Dearest Earth Angels,

You :: the helper, the healer, the teacher, the massage therapist, the writer, the dreamer.

The doula, the photographer, the one who sees light in others, the one who loves beauty.

You, the woman you are.

You are an Earth Angel.

Incase you haven’t worked out by now,

you have a gift.

You are here to help other people.

And that business is such an incredible vehicle to help you do just that.

You are supposed to earn income for your gifts.

You are allowed to be rich in every single way.

And you will be an incredible custodian of that money. You will help the world heal with it. You will support and nurture yourself and your family with it. You will pour it into the places that need it. Money doesn’t make you greedier, more selfish or more evil. It just makes you more of what you are. And we know who you are:

kind, generous, deeply loving, wanting to heal the world.

Business is a way for you to share your gifts, dearest.

We want you to be here, alight and shining, sharing your story, your wisdom, your medicine, your light with all who need it.


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