Hola possums,

How are we all coping with school holidays around these parts?

I thought I’d have a quick share with you about what we are doing to limit the crazies around here as we manage the shuffle of parenting and running a business.

We don’t currently have a nanny or babysitter, so we’re juggling it between the two of us.

How I’m handling these school holidays is this:

  • Mornings are relegated for family adventures and connection time.
    Sometimes I have a call or interview to do in the morning. I book it in 7am-8am so we can still head off for an adventure with plenty of morning time.
  • I don’t cook.
    Not on holidays. Not ever. Not anymore. It’s not something I love… It stresses me out & I yell at the kids. Instead, we order fresh meals delivered through Youfoodz. My kids share one of their meals usually a long with a platter of fruit & veges.
youfoodz SML
  • I’ve reduced my work hours back down to 12 hours a week.
    I was up to 25 hours, but I’m moved it back down, and it feels like a good fit. I will probably continue with reduced hours even when school holidays ends… I’ve always worked 2-3 hours a day building my company, and it’s only been over the last year that I’ve moved up to 25 hours. It might not sound a lot, but it makes a difference to me & my family.
  • I lock the door while I’m working.
    If I don’t I go batshit crazy. Chris looks after the kids while I’m working while he attempts to multi task and do audio engineering and video editing for me. Sometimes this is successful, sometimes not. If I didn’t have Chris at home, I absolutely would be doing anything possible to make sure I had childcare for a few hours a day sorted – nanny/babysitter/family/babysitting co-op.
    I feel a LOT more sane when I am concentrating on one thing at once – when I’m at work, I’m fully focussed. When I’m not working, I don’t work.
She decided to make pyjamas BORDER SMALL
  • We have plenty of lazy days where we don’t get out of pyjamas.
    I’m fine with my kids getting a bit bored. I just encourage them to keep playing/exploring to find something else. Boredom is a good thing and essential for the development of imagination I reckon.
  • We try and balance everyone’s needs.
    I try to take the girls out to run wild at the shops for him to get some Me Time as well.
  • I stocked up on activity boxes beforehand.
    I have an art box subscription with kidsactivitiesdelivered.com.au and we just bought a science experiments activity box from ‪Questacon‬ as well. I’ve learned from past experience to ration the activities… Otherwise they will be torn through in a day. Ha!
  • I am taking a holiday from work too.
    We are heading off to the beach for a week without laptops. AWWWWW YISS!
    School holidays are a bloody great excuse to observe your own work sabbath!!!

Sending you & your family love, peace & gentleness,

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