shiningstarinbiz FOURSECRETS

Here’s the thing, peeps.

We’re all hunting for the hidden secret of the next big thing to make our lives + businesses that much easier + better + bigger.

But nothing can take the place of those four impeccable principles:

Show up + do the work.
Invest in yourself.
Be ready to transform, heal + grow.
And always, always have unwavering focus on the dream you are birthing into the world.

When you became a nun, a monk, a devotee of your vision, all the fears + the worry fall back into place. Your actions align with your intentions because all you see is this thing you love, you adore, you believe in with your whole heart. This thing you know must be in the world because it is destined to be here + will help so many people. So you do what is needed to birth it into the world.

You’ll emerge from it a different person of course. You’ll be changed in every cell of your being.

Just like I couldn’t emerge from the journey of birthing my daughter in the world and be who I was before I walked into that birthing room.

But you’ll be changed in good ways. Wide ways. Your heart will be cleavened open. You’ll be more powerful, more courageous, more knowing because of it. You’ll have experienced that kind of beauty + power of being the person who brings something new into the world through sheer faith, determination, commitment and salted sweat. Be the one who makes stuff happen. Be the one who changes the world through their craft, their gift, their own twinkling way.

You can do this shit. Go out. Birth your miracle.

We need it.

all my love,