Dear Best Friend aka Bestie aka Goddess BFF,

I’ve been collecting goodies. Vont to share them with you.

This is my little treasure trove of wisdom and laughter and goodness this week. Feeling sincerely blessed that there are so many good souls sharing their hearts and teachings and gifts with the world.

750 Words is cute & fun & simple. As is the creator’s website, Buster Benson. Holy dinger… it pops all my creative synapses!

I love The Sassy Minx’s sharing in response to my post from this week about The List Of What To Do When Everything Sucks. Lisa (aka ze sassy one) is one of my favourite peoples. I mean, just LOOK AT HER!

My favourites Pace + Kyeli have been really brave and courageous lately. They are totally following their spirits, and changing their business from the Freak Revolution to the Connection Revolution. They are making big, beautiful changes in this world. I especially loved Goddess Kyeli’s post on Sacrifice {and how good things grow when you let go of old things}.

Why I Don’t Care About Success by Zen Habits. Umm, DUDE. Can I please say Hell to the Yeah! This is why I stopped watching my RSS subscriber figures. This is why I stopped comparing my business to other people’s. The truth is, I’m ridiculously happy with my business. I love me, and I love you. And everything is going ridunkulously well, so I don’t need to fret about being any more successful than I am. And furthermore – I don’t need to be anybody but who I am. *big exhale* Amen.

Maggie Ann is another favourite of my heart. Her photos sing to me of spirit, mamahood & nature.

And another favourite. (Yus, everyone is my favourite, especially you). But my favourite Marissa wrote the most brilliant thing about Not Running Marathons. It could also be called Don’t Put Things On Your Things To Do This Life List That You Don’t Reaaaaaally Want To Do. A really ding dang good reminder. I think I will cross some off mine. Like changing my name to Leonie Cougar Mellancamp Allan. Hee!

Oh. And I just realised… that all of these brave, miracable {that’s not a word, but it is now. Miracle + remarkable = miracable} women are all Goddess sisters of mine. Holy dinger.

The Blue Zones age compass has been blowing my mind. Fill out the two minute quiz to find out your cellular age… and what you can do to extend it. Weeeooo!

That’s all.

I’m wishing you love, love, love, gladness and blessings for this weekend, dearest heart. Like a big exhale of air.

Heart you forever…