Hey hummingbirds,

I’m sitting here still in my pyjamas and (obviously) no makeup. The hair hasn’t seen a brush in an age.

But I have my camera close by and a wild case of nutbaggery (don’t worry, it is probably not contagious. Maybe). SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. RIDICULOUS ILLUSTRATED BLOG TO COME.

Don’t disregard the silly as excluding the smart though.

You can have both, ya know. You can be the clown genius shaman anytime you like.

Your kind is well understood here.

Fuck, I can just feel myself ready to jump on a tangent here.

Instead, I’m going to FOCUS ALREADY…

and just write ya the damn blog. YEAH?

If you’re ready to find out how to work less, earn more, get more shit done + have more fun as you do it…

put your hands up! Then put your hands down.

Because you need to scroll.

Now scroll away! And bathe! In Leonie-style productivity hacks that WILL make things more rad for you. High fives!

1. Self Control App

Honestly peeps, I reckon that the reason 98% of us aren’t getting shit done as quickly and easily as it can be is because we are ENDLESS DISTRACTED BY SHINY THINGS.

And by shiny things, I mean the internet.

Yeah yeah, I know I know. I get it. The internet is important. Hey, the internet is where I run my whole business.

But guess what? Being ONLINE is NOT my job.

Nor is it yours.

Get the fuck off the internet + just do your shit already.

And because I know your self control compulsion might be all jacked up on Twitter-anticipation, here’s a handy way to enforce your way into tech-solitude:

Self Control App.

Install it (it’s only for Macs, sorry PC lovers.) Ban all the sites of distraction (FB, Twitter, Instagram + Youtube are all on my ban list). Choose how long you can cope without it. And BAM. TOO BAD FOR YOU. NO MORE INTERNET UNTIL TIME IS UP.

In the meantime, you actually, you know… get the important shit done. Who woulda thunk it?

IMG_1965 copy

2. Ye Olde Fashioned Self Control App: Take Self Away From Wi Fi + Have An Artist’s Date

Here’s another handy hint: fuck off to a cafe. Drink (chai) tea + eat (gluten-free) cake.

Steer clear of the joints that give you free wifi. That’s kinda counter productive to the whole shindiggle.

Or head to the museum. Or the park. Hey, I used to do ALL my work up a tree, in a park or trawling cafes.

Give yourself an artist’s date (as coined by the magnificent Julia Cameron). Read more about that kinda goodness here.

Fill your well. Enchant yourself. Get inspired. Pour your miracles out.

3. Engage the Wild Donkey Technique

Seriously, possums. Tell me you know about the Wild Donkey Technique To Getting Shit Done, yeah?

If not, download this little (free) e-book for ya that me + my daughter made for you a couple of years ago!

This shit is seriously world changing… I still get emails about it all the time from happy creatives who are finally getting their miracles finished + out in the world!

Click HERE to download your FREE Project Finisher Ebook!

(Right click or Option click and choose “Save As” or “Download Linked File As”)

4. Keep A Pen + Paper By Your Side

When I’m reading business books, studying education programs, reading the paper, am falling asleep at night or am just out and about… I make sure I keep a pen + paper nearby. That way, whenever I have an idea, I immediately jot it down so it’s out of my head + actionable.

I might have a ginormous brain but I don’t like all its room being taken up with thoughts like

“Must buy brasso next time I’m at the shops so I can clean down all that antique stuff my ma-in-law brought me. Also, I should probably do the polishing of them this weekend. And SHIT I just remembered must book an appointment with my accountant to discuss financial planning. Also: what kind of love affair did Eleanor Roosevelt have with her husband? That might be inspiring. I should read up on that. And holy crap, just remembered, must rewrite all my email autoresponders because they are probably getting old now. Must read up on new potential indigenous health charities based in Australia to support too. And I have to send a card to my bestie. Probably a unicorn one.”

Honestly peeps, that’s exactly how my brain works. That’s like five minutes inside my brain.

And if I tried to remember everything, it’s just not going to fucking happen. I’d feel muddled and anxious all day long.

I pop ALL of these ideas down in my journal in my to do list section. And then when it’s the appropriate time, I cross it all off my list.

And my brain gets to keep all its space for thinking up magical, world-changing ideas. Like this:

IMG_1967 copy

5. Don’t stop believing.

As in: don’t spend all your time fucking around, wondering if you’re good enough to do this. Make sure your to do list doesn’t look like this:


  • Sit around second guessing myself
  • Procrastinate because I’m shitting myself with fear
  • Look at what everyone else is doing and compare myself mercilessly, convincing myself it’s “research” but really it’s just fodder to make myself feel like secondhand shit.

Instead, your to do list should look like this:

  • Have total faith + belief + love for what you are doing
  • Do it.

That’s it panda bears.

Go out and do the stuff that matters.

Your work is needed in this world.

Stay focussed, keep the faith, fill the well + pour your miracles out.

All my love,