Hola lovelies!

A note about a few things.

The first three: what I’m making in the creation station + other Academy news. Incase you’re a member, I don’t want you to miss this. And if you’re not a member, it might be of interest.

The last one: deeply personal. As personal as it gets. FALLOPIAN PERSONAL. Mwahahahaha.

Dudes, shut your eyes. Or open them. I don’t really care. WOMAN PARTS! WOO!

{Also: above is my new creation station. SQUEE! I’ve also got a big art desk under the windows to get messy on, and a reading room with a couch + bookcases to study + dream in. A space of one’s own! What a blessing!}



Late last year, I did a rare live event as the keynote speaker for Cairns Business Women’s Club.

Some beautiful Academy members were there in the audience too. We had a lot of giggles and invented something called toteming and were highly inappopriate and hugged and shared essential oils like the hippies we are.

Santa was there too. Handing out Victoria’s Secret undies for some very surreal reason. So I photobombed him.

CBWC-153small CBWC-154small CBWC-155small

(Thanks to the lovely Azure Photography for all these photos!)

Also, photos of me and my hands talking a lot:

CBWC-136 small CBWC-132 small CBWC-131 small CBWC-128 crop small CBWC-129 sml CBWC-127 sml

Full video recording, audio recording + transcript is available exclusively in the Academy + will not be sold separately.

I know there is a lot of interest to make my programs available separately.

At this stage, I have no plans to do so. The thing I love most about the Academy is that I get to share everything I have with the women in it, to support them in as many ways as I can. It’s something that works really beautifully for me, and for the thousands of women who are in it (many of whom have been in there since the beginning almost FIVE years ago!)

I’m sorry to disappoint. I just wanted to share the reasoning behind why I do what I do.

I love being generous + helpful. The Academy is a beautiful, resonant way for me to do that.

Anywaysies, what was the talk about, you ask?

It was chockfullatha lessons I’ve learned along the way of growing my company from being that funny hippy happy blogging hobby I did at night to being the CEO of a mini empire of awesomeness.


  • super heartfelt
  • pretty ding dang funny (I have to say!!! :D)
  • piles a bunch of practical lessons that I really think any woman who wants to create success in her life + business should take heed of.

It’s also about how to create success + happiness in business + life on YOUR terms in the way that delights YOU and your soul. You don’t have to make it look like anyone else’s.


I also manage to say boobs + vagina in it. BONZA.

AND do my best Will Ferrell impersonation.

I feel like these are my crowning achievements.




Also happening in the creation station: the long awaited shmancy polished new Academy membership site, filled with cool features + even better ways to see + use all the beautiful resources available there.

My beautiful team are starting testing of the new Academy membership site next week. Design is complete, coding has happened, time to test test test.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next six weeks or less for this bright, beautiful baby to emerge into the world.

We have some HUGE plans for the Academy to make it even more incredibly supportive and inspiring for you. I’m so freaking excited!!!!!!


11081124_888606044535254_5911795758668224655_n 11075245_885793528149839_2419358366460244669_n

This year… the Create Your Shining Year workbooks are going to have companion products as well:

  • 2016 Weekly Planner
  • Desk Pad (to organise daily goals on).

We’ll also be:

  • splitting up the printed Life + Biz workbooks into two separate books as per popular request
  • making the Yearly Wall Planner even BIGGER
  • looking at ways we can make the digital workbooks even more interactive.

And there’s a few more exciting improvements in the works at all… will share them as soon as they are finalised!

All in all: it’s really exciting, delightful times around here.

I hope you adore and find useful what we create as much as we do!


It’s a special season for me… this being the one both my daughters were born in.


On Tuesday, I’ll be undertaking my next initiation as a woman.

I’ll be having surgery to remove my fallopian tubes to prevent any potential pregnancies (and therefore impending hyperemesis gravidarum).

My sweet body (and heart) has taken a long time to heal from that illness, and I know it needs that deep reassurance that its time for conception and childbirth is over now. If I didn’t have HG, I might be more open to more children, but I’m not able to sacrifice my dear body and spirit again, along with nine months away from my family as I wrestle with that great demon of an illness.

I’m also really, really okay with my childbearing days being behind me. There’s still a whole lotta childrearing to go!

In a way it feels beautifully symbolic… I get to keep all that wonderful creative energy instead just for the conception and birth of other creative projects (teaching programs, books, artwork). So beautiful and exciting, right?

11068401_886653658063826_5195766550646925171_n (1)

So thank you, dearest fallopian tubes, for the perfect gifts of my two daughters. And I lovingly give you back to the earth so that more gifts can grow.

I’m wishing you love, gentleness + miracles come true.

Always love,