yes. a fruit full day, in so many ways.

this morning, in my inbox, an email from SARK, my favourite author.

Saying she’d spent a “splendid hour” reading this blog.

my gosh my gosh my gosh

if i was a star right now, i’d be one of those stars that turns yellowgreenred and twinkles,

such is my excitement and joy.

what a beautiful way to awake to the morning.

then, me and The Most Beautiful Man On Earth, or chris as he is commonly known,

drove out to Fyshwick Markets ~ a bustling pocket of activity centred around glorious food.

how can i explain the experience of the markets?

it is a drawback to another space, another era, devoid of supermarket inhumanity

filled with fresh fruit and vegetables and greek salesmen calling out their wares

“beautiful mangoes, lovely mangoes, 5 for 4 dollar, come taste!”

it is divine and a happy shopping experience.

i leisured over the picking of apples, smelling in their crisp scent,

feeling their firmness, drinking in their vivid green,

smiling softly away to myself.

a big box of vegetables, filled with my apples, huge bundles of shallots, carrots, oranges, mushrooms, capsicums and lettuces. delights of delights.

we have decided together to change our eating and living habits again,

and our adventure out to the markets is a part of this transformation.

we go through our healthy stages, then fall off the wagon,

then realise how we don’t feel as alive, so we change again.

after this, we went to the library,

i picked up “the red tent” by anita diamant.

then we bought some christmas cards

returned home to our dear little doggy ~ he had a special operation yesterday

to remove his urges to show sweet loving to his bed blanket

so he’s still a little sore, but we are showering him with love…

then we pulled out the juicer and made a gorgeous juice with

oranges, apples and carrots.

an apple after juicing. today.

me and charlie watched chris making dinner ~

a delightful dinner of salad, and curry chicken.

he made five containers of salad, all cut up so beautifully, and colourful too!

do you ever get to a point where you realise you and your dearest have become synchronised?

lately me and chris have been having exactly the same thoughts at exactly the same time.

saying the same thing together.

it’s a beautiful thing. really beautiful.

my heart soars.

i said to him tonight ~

we had a fruitful day today didn’t we?


in so many ways.

filled with fruit, and the fruitfulness of a life lived and loved on a daily basis.

love, laughter.

happy weekend people.