Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Less than 2 weeks until the Creative Goddess e-Course begins as a group journey over on ze Goddess Circle on Sunday April 1.

So many of you have already signed up – but there might be some beautiful souls out there who are wondering WHY art + meditation is so important… and WHY we need it in our lives RIGHT NOW.

Goddess Leonie’s Uber-Gorgeous Reasons You Need Art + Meditation In Your Life Right Now

1. No Longer Will You Feel Alone

This is a happy side effect of the Creative Goddess e-course, and yet is one of the most deeply important parts of it. I’ve created an amazing online circle sanctuary for the Creative Goddesses to gather – to commune, connect, share their soul’s stories, their journey through the course, and their creations. As with every single women’s circles I’ve ever been a part of, miracles and deep love and sister-hood come hand in hand with circles. It’s the thing we all yearn for, the thing that makes our life richer and more beautiful: soulful connection with each other. I’m so excited to be leading and holding the space for the first Creative Goddess online Circle, and I know already how deeply it will touch the lives, hearts and spirits of those women involved.

2. At last: Fulfilling, Inspired Creativity Even If You Can’t Even Draw A Stick Figure

Each week, I’ll be sending out videos and instructions for a new soulful creative project. You’ll get to create in all different kinds of medium – including painting, sculpture and writing… reminding you that your creativity comes in all different forms. You’ll get to play, create, get paint on your fingers, and remember that little girl inside you who loved to make colour in the world. And you’ll be supported and encouraged along the journey the whole way.

3. You’ll Reap The Amazing Benefits of Meditation

More clarity. More peace. Less freaking out. Less worry.

These are all the benefits of meditation!

Each project will be both an act of creativity and soulfulness. As you create, you’ll be finding bliss, self-awareness and spirit-joy. Each week I’ll also be sending out an MP3 meditation to listen to which will guide you in meditation and visualisation.

4. Uninspired? Not sure where to head next? Lacking MOJO? Try the Creative Goddess Cure!

You’ll be utterly inspired by the projects. By the meditations and the videos and the projects. By the space we create together. By each other. And by yourself. And that last one – that’s the most important one.

5. Be Prepared For A Life Made Of Miracles

When women gather, miracles happen. When we spend time with our creative and soulful selves, glorious spirit unfurls and dances. When we remember our beauty, the world becomes magic again.

The e-course & circle begins Sunday April 1 and goes for six weeks. To join us, enrol before then… and let the miracles be born in your life.

Any questions? Concerns? Fears? I’m here to hear them, and help you find a new way forward through them. Email me away!

Have a scrumptious day, gorgeous goddess!


P.S. The Creative Goddess e-course is one of the most popular, powerful + transformative e-courses I offer… It’s been taken by over 3000 students + has been the power behind a huge amount of women becoming artists, creative blocks being dissolved, and old hurts being healed. I utterly stand behind the power of this e-course, and know it can make a huge amount of miracles in your life. Remember it begins Sunday April 1 – so don’t miss out! Sign up now!