walk with me through the Biz workbooks to see fully inside + see how powerful they are for yourself!

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When it came to creating the 2016 Biz Goals Workbooks this year, I decided to do a major expansion + uplevel.

  • It now comes in its own book
  • It’s now separated into chapters
  • I added many more sections + questions to make it a complete business planning tool
  • I created all new illustrations for it + it was completely redesigned from the ground up.

Who is the Biz Goals workbook for?


We get such lovely feedback from the gorgeous souls that get gifted these workbooks about how it’s changed their life. What a beautiful gift to give!

Some of our workbooks live in the wild with our magical tribe:

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The 2016 Create Your Shining Year Biz Goals Workbook will help you plan out:


We also put them into chapters this year so you can fill out your goals for:

  • Finances
  • Team
  • Support
  • Systems
  • Boundaries & Balance
  • Education
  • Customers
  • Marketing
  • World
  • Dreams


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One of my favourite chapters of this year’s workbook is dedicated to systems! 


This section walks you through creating standard operating procedures for:

  • Accounting
  • Organisation
  • Web
  • Legal
  • Customer Service
  • Overall General Procedures

And we’ve also made some extra yummy changes this year:

  • the book is printed on recycled paper
  • you get a smorgasbord of suggestions for goals for each area of your biz
  • you also get my recommended books + resources list for each area of your biz!
Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 4.29.40 PM

And with EVERY order of a printed Biz workbook, you also get a FREE huge BONUS A2 printed 2016 wall planner!


Want to see what they look like inside page by page?

Let me take you on a glorious wander through them!!!


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Women get such HUGE results from using these workbooks year after year.

For the last seven years it’s been such a gift to hear their miracles and stories of dreams come true, businesses blooming, lives reclaimed and spirits inspired.

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I know if you grab these + fill them out, you too will see scrumptious changes in your biz.

The you in one year will thank you for doing it!

Click here to order yours today! (And don’t forget to order your Christmas gifts while you are at it! Screw another scented candle or shit they don’t need… this is a gift that creates beautiful lives!!!)

Big love,

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