I take relief in the above from Follow your Dreams.

Am in a bit of a funk today.

But that’s okay, you know?

I woke up, from a rough night’s sleep

broken and restless and nightmares…

Chris does too.

There is some relief in that.

Both waking in a funk,

still getting over our throaty sneeziness,

feeling tired and depressed,


cosmically ju-jued,


But at least we’re in it together.

I have my companion in funk~iness,

And we are gentle in it.

We know that this too will pass,

that the rollercoaster will turn skyward again.

Then today, at work, watching the elections unfold.

Depressing. A see-saw of emotions.

I can’t believe people are still voting for him! WTF!

I had to take breaks from the election.

It became too much.

When the bushface began to break free,

I let go.

Let go, and let life be.

What will be, will be.

I think the world does have to change.

And it may just have to do it the hard way.

I’m not just talking about the prophecies of John Titor,

I’m talking about us losing our way as a human race.

Taking so much from this earth and not giving back.

We can’t continue living the way we are now.

We can’t.

Things will change. They have to change.

I am sad, determined, quietly joyful, respecting, afraid.

Change. Yes.

With or without Kerry, it is coming.

Yes, I am in a funk. I am reflecting. I am election-ed out.

I am taking consolation in the picture of a flower and a quote.

‘Tis always morning somewhere in the world.