time for tea and dreams white

Hey party people,

I’ve been blogging for three thousand centuries now.

Well… like… 12 years.

Which is basically the same thing.

And sometimes I really yearn for ye olden days of ridiculous blogging that had no reason to exist except to share and connect.

This year I’m going to be creatively extending myself… reinvigorating myself… trying new things (and old things) to keep things fresh and fun and fabulous.

So, in that spirit, I’m doing something that was allllllllllll the rage back in 2006.


Leonie circa 2006

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I just got a perm. I’d never had one before and I thought it would be funny. I’m pretty relaxed about making changes to my physical appearance – I’ve died my hair wild and purple, have had an eyebrow ring and have a tattoo that doesn’t get covered up. Anywaysies, I’ve tried it, and I’m not a fan. My hair is barely more curly than it used to be. Plus it hurts and stiiiiiinks and is a generally excruciating process to have. WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME THIS? Probably every person from the 80’s, ever. #lessonlearned

2. I wish I was as addicted to reading books as I am addicted to reading my iPhone. #workingonit

3. My old boss/still my darling gal pal Lile has banned me from drinking alcohol when we go out dancing. Not for the reason you think though. She says I get boring and quiet and liable to fall asleep somewhere. My behaviour is more drunken and ridiculous when I’m stone cold sober. #boooooyahhhhhhhhh

4. I think I would make an excellent writer of erotic short fiction. Maybe even erotic fan fiction. I would write erotic fan fiction over whatever I was particularly obsessed about at that point. Like Doc Martin.

5. My husband and I used to work together at my very first job. One day I had to help payroll fold payslips and I saw my husband’s full name. I knew we would get married as soon as I saw it. I don’t want to share it here for his privacy, but I think it is the most perfect combination of poetic and sexy dreamboat.

6. As I get older (I’m only 33, but STILL) I think I am becoming:

more compassionate

more truthful

more okay with all my feelings


more cynical

more judgmental

more cranky.

I love the first three parts of course. I don’t know if I quite want to become the last three though. I don’t know if the last three are the result of having some truly shitty years in the last 5 years or simply because I have very young children.

I’ll let you know.

7. About seven months ago, I injured my foot quite badly in a VERY athletic way. It was a Friday night and I’d just had a bowl of ice-cream on the couch. I decided to get myself another bowl. My left foot was asleep and as I stood up I managed to bend my foot in half. It hurt like a mother fucker and I fell to the floor. I was sure it was broken, but we had no one to look after the sleeping kids so we could get to hospital. We called an emergency health phoneline, and the nurse over the phone diagnosed it as a bad sprain. I went to a doctor a few days later to confirm, and he also thought it was a bad sprain and didn’t order x-rays. He believed my hypermobility has helped my foot fold over without breaking anything. Ewwww. Seven months on, I’m still having trouble walking. I’ve gone through a round of Bowen Therapy which helped immensely but didn’t fix it completely. I’m onto a month of osteopathy now. After this, if it still isn’t fixed, we’ll get imaging done. I’ve never had a foot injury before. Can I just say… theyyyyyyy succccccccccccccccck. I haven’t been able to use my treadmill desk since the first day. BOOO! Fingers crossed I can get this baby resolved. #leonieswonkybody

8. When Grant and Jen were here I was showing them my art journals that I play in each week.

And Grant said:

“Huh! So… this is all creative work that aren’t for anything except for yourself? Fascinating!”

And it got me to thinking how all artists and creatives (and people) need that. We need creative side projects that aren’t for anybody except for us.

I get all dried up without them.

9. I find it really hard to stop working sometimes most of the time almost always. I didn’t used to be that way when I just had a job but owning my own business makes me hyper aware that there is always something more to be done. So I have to give myself strong rules and tell other people to enforce them on me.

Here’s a helpful meme Erin uses when she sees me working when I shouldn’t be:


10. I am stalling out at 10 because I’m sure I’ve already told you everything about me. Is that possible?

11. I have a very inappropriate sense of humour.

12. I do not apologise for that.

13. I also don’t apologise for swearing like a motherfucker.

14. Our wedding song was Ronan Keating’s “When You Say Nothing At All.” My husband refused to decide on a song in advance and so I surprised him with that special number which I knew he hated (and I loved). We laughed and laughed and laughed the whole way through. He has the best wheezing giggle in the world.

15. I’m 5’10 and used to think I was super tall for a chick. But I’m noticing that younger chicks tend to be even taller. It’s amazing! I so wanted to reach 6′ and love that there are other chicks doing it now.

16. I’d give up sugar but that would be giving up a very big source of joy and pleasure in my life. #nope

17. I’m writing a blog post about my darling doggy that just passed away. I don’t know if I’ve caught it in time though. I hope so. I really hope to carve out more concentrated bursts of creative time over the next year. Sometimes I feel like I’m just managing the business. I think most CEOs get into that place fairly regularly. I gotta keep pulling back and out. #thatswhatshesaid

18. That’s What She Said really is the greatest addendum to any sentence.

19. I’m feeling overwhelmed right now because I have a lot of books on the go. I prefer to just monofocus on one and complete. I’m reading “Million Dollar Women” by Julia Pimsleur, “At Home” by Bill Bryson, “How To Love” by Thich Nhat Hanh and re-reading “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside” by Kelly Cutrone. I’m also wading through a year’s worth of magazine subscriptions of SUCCESS and Collective magazines because I am the worst magazine subscriber in the world and can never keep on top of it.

20. Maybe everyone is like that. Maybe I’m just hard on myself about it. As Brené Brown says… “I thought it was just me, but it wasn’t.”

21. I have become a diehard Brené fan after years of resisting. I’m convinced that every person on the planet would be greatly serviced by reading/listening/doing her work. I was even talking to Sone on the phone this morning and we were talking about ways we can incorporate it into our company culture.

22. I just got a delivery. Chris answered the door and handed it to me as I lay on the couch. It was a package of Rebecca Solnit books from Hiro Boga, my dear mentor. And it amazed me that me and Hiro didn’t even have to get off the couch to send books across the world to each other. It felt like she’d just delivered me a box of love.

23. I love books. I love Hiro. I love a lot of things and people. I tell people I love them a lot. I tell people I love them when I hang up the phone. I tell my accountants I love them. I tell my staff I love them. I’ve micro-considered not living life like this, but thought “Nah, fuck that.” I’d rather be a living geyser of love.

24. I felt like I was tinkering out at number 10 here, but I’m getting a fresh breath of energy now. I think I could go on for further. Maybe that’s the whole point of creative extension… to go into the familiar, boring places… and feel like there is no more room to go… and to keep pushing anyway… until you break into a new space, a new realm. That’s fucking cool.

25. I gave up cooking food a few months ago and ordered a meal delivery service instead. It is blowing my damn mind and it’s made the world of difference to me and my family. I can’t even talk about how much I love it. Who would have thought… I don’t actually have to do EVERYTHING… I can just do the things I elect to do instead?

So hope that this was in some way of interest or use.

Either way… I’m glad I did it.

I think I might just do some more things just for me, just for fun, for no other reason but to create and share.

Back to the beautiful, radical roots of blogging.

Have a glorious day sweet soul.

All my love,